Jordan Davidson
Jordan Davidson

Jordan Davidson is an intern for The Federalist and a recent graduate of Baylor University where she majored in political science and minored in journalism. Davidson is a published author and has work featured in The Daily Wire.

In Racist Screed, NYT’s 1619 Project Founder Calls ‘White Race’ ‘Barbaric Devils,’ ‘Bloodsuckers,’ Columbus ‘No Different Than Hitler’

Hannah-Jones claimed that the actions of European settlers and explorers such as Christopher Columbus were “acts of devils” and likens them to Hitler.

Pelosi Refuses To Apologize For Saying Black Republican’s Bill Was ‘Getting Away With Murder’

Pelosi said she will ‘absolutely, positively not’ retract or apologize for what she said in response to a black Republican senator’s police reform bill, claiming she meant her comments instead for Mitch McConnell.

Oregon County Issues Coronavirus Mask Mandate, But Only For White People

The mandate exempts “people of color who have heightened concerns about racial profiling and harassment” from wearing a mask. 

Shootings, Violence Jump In Cities Where Mayors Have Restrained Police

Another shooting, one of the most violent in Minneapolis’s history, wounded 11 people and killed another on Sunday in the wake of demands police retreat from their jobs.

Media Project Gross Illegitimacy On News Of Rep. Matt Gaetz’s Adopted Son

Media outlets and the social media mob questioned the validity of the Republican congressman’s relationship with Galban.

60 Groups Ask Congress To Make Big Tech CEOs Testify In Antitrust Investigation

‘There’s a real tension between getting full compliance from the companies and being able to move forward expeditiously with the end of the investigation,’ says Dave Segal, whose organization signed tone of he letters.

Cotton: If John Roberts Wants To Write Laws, He Should Resign And Run For Office

“If the Chief Justice believes his political judgment is so exquisite, I invite him to resign, travel to Iowa, and get elected,” Cotton said.

DOJ Plans To Roll Back Tech Monopoly Legal Protections Over Left-Wing Speech Policing

The decision comes just a day after Google Ads attempted to demonetize The Federalist over “race based content.”

Sen. Tim Kaine Bungles History About Slavery In Address To Congress

“The United States didn’t inherit slavery from anybody. We created it,” Sen. Kaine said. 

Sen. Ted Cruz Blasts Google For Censorship Of The Federalist, Demands Answers About Collusion With NBC News

“This is part of a bigger problem. The culture of free speech in this country is under attack, and Google is helping lead the charge,” Sen. Cruz wrote.

Among Top 100 Schools, Only One Republican To Give Commencement Speech

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine is the only Republican represented on the list of politicians, business men and women, entertainers, and journalists giving speeches.

SCOTUS Upends Civil Rights Act Ruling On Sex Discrimination

Justice Alito dissented, noting the definition of sex is not one that can be modified through the Court’s interpretation,

Minneapolis City Council Passes Resolution to Remove and Replace Police Department

Minneapolis City Council moved to pass a decision replacing the Minneapolis Police Department with a more publicly accountable model focused on community safety.  The resolution passed Read Full Article >

School Calls Police On Student With BB Gun In Background Of Virtual Class

“I felt violated as a parent, for my child, who’s standing there with police officers in his room, just to see the fear on his face,” Courtney Lancaster said.

‘Baby Lives Matter’ Onesie Featured On Trump Campaign Website Sparks Controversy

The onesie, which models itself after the “Black Lives Matter” logo, originally made its debut in January for the March for Life.

CEO Of Women’s Only Co-Working Space, The Wing, Forced To Resign

“This decision is the right thing for the business, and the best way to bring The Wing along into a long overdue era of change,” Gelman said in her resignation email.

Poetry Foundation President And Board Member Resign After Criticism Over Lack Of Racism Response

The resignations serve as another example of people losing their jobs over allegations of racial insensitivity amidst George Floyd’s murder.

Here’s A Growing List Of People Who Lost Their Jobs To Racial Comments (Or Lack Thereof)

Whether fired, forced into resignation or on leave, here’s a list of the high-profile people who won’t be returning to their jobs. 

CNN Commentator Wants All Washington And Jefferson Statues Removed

“Whether we think they were protecting American freedom or not, [Washington] wasn’t protecting my freedoms,” Rye said.

‘Paw Patrol’ And Chase The Police Dog Are Good Examples Of ‘To Protect And Serve’

Good cop portrayals like Chase the police dog are absolutely necessary because our society and nation need admirable examples of public servants for kids and adults to look up to.