Jordan Davidson
Jordan Davidson

Jordan Davidson is a staff writer at The Federalist and co-producer of The Federalist Radio Hour. Her work has also been featured in The Daily Wire and Fox News. Jordan graduated from Baylor University where she majored in political science and minored in journalism. Follow her on Twitter @jordangdavidson.

After Promising To Crush COVID-19, Biden Instead Threatens To Crush Economy With More Lockdowns

Joe Biden threatened Americans with yet another round of lockdowns that would doom the economy already struggling with skyrocketing inflation.

Here Are The States Where Government Schools Can’t Force Your Kid To Wear A Mask

While 21.4 percent of school districts still require masks, 19.5 percent are banned from issuing mandates on kids or teachers who do not wish to wear them.

Postal Union That Endorsed Biden Says COVID Vaccine Mandates ‘Not The Role Of The Federal Government’

‘[I]t is not the role of the federal government to mandate vaccinations for the employees we represent,’ said the American Postal Workers Union.

Shocker: Nearly 90 Percent Of Illegal Immigrants Let In By Biden Have Refused To Report To ICE As Required

Nearly 90 percent of the 50,000 migrants released by the Biden administration have not yet reported to ICE within the required 60-day window.

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Endorses Vaccine Passports As Potential ‘Path Forward’ In US

Rochelle Walensky is just one of the many Biden administration officials who suddenly suggested requiring proof of vaccination in exchange for work or play.

Sean Davis: Pelosi’s Jan. 6 Committee Is A ‘Farce’ Run By ‘Shameless, Dishonest Partisans’

‘Between the Adam Schiff lip-biting and the Adam Kinzinger crying, I was embarrassed for them. This whole thing’s a farce,’ Sean Davis told Buck Sexton.

Teary Capitol Police Officer Who Testified About January 6 Previously Defended Violent George Floyd Riots In Kenosha

On social media, Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn attacked conservatives and cheered on Democrats like known Russia hoaxer Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell.

CDC Sows Doubts About COVID Vaccines By Nagging Americans Who Got The Shot To Mask Up Again

The CDC is sowing doubts about the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines by demanding that vaccinated Americans mask up again.

Bedford: Cities’ Refusal To Quickly Crack Down On Violent Crime Is Killing People

Federalist Senior Editor Christopher Bedford said leftist officials refusing to crack down on violent crime in American cities will inevitably lead to more suffering and harsher policing.

United Nations Greenlights Big Tech Mega-Database To Censor Americans Deemed ‘Extremists’

A Big Tech-led group is using its power to broaden its shared censorship database to curb ‘extremist content’ and collect video and images deemed white supremacist.

Racist Dallas Group Demands Rich, White, BLM-Supporting Democrats Keep Their Kids Out Of Ivy Leagues

A Dallas-based group is telling ‘wealthy white liberals’ in the city to keep their children from applying to and attending top schools.

Illegal Aliens Flood U.S., But White House Says COVID Ban On Legal International Travel Must Stay

While White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki touted the travel restrictions as another way to fight the Delta variant of COVID-19, illegal aliens poured across the border unrestricted.

Corrupt Corporate Media Are Profiting Off Of Shaming, Mocking Unvaccinated COVID Patients

Viral stories about unvaccinated individuals highlight the corrupt media’s willingness to boost narratives that serve no purpose but to advance their agenda.

Lawmakers Move To Defund The Wuhan Lab Suspected Of Creating COVID-19

The Stop the Outlay of Payments Act would cut off all funding to any organization, like EcoHealth, that refuses to provide information about a project.

Communist China Tech Firm Huawei Hires Democrat Lobbyist Tony Podesta For Biden Connections

Podesta will use his experience and influence in Washington to convince the White House and policymakers to lend a listening ear to Huawei’s goals, Politico reports.

Cleveland Indians Go Woke With Name Change. Now They’re The ‘Guardians’

The Cleveland Indians are officially changing their team name to ‘Guardians’ after facing pressure from the woke mob.

White House Overlooks Potential Undue Influence To Defend Hunter Biden Meeting With Art Buyers

The White House committed to keep the identities of Hunter’s art shoppers secret from the artist and others, but Hunter has plans to meet with potential buyers.

Pelosi Might Add Conspiracy Theorist Denver Riggleman As Adviser To January 6 Committee

Riggleman supports censoring the dissemination of COVID “disinformation” online which he said, “might be the biggest conspiratorial grift in history.”

American Families Struggle To Cope With Inflation Egged On By Biden’s Policies

For Sandra Salave’a, a chef, wife, and mother of two boys, climbing costs due to government-induced inflation affect every part of her life.

Nancy Pelosi Kicks Ranking Republicans Jim Jordan, Jim Banks Off Partisan Jan. 6 Commission

In an unprecedented display of partisanship, Pelosi rejected GOP Reps. Jim Jordan and Jim Banks from sitting on her 13-member January 6 commission.