Jordan Davidson
Jordan Davidson

Jordan Davidson is a staff writer at The Federalist and co-producer of The Federalist Radio Hour. Her work has also been featured in The Daily Wire and Fox News. Jordan graduated from Baylor University where she majored in political science and minored in journalism. Follow her on Twitter @jordangdavidson.

DOJ’s 50-Year Gag Proposal For Grand Jury Material Would Hide Mueller Records Until 2069

The Justice Department is considering imposing a 50-year secrecy rule on the release of federal grand jury material, the Washington Post reported on Tuesday.

More Than 100 Pro-Life Activists Petition Congress To Preserve Hyde Amendment

‘Revoking the Hyde amendment … is a drastic step that shreds any vestige or pretense that Democrats are anything but radically pro-abortion,’ they wrote.

Corporate Media Outlets Lost More Than Half Their Audiences In The Last Year

The Atlantic, ABC News, Time all saw a more than 50 percent decrease in audience size since summer 2020.

Jet Fuel Shortages Plague Western States Struggling To Keep Up With Tourists, Raging Fires

Between increased travel, the “worst wildfire season in a decade,” and a lack of drivers to transport fuel, more shortages are expected.

White Houses Relies On Foreign Dark-Money Group That Tried To Deplatform The Federalist To Justify Censorship

To justify its new censorship campaign, the White House used information funneled from a foreign dark-money group that tried to deplatform The Federalist.

Fauci Unleashes His Propaganda Horde In War With The Free Press

Fauci blames conservative news sites for spreading “disinformation” and supports the Biden administration’s campaign to ban people from social media sites.

Los Angeles County Reimposes Anti-Science Mask Demands On Vaccinated People

Los Angeles County is ignoring mask science and current CDC guidelines to demand that even residents who are vaccinated against COVID wear a mask indoors.

Facebook’s Top Censorship Board Is Filled With Elite, Power-Loving Bureaucrats

The board is made of elite academic and government employees who have demonstrated they give anything but an accurate and fair look at content moderation.

Federal Prosecutor Deliberately Delayed Hunter Biden Probe To Shield 2020 Election

Weiss allegedly postponed allowing prosecutors to obtain search warrants and issue grand jury subpoenas last summer, facing fears of election influence.

In New York Times Column, Vox Founder Excuses Domestic Terrorism Against Oil Pipelines

‘Violence is often deployed, even if counterproductively, on behalf of causes far less consequential than the climate crisis,’ writes Ezra Klein in The New York Times.

White House Brags About Colluding With Tech Oligarchs To Suppress Dissent

Jen Psaki said the administration is regularly “flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation.”

Facebook Censorship Board Member: Free Speech Is Not A Human Right

Thorning-Schmidt argued in favor of Facebook’s oversight board colluding with other tech oligarchs to create a mass digital suppression campaign.

NOT SATIRE: Book Industry Apologizes For Not Burning Book Saying Boys And Girls Are Different Before People Could Read It

‘This is a serious, violent incident that goes against ABA’s ends policies, values, and everything we believe and support,’ the American Booksellers Association tweeted.

Surgeon General Urges Tech Giants To Censor COVID-19 Dissidents

The Biden administration is pressuring tech giants to punish dissidents guilty of spreading “misinformation” with excess censorship and surveillance.

Compromised Scientist Downplays Lab Leak Theory In Congressional Hearing On COVID-19 Origins

Dr. Stanley Perlman’s skepticism about the Wuhan lab leak shined through as he repeated the narrative that the virus came from an animal in nature.

Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary Threatens Cubans Fleeing Communism With Deportation

Fleeing Cubans could technically sail to Mexico and walk across the border to Brownsville, Texas, where the Biden administration would likely release them.

What Is Biden’s Over The Top Voting Rights Rhetoric Really All About?

By calling election laws racist, Democrats could create a new level of voter intimidation to scare minority voters away from the GOP candidates they’re moving toward.

Federal Court Rules Under-21 Handgun Bans Are Unconstitutional

“Our nation’s most cherished constitutional rights vest no later than 18. And the Second Amendment’s right to keep and bear arms is no different,” Judge Julius Richardson wrote.

After Claiming Vaccine Campaign Would Be Led By ‘Local’ Leaders, White House Taps Angsty Pop Star Olivia Rodrigo

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki claimed “local doctors, clergy, and civic leaders” would be leading the pro-vaccine push, not a teen pop star.

Texas Democrats Throwing Tantrum Over Election Integrity Tout Their ‘Sacrifice’ As They Flee State In Private Jet

Texas Gov. Abbott noted the irony of the Democrats flying on a private jet equipped with booze and plenty of selfie opportunities for their maskless mugs.