Rich Cromwell
Rich Cromwell
Rich Cromwell
Richard Cromwell is a senior contributor to The Federalist. Husband. Father of three rambunctious daughters. Arkansan. Fan of whiskey and whisky. Originally an English major, Rich earned a degree in music business from Belmont in 2002. By day he produces shows and events for a local museum with a focus on giving back to the community. His writing can also be found at Pocket Full of Liberty. Follow him on Twitter, @rcromwell4.
This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 129

It’s fall, which means it’s time to pick apples and steal cars.

Hillary Clinton Is Poised To Finally Give Baby Boomers A Voice In Presidential Elections

She just needs to embrace these simple steps, plus serve cookies and tea.

I’m Definitely A Real Wall Street Guy Who Hates Elizabeth Warren

You can shake my hand and feel my flesh gripping yours and maybe even sense our lifestyles are comparable.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 128

We’re gonna do what they say can’t be done.

Long-Awaited Tool Album ‘Fear Inoculum’ Is Musical Perfection

The new Tool album us not just any album: it’s one that places demands on the listener. It’s an album we can wear out listen to on repeat, and come back to.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 127

He swept his right arm across hall, looked me in the eye, and said three little words that every benevolent ruler wants to hear: ‘We’re commanding them.’

The Washington Post Is Worse For The Planet Than Dogs Are

The Washington Post is one of the world’s most destructive newspapers. Their attack on man’s best friend proves it.

Actually, Joe Biden, Flamethrowers Are Legal In All 50 States

‘You’re not allowed to own a bazooka, you can’t own a flamethrower,’ says Democrat Joe Biden. False. Flamethrowers are legal, and they’re spectacular.

Without The ‘Blade’ Trilogy, The Marvel Cinematic Universe Wouldn’t Exist

Blade’s sword-wielding, crime-fighting ways — and the progression of the trilogy itself — gave us all the opportunity to learn the name Thanos.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 126

Running as a ‘legitimate’ candidate‒a true man of the people‒is a marathon, not a sprint.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 125

Pardon me, gentle voters, but ¿Donde está la biblioteca?

‘Running With Beto’ Doc Is Too Boring To Watch In One Sitting

It took three tries to make it all the way through this scintillating look at Robert Francis O’Rourke’s love of the f-word and Whataburger.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 124

Sure, I’ve probably got grassroots support, but I’m not in it for support. I’m in it for my own personal gain.

Hunt’s Apologizes For Assuming Manwich’s Sex

Hunt’s, the company known for making tomato products, has officially apologized for assuming the sex of its canned sloppy Joe mix.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 123

In 2020, you have a choice. You can go for those who want to play Johnny Appleseed or you can go for those who have your ability to breathe freely in mind.

The Saga Of NBA Player Jordan Bell Reminds Us That Pranks Are Good

Bell’s shenanigans were downright anodyne and something that should have been laughed off, but apparently if there’s one thing a true warrior can’t handle, it’s aromatherapy.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 122

If you’re looking for a ‘legitimate’ candidate for president, I’m an option.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 121

The year was 1986. That’s when the early signs of a revolution emerged in the form of Cool Ranch Doritos.

It’s Time To Accept The Truth: Tom Brady Is The GOAT

Only one can rock a turtleneck, win six Super Bowls, and beclown Roger Goodell with ease. And he shall have no equals.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 120

When it comes to making the perfect quiche, you’ll need a few things. An apron. A windbreaker. A gas leak. Don’t worry about the fact that the list doesn’t make sense yet. It will.