Nathanael Blake
Nathanael Blake
Nathanael Blake is a Senior Contributor at The Federalist. He has a PhD in political theory. He lives in Missouri.
Why The ‘Emerging Democratic Majority’ Isn’t Happening

The promise of inevitability has not only led Democrats to overlook logistical and structural problems but has also encouraged them to indulge their leftist passions.

The U.S. Gamble With National Debt Makes Playing The Lottery Look Smart

The truth is that we are the problem. Our benefits are ordinary, even small, to us, but collectively they are large enough to bankrupt our nation.

Why It’s Ridiculous For Everyone With A PhD To Demand To Be Called ‘Doctor’

Non-medical doctors will not gain any respect by insisting on their academic titles outside of the traditional academic and professional realms in which they are used.

Why ‘Mansfield Park’ Was Jane Austen’s Best Novel

Modern readers aren’t quite as interested in a tale where virtue is rewarded and vice punished, but it’s her best regardless.

I Was A Never Trumper Until Democrats Went Gonzo On Kavanaugh. Now, Hand Me That Red Hat

As a voter who recognizes the unfortunate realities of our politics, I believe supporting Trump has become the responsible choice.

Why The Left Will Never Apologize For Brutalizing Brett Kavanaugh And His Family

If Kavanaugh is innocent of sexual assault, then those who eagerly condemned him are guilty of slander, bias, and poor judgment. Thus, they have to believe that Kavanaugh is a monster

The Left Is Using Brett Kavanaugh As A Scapegoat For Sex Scandals They’ve Indulged

The Kavanaugh chaos is not politics as usual, even in the norm-shattering age of Trump. Rather, it is a convergence of the neuroses and contradictions in American culture.

Why Reason Turned Into A Dead End For Enlightenment Philosophy

We are finite, contingent beings, and we must not presume that our reason is capable of transcending this to achieve a sort of God’s-eye view of reality.

The Liberal Defense Of Campus Free Speech Is Admirable But Inadequate

In Erwin Chemerinsky and Howard Gillman’s ‘Free Speech on Campus,’ two liberal academics make an admirable defense of free speech but are ultimately too charitable to the leftist radicals who dominate campus debates.

Never-Trumpers Prove Willing To Burn Down The GOP In Revenge For Trump

The first—if not only—task of conservatism, in Never Trumpers’ telling, consists of resisting President Trump. If Trump leads the GOP, then nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

Even If His Campaign Broke Laws, Trump Isn’t An Illegitimate President

The idea of an ‘illegitimate’ president whose real or imagined scandals render his lawful actions and appointments ‘illegitimate’ is foreign to the Constitution.

Why Everything Is Wonderful But Nobody’s Happy, And What To Do About It

Never before in human history have so many, with so much, been so miserable. See, happiness requires the risk of unhappiness. The alternative to loneliness is the risk of heartbreak.

Conservatives Should Welcome A Black James Bond

The essence of James Bond is not identity politics, but shooting a villain with a spear gun, making a joke, and getting the girl.

Socialism’s Resurgence Is A Doomed Attempt To Address A Spiritual Problem With Politics

The concerns and anxieties that beset our culture will not be addressed only by reminders of material abundance provided by free market economics.

How Identity Politics Fuel Hatred

Hatred is a persistent presence in the human heart, but the identity politics and intersectional ideology the Left espouses legitimizes and exacerbates hate.

Why NATO Shouldn’t Become A Victim Of Its Own Success

Critiques rest on false assumptions about the role of NATO. These are enabled by its success at achieving its objectives.

Indiana Jones Isn’t Wrong—The Nazis’ Fascination With The Occult Was Very Real

A fascinating new book by historian Eric Kurlander, ‘Hitler’s Monsters: A Supernatural History of the Third Reich,’ shows that pop culture’s portrayal of Nazis being obsessed with mysticism and pseudoscience isn’t far off the mark.

Why We Shouldn’t Trust An Originalist Supreme Court To Secure Our Liberties

Our triumphs are in establishing communities that offer real meaning and fellowship. We will need to do this even more as our legal and policy goals are achieved.

3 Years Of Experience Have Only Proved That Obergefell Was A Big Mistake

Our cultural elites treat opposition to same-sex marriage as beyond the bounds of reasonable discourse. But three years’ more experience only reinforce that it’s a legal and cultural mistake.

How Abolishing The Death Penalty Degrades Both Justice And Mercy

To abolish the death penalty is to abdicate the civilizational attempt to instantiate justice in law, and precludes the possibility of mercy.