Nathanael Blake
Nathanael Blake

Nathanael Blake is a Senior Contributor at The Federalist. He has a PhD in political theory. He lives in Missouri.

U.K. Court Decision Affirms Transgenderism Is A Religion Of Complete Self-Worship

The mystical doctrines of transgenderism exemplify modern self-worship, in which the human replaces the divine dictates of revealed religion as the source of meaning.

Jeff Flake’s Call For The GOP To Reject Trump Shows He Has Learned Nothing Since 2016

When Republicans praise Trump for being a fighter, it is because he is willing to aggressively challenge the left’s dishonest tactics in a way the Jeff Flakes of the GOP do not.

Why Using The Oxford Comma Is A Sign Of Bad Writing

The Oxford comma is often superfluous and a crutch for bad writing, yet it has many partisans who want to force it on everyone.

By Underscoring Its Failures, Trump Has Outlined The Republican Party’s Future

There are many ways in which post-Trump conservatism could go wrong. But there is no way in which the anti-Trump remains of the old GOP can go right.

Why Letting Children Vote Makes Sense To Liberals

Giving children the vote will not protect children’s interests or benefit the nation. These ends can only be accomplished if adults limit their individual autonomy in service to the common good.

The Right’s Biggest Struggle Today Is Confronting What The Market Does To Communities

Conservatives know how to resist the bad ideas of the left. We are less sure how to restrain or mitigate the harm that markets and new technologies can do to social cohesion and communities.

Kevin Williamson Fires On Social Media Outrage And ‘Antidiscourse’

In the wake of losing a job over a social media tantrum, writer Kevin Williamson’s new book, ‘The Smallest Minority,’ sets its sights on outrage culture and the results are witty, caustic, and illuminating.

Hawley’s War On Tech Is Not To Destroy It, But To Tame It

While Sen. Josh Hawley is taking on Big Tech, his proposals provide a framework for technological responsibility, not a battle plan to destroy technology.

Don’t Despair That America’s Churches Are Dying

In the new book, ‘The Myth of the Dying Church,’ Glenn Stanton argues that the demise of American Christianity has been greatly exaggerated.

NYT Writer Says A ‘Just,’ ‘Rational’ Society Would Eliminate Pronouns ‘He’ And ‘She’

This effort to control language is a deliberate erasure of the identities of those who are happy to identify with our biological sex.

‘Justice on Trial’ Is The Definitive Account Of Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

Although the basics of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation fight will be familiar to many readers, this skillful retelling provides many more details.

Everyone Quotes The Declaration, But Not Many Read It

The complex reality behind American independence is being pushed aside even in our study of the Declaration itself.

Yes, Senators Should Reject Judicial Nominees Who Compare Christians To The KKK

The battle of Bogren was about more than a judicial nominee for a district court in Michigan. It was a fight over whether Republicans will accept the mainstreaming of anti-religious bigotry.

How To Start Restoring Dignity To ‘Back Row America’

After years of working on Wall Street, Chris Arnade’s remarkable new book caused him to venture beyond his affluent circumstances and reassess everything he thought about poverty and religion.

For Americans To Have Freedom, They Must Revive The Common Good

Full human flourishing is communal, not individual. Political liberalism must recognize this inherent truth in order to succeed.

If The GOP’s Business Wing Wants Low Taxes, They’d Better Stop Sabotaging Social Conservatives

A political alliance will not hold if one faction insists on its priorities while working against its partners. When was the last time the economic side of the GOP backed up the rest of us?

What Those Who Seek Socialism Really Need Is A Church And Family

Plato taught us, in imprecise terms, that the socialism we need is not that of a command economy, but that of family, church, and community.

Trans Activists Silence The Science So They Can Claim It’s On Their Side

It’s telling that, in order to claim that science is on their side, trans activists need to bully actual scientists into silence about what the data and human experience actually suggests.

Not Getting Your First-Choice Gay Wedding Cake Is Nothing Like Getting The Measles

A New York Times op-ed suggests allowing any religious liberty claims opens the door to spurious claims of religious liberty. This is utterly foolish.

How Overemphasizing Individualism Made Liberalism Morally Bankrupt

As a political theory for rational, autonomous adults, liberalism has no place for the dependent and disabled, against whom Western liberal nations are engaged in a quiet genocide.