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Breaking News Alert Human Trafficking Czar Ignores Democrat-Invited Human Trafficking Over U.S. Border

Biden’s Border Invasion Puts The Whole Country At Risk, Not Just Texas


“The last three years, you’ve had 336 known or suspected terrorists arrested between entry points in the southern border. If you take the past four years, fiscal year ’17, ’18, ’19, and ’20, you had 14. So, that caused us, from my perspective, sleepless nights.”

Those words did not come from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, the official at the forefront in trying to protect our nation’s southern border, but from Tim Healy, the man who directed the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center under President Obama. Healy also added, “The demographics of this group has changed. It used to be kids and family members, now it’s adult males.”

It’s not just adult males who may be suspected terrorists who are crossing, either. Chinese nationals are the fastest-growing group of people being smuggled in. While many interviewed said they are just seeking better work opportunities than those available in their native China, that is not always the case, with Asian Transnational Criminal Organizations increasingly operating inside our purported borders.

This chaos is the result of President Biden’s border policy. All states have the constitutional right to protect their borders, but given that Texas is the locus of this invasion, it’s beyond absurd to pretend otherwise. It’s also beyond absurd for other states not to realize how this surge affects them.

Colorado is struggling to find funds in its budget to handle the illegals who have landed there. Maine is awash in illegal marijuana grow sites. Students in New York were forced back into remote learning so their school could be used as a shelter. In Chicago, a group focused on reparations for black people is charging Mayor Brandon Johnson with “getting them pushed out,” given that the city is giving immigrants $9,000 to help them cover rent and furnishings.

Thankfully, Texas and Abbott are not standing alone. Seventeen states are standing with Texas. Even Biden is getting in on the act, or at least pretending to, given that he previously said there was nothing he could do. The president, or whoever is actually running his administration, is reportedly going to issue an unspecified executive order to try to get the border under control.

Surely, this purported order has nothing to do with Biden’s weakness on the issue and is instead a move to end this humanitarian and national security crisis.

A nation without a border is not a nation; it’s just a mass of land. A nation that cannot control the flow of criminals coming in isn’t serious about its own citizens. A nation that enables criminal cartels to make millions off the suffering of poor people seeking a better life isn’t behaving in a humanitarian way.

The numbers don’t lie. The stories about fruit going unpicked or suburban landscaping left in disarray are not what is going on. We are facing an onslaught of people who do not aspire to the American way of life, at best, and are actively opposed to it and would like to see our destruction, at worst.

Were it not for Texas and the other states standing alongside her, as well as citizens in states across the country who are tired of being treated as second-class, there might be no stopping it. This isn’t about left-right or red-blue political divides, it’s about the divide that’s supposed to exist between our sovereign nation and the one to our south.

It’s time for the Biden administration to stop playing politics with this issue and get serious about its duty to protect the citizens of this country. Women and children are one thing, the flood of potential criminals is another. Good fences make good neighbors. Sometimes, though, those fences need some razor wire on them.

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