Nathanael Blake
Nathanael Blake

Nathanael Blake is a Senior Contributor at The Federalist. He has a PhD in political theory. He lives in Missouri.

Transgenderism Is Killing Feminism, And That’s A Good Thing For Women

The left’s feminist narrative has become divided and incoherent as transgender ideology has advanced. Conservatives can present an affirming alternative.

Without President Trump, On Whom Will The Left Blame Their Failures?

President Trump leaving office will not make America more decent if it just returns power to those whose garb of civility covers corrupt hearts.

A National Lockdown Would Be A Disaster For America

While there are real concerns about rising cases and hospitalizations, a national lockdown is a terrible idea, no matter how much money the government borrows to pay for it.

If Republicans Hold The Senate, Leftists Will Be The Hardest Hit

Progressives were convinced that Democrats were about to win in a landslide, after which the left could push all sorts of radical schemes. Now, that’s looking unlikely.

Nicholas Kristof Doesn’t Know Anything About Abortion And He Doesn’t Want To, Either

Christians may reasonably disagree over a great many issues of public policy, but we must all reject the Democratic Party’s extremist platform of unrestricted, taxpayer-funded abortion on demand.

The GOP Is Now The Party Of Working Families Screwed Over By The Left

The task for conservatives is to preserve family and social life against the various ‘Bigs’: Big Government, Big Tech, and Big Business.

Why The Right Can Never End The Culture Wars By Capitulating

The idea that some grand self-sacrificial gesture will heal the culture-war breach is deluded. It is politics as the third act of a romantic comedy.

Big Tech Is Turning The United States Into A Giant Company Town

In the traditional company town, the company controlled everything. In the company-town America of Big Tech, a small cabal of corporations effectively controls every aspect of life, from entertainment to employment to the news.

Bret Stephens: If Trump Loses, Elites Can Pretend He Never Happened

Our elites should have responded to Trump’s election with repentance. Instead, they preen over how much better they are than that crude sinner in the White House and the voters who put him there.

What Democrats Do To Amy Coney Barrett Will Rip Off The ‘Moderation And Decency’ Mask

The nomination of Judge Amy Barrett to the Supreme Court is likely to set off the ugliest political fight we’ve seen since, well, the last Supreme Court confirmation battle.

Shattered Norms Started With Democrats’ Fanatical Devotion To Roe v. Wade

Continued escalation of the judicial wars will not end until Roe is overturned and abortion policy is handed back to the people and their representatives.

It Votes Biden Or It Gets The Riots Again

Threats of left-wing political violence if President Trump is reelected have gone from subtext to the plain text.

Joe Biden’s Rabid Pro-Abortionism Is Far More Immoral Than Anything Trump Has Ever Done

It is not easy for Never Trumpers who claim to be pro-life to explain why they are voting for candidates who support taxpayer-funded abortion on demand until birth.

The Left Doesn’t Really Want To Abolish The Police. They Want To Be The Police

Restrictions on police power are, of course, imperfect, but they are much more developed and effective than those left-wing rioters and militants impose on themselves.

President Trump’s Stupid Tweets Are A Heck Of A Lot Better Than Joe Biden’s Evil Policies

Trump kept his word on abortion, religious liberty, and the rule of law. The radicals running the Democratic Party have shown they’ll do anything for power.

Jack Dorsey’s $10M To Ibram Kendi Is An Attempt To Expiate His White Guilt

The new iteration of Marxism is true to its heritage in at least one way: It justifies the concentration of power in the hands of its acolytes.

While Claiming To Champion Justice, Democrats Are Letting American Cities Burn

Regardless of whether Biden or Trump wins in November, we will all be stuck with the Democrats’ choice to let our cities burn.

Kamala Harris: The Senator From Wall Street Who Wants To Be President

Kamala Harris knows that big business and big government can get along quite well—there is money to be made off of big government, and big business is often best positioned to make it.

The Right Needs More Than Resurrected Reaganism To Beat The Left

Our nation faces challenges that cannot be adequately addressed by calcifying Reagan’s old platform of the 1980s into conservative dogma.

Josh Hawley Was Right About Roe: Speak Up Or Stay Off The Supreme Court

It is time to insist on nominees who have made a clear repudiation of Roe v. Wade. The benefits of keeping quiet are not worth the costs.