Eddie Scarry
Eddie Scarry

Eddie Scarry is the D.C. columnist at The Federalist and author of “Privileged Victims: How America’s Culture Fascists Hijacked the Country and Elevated Its Worst People.”

The Media’s Big Lie About Who Isn’t Getting Shots Is How You Know They Don’t Care About The Unvaccinated

MSNBC contributor and liberal pollster Fernand Amandi blamed Republicans and QAnon believers for the current rising case numbers of COVID-19.

Simone Biles And The Media’s Celebration Of Choking

There is nothing wrong with Biles choosing not to compete, but it doesn’t make her special and the incident certainly doesn’t reveal a “superhumanity.”

Hunter Biden’s ‘New Career’ Is Selling Access To His Dad, Just Like His Last Job

It’s the same career Hunter had before, but instead of pretending he knows anything about the energy industry in Eastern Europe, he gets to mix colors and call access to the White House “art.”

Bar Owner Is Slowly Being Swallowed By The Race Mob After Trying To Appease It

Not shockingly, the race mob is after the owner of a gay bar in Washington, D.C., after they decided to use a recent attack there to their advantage.

Biden And Democrats Understand The Problems We’re Facing Because They Created All Of Them

There isn’t a single major problem that the country is currently mired in that can’t be directly traced to the actions of Democrats.

Texas Democrats Catch COVID-19 After Maskless Private Jet Stunt

The Texas Democrats who tested positive for COVID-19 weren’t wearing masks. They weren’t social distancing. Why weren’t they following The Science?

Corporate Media’s Belief In Themselves As ‘Democracy Defenders’ Is Exactly Why They Can’t Be Trusted

The Washington Post’s Perry Bacon Jr. says the national press should be more upfront that their mission is less about relaying information and more about protecting voters from themselves.

Joy Reid Finally Finds A Police Shooting Death Of An Unarmed Person She Can Support

‘As the video clearly shows, that officer did what was necessary under difficult and unpredictable circumstances,’ Joy Reid said.

Biden Education Nominee Wants To Swap Presumption Of Innocence For ‘Possibility’ Of Innocence

We used to call it the right to due process. Democrats now call it the right “to rape and sexually harass with impunity.”

The Loudest Voices Crying ‘Racism’ Are Always Some Of The Most Famous, Well-Paid Black Americans

Are they special? Were they able to accomplish something in spite of being black that others in the same race cannot?

Nagging New York Times Writer: Stay Home, Not For The Pandemic But For The Planet

As we should have suspected, forever lockdowns and a reduction in our standard of living are what elite liberals wanted all along.

Antifa Violently Attacked Christian Protesters In Broad Daylight While Uninterested Media Looked For More QAnon

NBC and WaPo were very concerned about alleged members of QAnon but somehow failed to capture the true essence of what the demonstration was like.

Race Quotas And Affirmative Action Are What They Wanted And Now They’re Mad People Noticed

When did it become contentious for a person to professionally advance and financially gain on account of her race? Isn’t that what BLM wanted?

A Black Man Grabbed A Black Woman And Leftists Are Calling It White Supremacy

One minor detail complicates the cut and dry narrative that Young was removed at the hands of white supremacy – the man who put his hands on her is also black.

Elevating Nikole Hannah-Jones Is About The Left Redefining Truth

That’s how these people want the country to operate. Whatever they want, they get, no questions asked.

CNN’s John Avlon Is Extremely Worried Because Some Places Got Very Warm In June

It got really sweaty in June, folks. Bet you wish you hadn’t laughed at Al Gore now, huh?

Kamala Harris Is The Case Against Affirmative Action

All the criticisms of race quotas — that they inspire mediocrity and set unqualified people up for failure — are what we’re seeing from Kamala Harris.

Unarmed Hunter Brittain Was Killed By Police But Unfortunately For His Family, He’s White

Hunter Brittain’s life mattered just as much as Andrew Brown’s. Say his name, even though he’s white.

Dave Chappelle’s Netflix Special Is A Giant Middle Finger To Social Justice

The social justice movement has screwed up academia, politics, the news media, and all of the entertainment industry, especially comedy.