Jordan Davidson
Jordan Davidson

Jordan Davidson is a staff writer at The Federalist. Jordan graduated from Baylor University where she majored in political science and minored in journalism. Follow her on Twitter @jordangdavidson.

Biden Lags Behind Trump Admin In Number Of Refugees Admitted To U.S.

At the current rate, the Biden administration is severely lagging behind the Trump administration by accepting just over 4,500 refugees so far this year.

National Guard Responds To Minneapolis Riots, Looting After Fatal Shooting Of Black Man

The Minnesota National Guard arrived in a Minneapolis suburb on Sunday after the fatal shooting of a 20-year-old black man sparked riots and looting in the city.

Biden Orders Commission To Study How Democrats Can Pack The Supreme Court

Biden commissioned 36 scholars, former judges, lawyers, and others led by a former Obama adviser to evaluate expanding the number of justices on the Supreme Court.

The Biden Border Bonanza Cost Taxpayers $60 Million A Week To Shelter Migrant Children

Many of these young kids and teens in these facilities stay for an average of a month bringing the total bill for their care to approximately $24,000 each.

For Hating Trump So Much, Biden Sure Is Cloning A Bunch Of His Successful Policies

Biden ran on condemning Trump as unfit, embarrassing, and reckless, but his administration is now using the Republican’s decisions to inform their own.

Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II’s Husband, Dies At Age 99 After Years Of Supporting Her Reign

Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, died on Friday morning after years of supporting her reign, the royal family announced.

ICE Gave $87 Million To A Former Biden Official’s Nonprofit To Oversee Border Crisis Housing

Lorenzen-Strait reportedly entered the contract just two months after he left the Biden campaign to join the nonprofit as its senior director for migrant services and federal affairs.

Biden Blasts US As ‘International Embarrassment’ In New Gun-Control Executive Orders

Biden is issuing multiple executive orders to combat what he called a “public health crisis” and “international embarrassment” of gun violence in the U.S.

Biden’s Border Crisis Produced The Largest Influx Of Illegal Aliens In More Than 20 Years

Customs and Border Protection took more than 172,000 illegal aliens into custody in March, making it the busiest month for the agency in more than 20 years.

Watch Gov. DeSantis Shred Everything Wrong With CBS’s ‘Malicious Smear’ Report

“When you’re talking about this ridiculous smear narrative, it’s important to break down just how false, how thoroughly dishonest it is,” DeSantis said.

Poll: Woke Corporatism By MLB And Big Business Is Ostracizing Consumers

Almost 70 percent of respondents agreed that “corporations and sports teams should generally stay out of politics.”

Democrats’ Expensive Stimulus Was Supposed To Get Kids Back In School, So Why Are They Still Remote?

It is clear that some school districts, even equipped with funding from Congress, will struggle to host in-person learning for a while longer.

Texas Attorney General Sues Biden Administration For Releasing Criminal Aliens

The Texas AG sued the administration over Biden’s executive orders directing ICE to release convicted criminal illegals into the United States.

Virginia Democrats Spar Over Who’s The Best Extremist In Crowded Gubernatorial Debate

Virginia Democrats vying for a chance to become the state’s next governor sparred about racial justice, gun control, and pandemic recovery on the debate stage Tuesday evening.

Biden Flip-Flops On Georgia Boycott, Refuses To Say The Masters Should Relocate

Biden’s tune changed on Tuesday when he warned that a mass exodus of businesses from the state could hurt “the people who need the help the most.”

After MLB Backlash, White House Pretends Biden Didn’t Call For Economic Sanctions Against Georgia

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki attempted to wash the administration’s hands of the MLB’s decision, after Biden said he supported it.

DeSantis Eviscerates Corrupt Corporate Media For CBS Hit Piece: They Are ‘Smear Merchants’ Who Can’t Be Trusted

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis eviscerated CBS for inventing a scandal about his state’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan by omitting key parts of the Republican’s “60 Minutes” Read Full Article >

CBP Won’t Say Why Its Press Release On Arrest Of Two Yemeni Terror-Watch Illegals Was Scrubbed

CBP won’t answer why a press release on the arrest of two Yemeni illegals on the FBI’s Terrorism Watch and No-Fly Lists was removed from its website.

Gov. Greg Abbott Forbids Government ‘Vaccine Passport’ Mandates In Texas Through Executive Order

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order on Monday prohibiting the government from mandating a “vaccine passport” in the state.

Biden’s Notorious COVID Adviser Is Still Fearmongering About ‘Category 5 Hurricane’ Pandemic

Michael Osterholm is engaging in yet another round of fearmongering about the Wuhan virus in the United States despite his history of failed predictions.