Jordan Davidson
Jordan Davidson

Jordan Davidson is a staff writer at The Federalist and co-producer of The Federalist Radio Hour. Her work has also been featured in The Daily Wire and Fox News. Jordan graduated from Baylor University where she majored in political science and minored in journalism. Follow her on Twitter @jordangdavidson.

Watch: Actor Explains How Alec Baldwin Failed To Follow Basic Gun Safety On Set

Actor Adam Baldwin said Alec Baldwin clearly neglected to check the chamber of his gun before firing a live round that killed a cinematographer.

Flashback: Terry McAuliffe Thinks ‘Diversity’ Curriculum In Schools Is As Important As Math, English

Democrat Terry McAuliffe said in 2019 that ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ curricula are ‘just as important as your math class [and] your English class.’

Biden’s Radical Gender Agenda Starts With Eliminating Protections For Women

The Biden administration debuted its radical gender agenda last week but the national strategy actually starts with eliminating protections for women.

Media Demand You Stop Shopping To Shield Biden From Blame For Supply-Chain Nightmare

As the holidays draw nearer, media are demanding that Americans stop shopping in an effort to absolve Biden of blame for the supply-chain crisis.

Loudoun County Schools Institutionalized Critical Race Theory Despite Public Opposition

Loudoun County Public Schools has made a long, coordinated effort to ensure that critical race theory is institutionalized despite public opposition, emails obtained by Judicial Watch indicate.

DC Police Officers Say Department Gave Them ‘Abortion Ultimatum’ When They Got Pregnant

At least two D.C. police officers said they were told to abort their unborn babies if they wanted to keep their jobs with the department.

Ex-ESPN Reporter Allison Williams: Biden Is Acting Like A ‘Dictator’ By Issuing Vaccine Threats

‘If we don’t have freedom over our own bodies, if our bodily autonomy is not respected … we aren’t free,’ Allison Williams told Megyn Kelly.

Biden’s White House Colluded With School Boards Association To Launch Attack On Parents

Biden’s White House colluded with the National School Boards Association to launch a war on parents who want to hold their school districts accountable.

AG Merrick Garland Admits Federal War On Parents Sprang From School Boards Letter, Not Evidence

AG Merrick Garland admitted that the basis for targeting parents concerned about what their children are learning in schools was a letter from the NSBA.

DeSantis Calls Special Legislative Session To Combat Vaccine Coercion In Florida

DeSantis is calling lawmakers to a special session in November to draft legislation to protect Floridians from private businesses’ vaccine mandates.

Chinese Internet Yanks Celtics Games From Air After NBA Player Called Xi A ‘Brutal Dictator’ For Oppressing Tibet

A Chinese internet company yanked Boston Celtics games from the air after the team’s center, Enes Kanter, spoke out against dictator Xi Jinping.

Abbott Deploys Armed National Guard To Border To Arrest Illegal Aliens For Trespassing

Abbott gave the green light for thousands of National Guard troops to begin making border arrests of illegal aliens who are trespassing in Texas.

Trump Launches ‘TRUTH Social’ To Combat Fake News, Big Tech Censorship

Former President Donald Trump announced the launch of a new social media site, ‘TRUTH Social,’ designed to ‘create a rival to the liberal media consortium.’

Senate Narrowly Confirms Due Process Foe Catherine Lhamon To Education Department

Under Obama, Lhamon used her authority to scale back due process for people accused of sexual misconduct and usher in a new era of campus kangaroo courts.

New Poll: Majority Of Americans Have Been Hurt By Biden’s Supply Chain Crisis

A majority of Americans have been personally affected by the Biden administration’s supply chain crisis, a new poll from Convention of States Action and The Trafalgar Read Full Article >

Courts Aren’t Stopping Vaccine Mandates But Workers Are

The courts’ lack of vigor for reinforcing personal freedom has resulted in the firing of many people, but workers are determined to fight back.

McAuliffe Tells Reporter To Ask Better Questions After He’s Pressed On Education, Vaccine Mandates

Virginia gubernatorial Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe abruptly ended an interview after he was pressed on education and vaccine mandates.

Rubio Delays Nomination Of Pro-Abortion Radical Atul Gawande To Top Global Health Position

Sen. Marco Rubio said Gawande’s extreme anti-life views are unacceptable and have no place in an agency that presides over the United States.

Kamala Harris’s AG Office Colluded With Abortion Giants To Take Down Pro-Life Journalist David Daleiden, Attorneys Say

Harris’s office colluded with abortion giants during her time as California attorney general to pursue criminal charges against Daleiden, his attorneys allege.

These Lifelong Virginia Democrats Are Ditching McAuliffe For Youngkin Over Education Malfeasance

‘I voted for Biden in 2020 but I can’t imagine voting for a Democrat in the future mainly because of education,’ said one mother in Fairfax, Va.