Jordan Davidson
Jordan Davidson

Jordan Davidson is a staff writer at The Federalist. Jordan graduated from Baylor University where she majored in political science and minored in journalism. Follow her on Twitter @jordangdavidson.

Two Louisville Officers Shot In Riots Erupting After Grand Jury’s Breonna Taylor Decision

Interim Louisville Chief of Police Robert Schroeder announced both officers are ‘stable’ and a suspect was arrested, but he is ‘very concerned about the safety of our officers.’

Mike Pompeo Warns State And Local Leaders Of The Chinese Communist Party’s Infiltration In U.S.

Pompeo warned legislators at the Wisconsin State Capitol Wednesday to be on guard against the Chinese Communist Party’s influence and infiltration.

Seattle City Council Overrules Mayor To Pass Bill In Support Of Defunding The Police

The bills will reduce the Seattle police force by 100 officers, cut wages of police commanders, and redirect millions of dollars to other public programs.

Poll: Voters In Florida And Arizona Trust Trump More Than Biden On The Economy

Trump’s strongest margins over Biden were found in his ability to handle the economy and a recession with voters in Florida and Arizona.

House Republicans Condemn Democrat Plans To Pack The Supreme Court If They Lose Confirmation Battle

GOP House members filed a resolution on Tuesday to condemn Democrats’ plans to pack the Supreme Court if they can’t defeat President Trump’s next nominee fair and square.

Feds Arrest NYPD Officer As Illegal Secret Agent Of China

The 33-year-old Chinese man who was a New York police officer and in the Army Reserve, allegedly “violated every oath he took in this country.”

Mitt Romney Says He Supports Voting On Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee

Romney released a statement announcing his decision to side with Senate Republicans and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and vote on a nominee.

Twitter Labels Tucker Carlson’s Expose On George Soros As ‘Sensitive Content’

It remains unclear what about Tucker Carlson’s segment discussing the funding of progressive district attorneys is “sensitive content.”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg And The Brewing SCOTUS Battle

Kylee Zempel and Emily Jashinsky discuss the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and break down the politics surrounding the open seat on the Supreme Court.

Nebraska Democrat Smears Veteran Who Committed Suicide As White Supremacist After Alleged Self-Defense Shooting

Nebraska state Sen. Megan Hunt accused an Omaha man who committed suicide Sunday of maintaining white supremacist ties because he shot a black man who had been allegedly involved in attacking his business.

More Than Half Of All Supreme Court Justices Were Confirmed In 45 Days Or Less

History shows it is possible and even common for justices to be confirmed within 45 days of their formal nomination, including in the court’s modern era.

Weekend Shootings In Chicago, Rochester Continue Alarming Trend Of Urban Violence

This weekend’s shootings in various cities further demonstrate an upward trend of violence in urban areas since the beginning of 2020.

The New York Times Deceptively Edits False Claim At The Center Of 1619 Project

The 1619 Project’s Nikole Hannah-Jones was vocal about making the argument that 1619 is America’s “true founding.” Now, she’s quietly walking it back with no correction.

DOJ Officially Designates NYC, Portland, Seattle As Violent Anarchy Zones

Attorney General William Barr said state and local leaders in these cities are endangering citizens, including peaceful protestors.

California School District’s New ‘Equity’ Curriculum Teaches Kindergarteners To Be Racist

These policies use tax dollars to teach children as young as kindergarten their nation is evil, due to its ‘continuing history of systemic racism, anti-Blackness, White supremacy, White privilege, and oppression based on race.’

Cruz Decimates Democrats’ Demands For No SCOTUS Confirmation In An Election Year

‘Twenty-nine times there has been a vacancy in a presidential election year. Presidents have made nominations all 29 times,’ Cruz stated. ‘That’s what presidents do. If there’s a vacancy, they make a nomination.’

Biden’s Campaign Is Too Nervous To Door-Knock In A Pandemic, Leaving Some Democrats Panicked

Joe Biden’s campaign team is not door-knocking due to COVID-19 fears, and some Democrats are beginning to get anxious, especially in swing states.

Twitter Promotes Media’s Spin On Gov. Ralph Northam’s Baby Killing Comments

In rushing to aid Northam, Twitter highlighted “fact checks” from corporate media claiming “very few U.S. babies are born alive as a result of a failed abortion.”

Three Supreme Court Justices Were Confirmed In Less Than 45 Days, Including Ginsburg

Justices Ginsburg, John Paul Stevens, and Sandra Day O’Connor were all confirmed to the Supreme Court in a short period of time.

Nancy Pelosi Wants To Keep Churches Closed

“With all due respect to my Archbishop, I think we should follow science on this. And again with faith and science, sometimes they’re countered to each other,” Pelosi said.