Rich Cromwell
Rich Cromwell
Rich Cromwell
Richard Cromwell is a senior contributor to The Federalist. Husband. Father of three rambunctious daughters. Arkansan. Fan of whiskey and whisky. Originally an English major, Rich earned a degree in music business from Belmont in 2002. By day he produces shows and events for a local museum with a focus on giving back to the community. His writing can also be found at Pocket Full of Liberty. Follow him on Twitter, @rcromwell4.
This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 106

They slid down the chimney and shimmied into a hallway. There, they found a door ajar. In it, a pair of sisters sat, one on the bed and one on the trundle.

August Ames Didn’t Have To Die Over Accusations Of Homophobia

Were August Ames merely run out of a job, we wouldn’t be talking about it—because that has become pretty commonplace. We got our sacrifice. And now it’s bigger.

Hurtle Through Space With Vast Asteroid’s Debut Album

We’re children of the ‘90s. We need an enemy-crushing soundtrack, and we need it to rock. Vast Asteroid has got us covered.

For The Good Of The Country, Roger Goodell Must Fail Against Jerry Jones

Yes, it’s just another battle with the commissioner, but battle is how the war is won.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 105

In the words David Lee Roth, ‘I cannot get there from here, baby.’ Sometimes Dave got things wrong.

25 Things Women Can Do To Support Men Without Becoming Men

The ladies had their say, now it’s our turn. Sure, we could just trust Dave Chappelle on this, but he’s not detailed enough for the fairer sex.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 104

Or why open office plans are terrible for producing thoughtful, coherent pyramid schemes involving hybrid attack animals.

In Maria’s Wake, It’s Time To End The Jones Act

The Jones Act is a stupid regulation that becomes more obviously stupid in the face of a humanitarian crisis. Waive it for Puerto Rico, then destroy it in Congress.

Yes, ‘Friends’ Should Have Ended With Rachel And Joey Together

Relationships are about complementarity, and compliments. Joey and Rachel had both.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 103

As 99 navigated between pieces of gym equipment, various props, and a giant box of toothpicks, he noticed the comic’s veiny biceps and bright red hair.

Why You Should Take Those Cheesy Back-To-School Pictures Of Your Kids

We aren’t still angry teens, for Pete’s sake. We can grow into adults and do adult things, such as being excited about our kids.

What James Damore, Formerly Of Google, Can Learn From N.W.A.

Imagine the outrage and slew of hurt feelings that ‘Straight Outta Compton’ would have elicited if the Internet had been around when N.W.A. was being highly problematic.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 102

In which we find our hero apparently wandered into Mexico and must find his way back across the border. Then some other things happen.

George Romero Reminded Us The Real Danger Is That We’re The Zombies

Without director George Romero, there would have been no ‘The Lost Boys,’ nor scores of other horror movies that sought to make sense of what is going on with the world.

What Happened When I Drank A Six-Pack Of Zima

People don’t need to remember the details of what Zima actually tastes like. If you feel you must taste again for yourself, then power through a six-pack.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 101

In our latest installment, some other things that don’t make sense happened. Just roll with it, okay?

What Britt McHenry’s Drop From ESPN Teaches Us About Ourselves

Could Britt McHenry’s ESPN layoff have come because of her politics? Maybe. Was it maybe a purely financial decision? Possibly.

It’s Not What Girls Wear That Gives Them Power, But What’s Inside Them

Those who worry about such things should look in the mirror and think about why they expect store shelves to teach young girls about what is possible in their lives.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 100

This is an adventure. The last thing he remembered was demanding dairy-free options.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 99

99 Problems? No, the 99th element.