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Breaking News Alert 92 Percent Of Kamala Harris' Staff Left In Her First Three Years As VP

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When did you first realize the media were lying to you?

At The Federalist, we understand we are in an information war with a corrupt media complex that is trying to undermine America and the founding values that made this nation great.

In war, controlling the airspace is imperative. In this information war, media is our airspace — and corporate media still have full operational control.

Big Tech has joined forces with corporate media to create a new censorship regime. They funnel money to these media conglomerates to implement mechanisms to control the flow of information. This results in biased “fact-checking,” the suppression of dissident voices, and content censorship at a massive scale.

For more than a decade, The Federalist has fought diligently in the ongoing information war to inform the public on the most pressing news of the day — from the Russia-collusion hoax, to the Brett Kavanaugh character assassination, to the suppression of the Biden family business and the rigged 2020 election. Our reporting exposes the corruption of corporate media, Big Tech, and political figures while inserting an alternative perspective into national conversations.

With the help of donors like you, The Federalist can continue to expose the masses to the TRUTH.

America is desperate for bold leaders who can withstand the attacks Big Tech and corporate media are willing to throw at them. The Federalist has proven time and time again that we have the courage to stand for the truth.


Mollie Hemingway
The Federalist

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