Eddie Scarry
Eddie Scarry

Eddie Scarry is the D.C. columnist at The Federalist and author of “Privileged Victims: How America’s Culture Fascists Hijacked the Country and Elevated Its Worst People.”

Biden Isn’t Facing ‘Challenges.’ Biden Is The Challenge

The media want Biden to look like a victim of circumstances out of his control. He’s not. He’s the perpetrator of nearly every disaster we’re seeing.

Left-Wing Journos Whine About Gabby Petito Coverage After Obsessing Over George Floyd For Months

Don’t tell me there aren’t other stories with black victims that get the exact same treatment as Gabby Petito, if not even more so.

Black Lives Matter Is Threatening An ‘Uprising’ Against ‘Racist’ Vaccine Mandates

It’s a rule in the media that vaccine hesitancy is worthy of scorn, right up until it collides with their precious cause, the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Biden Admin Is Now Flat-Out Denying Reality Of The Border Crisis

The only reasonable explanation for what the White House is doing and saying about the grotesque scenes at the southern border is that they simply don’t think enough voters care.

Scott Gottlieb Embodies The Sheer Incompetence Of The COVID ‘Experts’

To get a true sense of how grossly incompetent the COVID ‘experts’ we’ve entrusted with our lives really are, look no further than Gottlieb’s book tour.

Picking Sides In A Stupid Controversy: A Guide For The Right

We don’t have to wade into every stupid battle just because a prominent person stumbled onto our side.

The ‘Drunk Driver’ Analogy For The Unvaccinated Is Dumb And Here’s Why

The analogy only works if they ignore that individual risk assessment and personal responsibility are the overriding factors.

AOC’s Dress Wasn’t About Hypocrisy, It Was About America’s New Social Hierarchy

The ‘tax the rich’ dress wasn’t merely a display of hypocrisy. It was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reinforcing the new hierarchy.

Do Not Let Wendy Osefo Of ‘Real Housewives’ Explain Race And Police To Your Children

Black kids, like all kids, need to learn about police and what it is they do. But don’t let them learn it from Wendy Osefo.

Chris Christie Is Liz Cheney In A Plus-Sized Suit

Christie’s political career has long been dead and that’s why he now spends his days brown-nosing TV news anchors and lecturing right-wingers.

Biden’s ‘Major’ COVID Speech Is Supposed To Distract You From His Dismal Pandemic Performance

Whenever things aren’t going so hot under the president’s watch, the White House schedules a speech or something ‘major’ in response, and then the media act like it means something.

Under Biden, Hundreds Of Children Hospitalized With COVID In All-Time High

Corporate media have found no story angles that call into question Biden’s leadership as we watch scores of children fall sick and in need of critical care.

Washington Post Feeds Into The Delusions Of ‘Racial Justice’ Activists

Conveniently, the author of the story in the Post (literally an intern) didn’t bother getting into the details of what actually happened that night.

How To Have A Normal, Friendly Conversation: A Guide For Race-Obsessed White Leftists

This New York Times advice column is truly a case study in how delusional, narcissistic, and anti-social the mind of the modern left really is.

CNN’s COVID ‘Expert’ Wants You Vaccinated Even If You Have Antibodies Because She Says So

Whenever the ‘experts’ urge you to ‘follow the science,’ what they really mean is ‘Do as we say and don’t ask questions.’

Corporate Media Once Again Target Ron DeSantis While Democrats Ruin Everything

‘Context’ is a concept that the media have to ignore as they work overtime to undercut a likely run for president by DeSantis.

This Is Where Joe Biden’s Great Empathy Has Landed Us: 13 US Servicemen Are Dead

Empathy was nice for getting Biden into the White House. It hasn’t been much use since.

Homophobia In Black Men Is Caused By White Supremacy, Says Very Strange New York Times Writer

According to CRT nonsense, any bigotries, prejudices, and anti-social behavior exhibited by ethnic minorities can all be traced back to whiteness.

Health Care Workers Are Becoming The New Public School Teachers, Whiney And Needy

Being a health care provider is just like plenty of other jobs. Some days are harder than others. We happen to be in a pandemic, which is the best time for doctors and nurses to shine, not whine.

Biden’s Pandemic Record: More Spread, More Death

Here’s a startling fact: Almost 200,000 people have died of COVID-19 on President Joe Biden’s watch. And that number can and will only go up.