Shawn Fleetwood
Shawn Fleetwood

Shawn Fleetwood is a college student attending Germanna Community College in Virginia. After he gets his associate’s degree, he plans to transfer to a four-year institution to major in either journalism or political science.

How Biden’s Housing Plans Would Destroy America’s Suburbs

If suburban voters begin to understand what Biden’s housing rule would mean for their communities, many would flock back to Trump, irrespective of what they think of his tweets.

Back The Blue Rallies Signal The Silent Majority Is Finding Its Voice

No longer can the silent majority let our voices be drowned out by the angry, left-wing mob. We must be brave enough to stand with the men and women of law enforcement.

United Nations Discredits Itself By Awarding China A Seat On Its ‘Human Rights Council’

Rather than punishing China for its grotesque and barbaric actions, the UN instead rewarded the tyrannical regime with more power and influence in momentous decision-making that will affect the world.

It’s Not The Federal Government’s Fault New York Doesn’t Have More Ventilators, It’s Andrew Cuomo’s

Rather than produce good results for patients, overbearing regulations such as certificate-of-need laws have inflated health-care costs and created a lack of competition, leading to poor care and shortages.

Supreme Court Should Reverse Stupid Decision Calling Obamacare’s Mandate A Tax

No matter how the Supreme Court votes on Obamacare, people will be angry. But it must stand by the Constitution, and that means canceling the Affordable Care Act.

Supreme Court Justices Signal Potential Crackdown On Nationwide Injunctions

Justice Neil Gorsuch issued a concurring opinion about the threat nationwide injunctions present to separation of powers and the role of the courts under the Constitution.

Joe Biden Isn’t Even Close To A Moderate

Biden’s phony moderate shtick will only hold up for so long, as true moderate and centrist voters will begin to see his tendencies to move left with the rest of the party on key issues.

I’m 19. The Spendthrift Trump-Congress Budget Deal Cripples My Future

Both parties on Capitol Hill finally agree on something: spending more money. The new budget deal reminds us it’s time to call a convention of states.