Jordan Davidson
Jordan Davidson

Jordan Davidson is a staff writer at The Federalist. Jordan graduated from Baylor University where she majored in political science and minored in journalism. Follow her on Twitter @jordangdavidson.

Oregon Newspaper: Man Fatally Shot By Police Was White So There’s No Reason To Riot

Despite The Oregonian’s attempts to frame the story by clarifying the man’s race to avoid “social unrest,” crowds still gathered at the park on Friday.

Some Of Hong Kong’s Most Prominent Pro-Democracy Activists Were Just Jailed For Resisting Communist Takeover

A Hong Kong court sentenced Jimmy Lai to jail on Friday for organizing and participating in a 2019 protest against Beijing.

CBS News Edited Police Body Cam Video To Mask Teen Holding A Gun Before He Was Fatally Shot

CBS News deceptively cropped body camera footage that showed a 13-year-old boy holding a gun before he was fatally shot by Chicago police in March.

Utah Governor Defends Racism As Long As It’s Against White Kids

Despite the team’s deliberate exclusion of white students from the program, Utah Gov. Spencer Cox said the scholarship requirements are not racist.

Surprise! The ‘Russian Bounty’ Story Hyped Up By Corrupt Media To Hurt Trump Turned Out To Be Fake News

The anonymously sourced story claimed Russia offered members of the Taliban bounties in exchange for killing American soldiers. Officials now say that’s false.

Democrats Are Determined To Pack The Court, No Matter How Many Rules They Have To Break

Even if it requires nuking the filibuster, President Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats stand ready to pack the Supreme Court with liberal justices.

Trevor Noah Says US Policing Is A ‘Rotten Tree’ Designed To Exploit Black People

“The system in policing is doing exactly what it’s meant to do in America, and that is to keep poor people in their place,” Trevor Noah said.

FBI Director Wray Refuses To Disclose If Antifa Has Organized Finances To Launch Coordinated Attacks

Christopher Wray refused to disclose whether Antifa has the capability to organize, receive funding, and coordinate attacks during the World Wide Threats Hearing on Thursday.

Rep. Nunes Blasts Democrats For ‘Hijacking’ Intelligence Community To Target Republicans As ‘Domestic Extremists’

“Democrats see political benefits in characterizing wide swaths of American citizens … as politically suspect, politically violent,” Rep. Devin Nunes said.

Kamala Called Migrant Kids Camps A ‘ Human Rights Abuse’ Until She Took Charge. Now She’s Silent

When Harris ran in the Democrat primary for the 2020 presidential election, she took a hardline approach against the ‘kids in cages at the border’ narrative. No longer.

Biden Administration Proposes Reinstating Taxpayer-Funded Abortion Referrals

Under Trump, providers receiving federal money were prohibited from referring patients to abortion facilities. The Biden administration is working to again send taxpayer money to abortion providers.

Justice Department Refuses To Charge Unnamed Capitol Officer Who Fatally Shot Ashli Babbitt

Federal officials claimed “there is insufficient evidence to support a criminal prosecution” over the death of the 14-year Air Force veteran.

Rubio, Coons Introduce Bipartisan Bill To Give Uyghurs Priority Refugee Status

“Urgent action is needed to end the atrocities and assist Uyghurs and others facing persecution in Xinjiang,” Rubio said in a press release.

Black City Manager Fired For Saying Officer Who Shot Daunte Wright Deserves ‘Due Process’

Former Brooklyn Center City Manager Curt Boganey was fired Monday after he said the officer who fatally shot Duante Wright should receive “due process.”

Brooklyn Center Cop, Police Chief Resign After Fatal Shooting

The Brooklyn Center, Minnesota officer who fatally shot Duante Wright, a 22-year-old black male, on Sunday announced her resignation in a letter on Tuesday.

Sixth Circuit Upholds Ohio Law Banning Abortions Of Babies With Down Syndrome

The decision protects unborn babies with Down syndrome, and tees up a potential SCOTUS challenge of Roe v. Wade.

Teacher Rejects Critical Race Theory Indoctrination In His Progressive School: It’s ‘Self-Evidently Racist’

A teacher in a Manhattan high school is refusing to cave to his administration’s intense critical race theory “indoctrination” of students.

Sen. Grassley Blasts Big Tech Censorship Under ‘Sweeping’ Section 230 Immunity: ‘The System Is Rigged’

“We cannot stand for this cancel culture and the interference with free speech,” Grassley warned of the immunity Big Tech enjoys under Section 230.

FDA, CDC Urge Halting Of Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Over ‘Extremely Rare’ Blood Clotting

While the CDC and FDA said blood clotting appears to be “extremely rare,” federal distribution of any Johnson & Johnson vaccine doses is expected to pause.

Reporters Pressure Police Chief To Avoid Calling Minneapolis Violence ‘Riots’

‘It was [a riot],’ the police chief replied. ‘The officers that were putting themselves in harm’s way were being pelted with frozen cans of pop, they were being pelted with concrete blocks.’