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Trevor Bauer Accuser Criminally Indicted On Fraud, Extortion Charges

Trevor Bauer talking.
Image CreditTrevor Bauer/YouTube

A woman who accused former MLB pitcher Trevor Bauer of sexual assault has been indicted by an Arizona grand jury on charges related to extortion and fraud.

According to the indictment, which was filed Monday in Maricopa County Superior Court and quoted by ESPN, Darcy Adanna Esemonu “knowingly did obtain a benefit from … Trevor Anthony Bauer by means of fraudulent pretenses, representation, promises, or material omissions.” Esemonu was also charged regarding matters in which she “knowingly did obtain or sought to obtain property or services” via extortive methods from a separate individual unaffiliated with Bauer.

Esemonu reportedly filed a lawsuit against Bauer in 2022, “alleging he sexually assaulted her in 2020, which led to an ‘unplanned pregnancy,'” according to ESPN. While Bauer disclosed in court filings that he and Esemonu had sexual relations, he maintained that it was “a single sexual encounter” and “consensual.” Bauer then countersued for fraud, arguing Esemonu’s accusations were false and represented an attempt to acquire money amid other sexual assault claims lodged against him.

In a video published Tuesday on X, Bauer disclosed alleged text messages from Esemonu indicating she was the one who initiated their encounter. Other messages Bauer says were from Esemonu that he included in the video ask the former Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher, “can i sleep with you” and “i just want to sleep next to you again — i will be very quiet, promise.”

“At one point, she even requested a sample of my sperm so she could ‘have my child’ whenever she wanted to in the future,” Bauer claimed.

Bauer further contended that Esemonu demanded $3.6 million from him and “claimed I forced her to have an abortion” and “when I refused to pay her the $3.6 million she was asking for, she made up a bogus sexual assault claim and filed a civil suit against me.” Police reports detailing law enforcement’s interviews with Esemonu reportedly show that she “initially stated she had a miscarriage, but later referred to the miscarriage as an abortion.” Esemonu also told the detective on the case that “she did not have an abortion, but miscarried just before going to a clinic located in another state,” according to ESPN.

Despite her claims, the detective noted that Esemonu’s medical records “do not indicate” if she “was in fact pregnant.” A screenshot of what appears to be negative results of a pregnancy test was included in Bauer’s video, which he claims is Esemonu’s.

She never had an abortion “because she was never even pregnant,” Bauer claimed.

Bauer’s video also included alleged emails between Esemonu and various law firms, one of which informed Esemonu it “cannot continue to represent [her]” because she doesn’t have “proof of the abortion or even the date of the abortion.”

In addition to Esemonu, three other women have accused Bauer of sexual assault in recent years, including Lindsey Hill. As The Federalist previously reported, Bauer and Hill settled in court late last year, at which point Bauer “released a series of text messages and video purportedly obtained in the discovery process that appear to exonerate him from wrongdoing.” The alleged texts from Hill included in a video Bauer posted “indicate Hill had planned to accuse Bauer of sexual misconduct prior to meeting him” in order to obtain money from him.

Despite his denial of the allegations and assertion that the encounters were consensual, the MLB suspended Bauer for 324 games in 2021. That was eventually reduced to 194 in December 2022. The Dodgers — which honored an anti-Christian drag group at their 2023 summer “pride” game — dropped Bauer from their roster over the allegations in January 2023.

Bauer’s remaining accusers have so far not filed suits against the former MLB pitcher or participated in Esemonu’s or Hill’s respective lawsuits since publicly issuing their claims, according to Bauer.

“At this point, I’m not sure what else I can possibly do to prove my innocence in all this. I did not do what I was accused of,” Bauer said. “Every institution that our society has entrusted to rule on issues like these, like courts, judges, law enforcement officers, prosecutors — they all agree with me. They’ve rejected every single claim made against me. … If any evidence of any of these claims actually existed, I would’ve been charged, or at the very least, arrested. But that never happened.”

“At what point do I get to go back to work and continue earning a living?” he added.

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