Nathanael Blake
Nathanael Blake
Nathanael Blake is a Senior Contributor at The Federalist. He has a PhD in political theory. He lives in Missouri.
How To Start Restoring Dignity To ‘Back Row America’

After years of working on Wall Street, Chris Arnade’s remarkable new book caused him to venture beyond his affluent circumstances and reassess everything he thought about poverty and religion.

For Americans To Have Freedom, They Must Revive The Common Good

Full human flourishing is communal, not individual. Political liberalism must recognize this inherent truth in order to succeed.

If The GOP’s Business Wing Wants Low Taxes, They’d Better Stop Sabotaging Social Conservatives

A political alliance will not hold if one faction insists on its priorities while working against its partners. When was the last time the economic side of the GOP backed up the rest of us?

What Those Who Seek Socialism Really Need Is A Church And Family

Plato taught us, in imprecise terms, that the socialism we need is not that of a command economy, but that of family, church, and community.

Trans Activists Silence The Science So They Can Claim It’s On Their Side

It’s telling that, in order to claim that science is on their side, trans activists need to bully actual scientists into silence about what the data and human experience actually suggests.

Not Getting Your First-Choice Gay Wedding Cake Is Nothing Like Getting The Measles

A New York Times op-ed suggests allowing any religious liberty claims opens the door to spurious claims of religious liberty. This is utterly foolish.

How Overemphasizing Individualism Made Liberalism Morally Bankrupt

As a political theory for rational, autonomous adults, liberalism has no place for the dependent and disabled, against whom Western liberal nations are engaged in a quiet genocide.

Don’t Bail Colleges Out Of The Student Loan Mess They’ve Made

This exploitative system should not be bailed out by boondoggles such as Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren’s plans for free college and student loan bailouts.

How Exploring His Irish Ancestry Taught Michael Dougherty Nationality Matters

Michael Brendan Dougherty’s new memoir, ‘My Father Left Me Ireland: An American Son’s Search for Home,’ is a compelling reflection on fatherhood and finding yourself by reclaiming your national and cultural inheritance.

Amazon’s ‘The Tick’ Is Better Than The Superhero Movies It’s Parodying

Perhaps not having enormous sums of money to spend on CGI forced the show to do a better job of character development than most big-budget superhero films.

For The Left To Get Religion, They’ll Have To Give Up Abortion And The Misuse Of Sex

Kirsten Powers recently made the case for an ‘awakening of the Christian left.’ But to get religion, the left will have to change.

Yes, The Opioid Epidemic Is Linked To A Spike In Pain Pill Prescriptions

Corporations acted as cartels and filled our country with opioids. Connecting that to the epidemic of overdose deaths is not fake news.

Why Don’t Transgender Activists Care About Sex Change Mistakes?

The consequences can be severe for those who believe themselves to be trans, take hormones or get surgery, and then later wish they could revert back.

Why The Left Is Developing Into A Bunch Of Prudish Tramps

We’re living in an era where the prudes are running the whorehouse, attempting to establish some things as sacrilege despite nothing being sacred.

Dream Theater’s ‘Distance Over Time’ Is Another Solid Addition To Their Catalogue

Dream Theater’s ‘Distance Over Time’ combines metal with masterful musicianship. They are still playing as well as anyone.

What It Will Take For Guitar To Make A Comeback

Willingness to subsume guitar virtuosity in service to the song will, ironically, be essential to guitarists regaining the cultural spotlight.

Why Bullying Chris Pratt Into Denouncing His Church Won’t Make Ellen Page Happy

Welcome to Hollywood today: are you now or have you ever been a member of an orthodox Christian congregation?

The Real Goal Of Connecticut’s Proposed Ammo Tax Is Less Gun Ownership

Democrats are trying to eviscerate the Second Amendment by imposing undue burdens on law-abiding gun owners who just want to protect themselves.

Sohrab Ahmari Offers A Compelling Tale Of An Unlikely Christian Convert

Political commentator Sohrab Ahmari’s new memoir about his conversion to Christianity, ‘From Fire, By Water,” is a worthy literary testimony to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

NYC Bans People From Talking To A Therapist About Discomfort With Sex

In New York City, a therapist can tell a man with gender dysphoria that he is a reincarnation of Napoleon, but not that he is a man.