Nathanael Blake
Nathanael Blake

Nathanael Blake is a senior contributor to The Federalist and a postdoctoral fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

The Transgender Industry Is Culling Tomboys Out Of Existence

Although the Loudoun Now story was an attempt at pro-trans propaganda, it inadvertently let the truth out, in four key ways.

The Left Shouldn’t Get Away With Constant Flopping

Whatever the issue, from immigration to education to law enforcement, there is a parade of people taking a dive and crying foul, insisting the other side isn’t just wrong, but bigoted.

‘Trans Mission’ Raises Questions LGBT Activists Refuse To Answer About Transgendering Kids

This is not about being nice to Bruce as he ‘becomes’ Caitlyn, but about celebrating the ruinous mutilations of children’s bodies.

Leftist Ghouls May Desecrate J.R.R. Tolkien, But His Ideas Will Live Forever While Theirs Are Already Dead

Tolkien’s timeless books present a vision of goodness far better than those appropriating his greatness to serve the latest intellectual fashions.

Yes, Critical Race Theory’s Critics Know What It Is. Next, We Need To Replace It

Law and culture almost always need some reform, but the work of racial justice begins, not with systemic critique, but with love based on the recognition that we are all children of God.

Left Demands That Big Business Boycott States That Don’t Want Abortion

Marking the depravity of our times, a New York Times columnist recently urged the rich to subvert democracy in an effort to protect abortion on demand.

No, Institutionalization Will Not End Wokeness. Only Utterly Denying It Power Will

Wokeness must be opposed in order to be defeated, and Americans must be presented with a better vision of how to live, and how to respond to injustice.

Dear GOP: Move On From Trump Without Repudiating His Voters

Instead of keeping the spotlight on Donald Trump, those who genuinely want a post-Trump GOP should focus on developing better options politically as well as in personality and policy.

Jane Austen Is The Latest Victim Of Upper-Class Whites’ Obsession With Race

The attempted denigration of Jane Austen reveals how upscale white elites view caring about anti-racism as a marker of status.

The LGBT Rebellion Against The Body Is Making Casualties Of More Foster Children

Those bent on remaking bodies, language, and society to accord with their desires won’t persuade if they can command, or reason if they can suppress.

Lockdowns Have Spawned A New Addict: The Pandemic Junkie

Anti-viral considerations of common sense shouldn’t lead us to become a society of permanently masked, fearful, and paranoid loners.

For Liberalism To Hold Any Meaning, Colleges Need Religious Exemptions

Without equality and tolerance for dissidents, both individually and within the community, true liberalism cannot exist.

The Wall Between Civilization And Our Innate Savagery Is Weakening

Despite being surrounded by material abundance and wondrous gadgetry, human depravity still finds a way.

Humility Is Where Conservatives And Libertarians Can Still Find Fusion

Conservatives and libertarians must both check their pride to work toward a new fusionism. Their common ground begins with humility.

Wanted: Republicans Willing To Betray The Ruling Class

The GOP needs people who put a Harvard or Yale diploma in a cheap frame in the basement and then go stick it to their former classmates.

Why The Left Is Helping Make America Racist Again

Self-styled anti-racists and social justice activists are seething with hate, but it is only upon love that we can move beyond racial tension and division.

The Left’s New Moral Framework Includes Zero Forgiveness, Even For Dr. Seuss

Instead of a populace with a developed understanding of sin, and a prudent sense of what to punish and what to tolerate, we now have personal and social moral instability.

The Right Can Do Better Than Freeing Markets To Sell Human Flesh

Conservative economic policy must be dedicated to the concrete well-being of families and communities, rather than abstract ideals of economic liberty and market efficiency.

It’s Not Just ‘The Mandalorian’ That Needs A Way, It’s Everyone

The enforcers of modern leftism’s ‘anti-way’ use their cultural and economic power to suppress dissent, even if doing so flies in the face of pluralism.

Does ‘A Guy With a Guitar’ Really Improve Church Worship?

We should strive to play, sing and compose our best, but worship is not about us and what we like. It’s a way of encountering and glorifying God.