Nathanael Blake
Nathanael Blake

Nathanael Blake is a Senior Contributor at The Federalist. He has a PhD in political theory. He lives in Missouri.

Why I Try To Furnish My Home Like I Furnish My Mind

Conservatives proclaim the important of the Permanent Things. We should also, in a throwaway culture of plastic and particle board, value permanent things.

There’s No Such Thing As Free Trade With China As Long As It Cheats

After adding up the expensive externalities and the social cost, cheap stuff from China does not look as affordable as it does on the store shelf or the online cart.

A Liberal Order That Seeks To Shut Down Christian Charities Doesn’t Deserve To Survive

Christian post-liberals on the right have seen how readily the liberal center-left and the Chamber-of-Commerce right surrender to the extreme and illiberal left. It makes them wonder: Why not us?

What Good Is Cheaper Stuff If It Comes At The Expense Of Community?

Should we be so eager to destroy communities for Chinese counterfeits and cheap, often disposable, consumer goods? Perhaps a little less efficiency in capital allocation would not be so terrible, after all.

Why Sen. Josh Hawley Is Right To Go After Negligent Landlords

Conservatives should join Hawley in his campaign against St. Louis slumlords. The self-appointed defenders of the free market only discredit themselves and their system by appearing indifferent to bad actors within it.

Democratic Party Accelerates Its Purge Of Pro-Lifers

Pro-life Democrats like John Bel Edwards can win in red states, but the national party would rather lose than elect pro-life Democrats to top state government positions.

‘Friendly Benches’: Elites’ Response To The Loneliness They’ve Created Borders On Satire

The West’s leadership class has been indifferent to the condition of loneliness — until they can use it to push another government program into our lives.

Nationalism, Populism, And Saving Ourselves From A Dark Future

First Things editor R.R. Reno’s book, ‘Return of the Strong Gods,’ persuasively argues that tolerance and liberalism are now at odds with our community bonds and spiritual convictions.

How Libertarianism Makes People Susceptible To Huge Government

In the end, the freedom to abandon family, faith, and community is the freedom to be insecure, insignificant, and alone before the Leviathan of government.

LGBT Activists Get Church Banned From Local Arts Scene For Believing The Bible

The radically subjective claims of transgender ideology, combined with the bullying approach its activists often take, offer a clear example of how moral relativism can reduce tolerance and encourage rage.

Left Amps Up Pressure On John Roberts To Weaken His Jurisprudence

All the left’s talk about Supreme Court legitimacy, stability, and precedent is an attempt to preserve their previous unconstitutional judicial power grabs — especially on abortion. Will Roberts fall for it?

U.K. Court Decision Affirms Transgenderism Is A Religion Of Complete Self-Worship

The mystical doctrines of transgenderism exemplify modern self-worship, in which the human replaces the divine dictates of revealed religion as the source of meaning.

Jeff Flake’s Call For The GOP To Reject Trump Shows He Has Learned Nothing Since 2016

When Republicans praise Trump for being a fighter, it is because he is willing to aggressively challenge the left’s dishonest tactics in a way the Jeff Flakes of the GOP do not.

Why Using The Oxford Comma Is A Sign Of Bad Writing

The Oxford comma is often superfluous and a crutch for bad writing, yet it has many partisans who want to force it on everyone.

By Underscoring Its Failures, Trump Has Outlined The Republican Party’s Future

There are many ways in which post-Trump conservatism could go wrong. But there is no way in which the anti-Trump remains of the old GOP can go right.

Why Letting Children Vote Makes Sense To Liberals

Giving children the vote will not protect children’s interests or benefit the nation. These ends can only be accomplished if adults limit their individual autonomy in service to the common good.

The Right’s Biggest Struggle Today Is Confronting What The Market Does To Communities

Conservatives know how to resist the bad ideas of the left. We are less sure how to restrain or mitigate the harm that markets and new technologies can do to social cohesion and communities.

Kevin Williamson Fires On Social Media Outrage And ‘Antidiscourse’

In the wake of losing a job over a social media tantrum, writer Kevin Williamson’s new book, ‘The Smallest Minority,’ sets its sights on outrage culture and the results are witty, caustic, and illuminating.

Hawley’s War On Tech Is Not To Destroy It, But To Tame It

While Sen. Josh Hawley is taking on Big Tech, his proposals provide a framework for technological responsibility, not a battle plan to destroy technology.

Don’t Despair That America’s Churches Are Dying

In the new book, ‘The Myth of the Dying Church,’ Glenn Stanton argues that the demise of American Christianity has been greatly exaggerated.