Nathanael Blake
Nathanael Blake

Nathanael Blake is a Senior Contributor at The Federalist. He has a PhD in political theory. He lives in Missouri.

‘Waco’ Horrors Show Exactly What’s Wrong With Big, Faraway Government

It is difficult for a TV show to elicit sympathy for cultists shooting at cops. But the new-to-Netflix series ‘Waco’ manages it, showing the dangers of law enforcement militarization.

What Happens When The Right Starts Acting Like The Left About The Constitution

Many on the left have accused originalism of being nothing but a cover for conservatives’ preferred policy outcomes, but Vermeule’s proposal illustrates how restrained originalists have been.

David French Needs To Stop Slandering Trump-Supporting Christians

French has slandered his Christian brothers and sisters by writing that ‘millions of Trump-supporting white Evangelicals no longer care about character.’

To Get To Life After Lockdown, We All Need To Be More Responsible

It is untenable to lock down much of the country until a proven-safe vaccine is available in a year or more. Thus, we need to adapt and prepare for life in the time of coronavirus.

What I Saw At The Last Live Tour For ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Creator Joel Hodgson

Will its fans be able to revive MST3K once again? Based on the excellent live show I saw, I expect it will find another home. It deserves to.

Why We Shouldn’t Count On Coronavirus Weakening By Mutation Just Yet

Even if a mutation produced a COVID-19 strain that was more uniformly like the common cold, it is not obvious that it would successfully displace the current strain.

The Wall Street Journal Should Publish Better Data About Asymptomatic Coronavirus Cases

It is true that there are asymptomatic cases not being counted, and we need better testing and studies to refine our data. But this Wall Street Journal article is speculative.

There Is No Way Of Getting Out Of The Coronavirus Crisis Without Pain

Keeping the economy humming along like normal was never an option. Even without government intervention, much of our society would eventually shut down on its own.

How To Recover Our Lost Understanding Of Natural Law

Philosopher Pierre Manent’s slim new volume ‘Natural Law and Human Rights,’ points the way toward recreating a society that is rooted in consent of the governed rather than fear.

Woman Who Killed Baby Over Maternity Leave Proves Welfare Won’t Fix Abortion

A perfect example of the ‘give us socialism or we’ll kill the kids’ genre was recently published in The Guardian.

No, The Supreme Court Should Not Allow Discrimination Against Christians In The Name Of Neutrality

A court case over whether Philadelphia can ban Christian organizations from working with foster children offers the Supreme Court an opportunity to restore plurality to American life.

U.K. Starbucks Raises Money To Chemically Castrate Transgender Children

Starbucks is selling special cookies to benefit transgender lobbyist group Mermaids, whose founder infamously took her underage son to Thailand to be castrated.

I Didn’t Vote For Trump In 2016. Here’s Why I Hope He Gets Four More Years

My hope for another four years of Trump is that conservatives, particularly Christians, will rebuild what has broken and go forth with confidence.

Families Don’t Want More Day Care. They Want More Home Work

For many parents, both working-class and white-collar professionals, work is not what really matters. Work is simply the means to support what really matters: family.

Derek Fowlds Anchored The Greatest Political TV Show On Earth

The recently deceased actor’s work as Bernard Woolley in ‘Yes, Minister’ and its successor ‘Yes, Prime Minister’ was indispensable to the greatest political show on earth.

‘Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself’ Explains Why Trump’s Impeachment Is A Sham

There is a simple reason President Trump should not have been impeached by the House, and the Senate should acquit him: Epstein didn’t kill himself.

Why The Right Shouldn’t Just Abandon America’s Cities To The Left

Conservatives need to address urban concerns and try to bridge the growing rural-urban divide, rather than just denouncing cities as the malign foil of real America.

Why I Try To Furnish My Home Like I Furnish My Mind

Conservatives proclaim the important of the Permanent Things. We should also, in a throwaway culture of plastic and particle board, value permanent things.

There’s No Such Thing As Free Trade With China As Long As It Cheats

After adding up the expensive externalities and the social cost, cheap stuff from China does not look as affordable as it does on the store shelf or the online cart.

A Liberal Order That Seeks To Shut Down Christian Charities Doesn’t Deserve To Survive

Christian post-liberals on the right have seen how readily the liberal center-left and the Chamber-of-Commerce right surrender to the extreme and illiberal left. It makes them wonder: Why not us?