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Here’s How The Media Are Lying Right Now: Biden’s Deliberately Busted Border Edition

The news media know that Joe Biden’s executive order on the border crisis won’t fix the problem. They’re helping him deceive voters.


Reliable as ever, the Washington news media are making high drama out of President Biden’s grand announcement that he will do nothing special by pretending he’s actually swinging into action.

The White House has been feeding the media for months with cheap stories about how Biden is deeply invested in fixing the catastrophic scene at the Southern border — directly instigated by the president — but we’re told finally something is about to happen: an executive order that gives Biden authority he falsely claimed for years that he didn’t have.

New York Times, June 3: “Biden Is Expected to Sign Order Letting Him Seal Border With Mexico.” That’s an incredibly strong way of saying Biden will continue letting in tens of thousands of destitute, unvetted migrants through the rest of the year, on top of the estimated 10 million-plus that have dumped themselves into American taxpayer care since the beginning of his term.

That’s not a guess. The Times article said the order will permit Biden to authorize immediate removal of illegal border crossers seeking asylum (scamming our system) but only after an average of 2,500 per day are granted entry. In other words, another half-million poor foreigners admitted into the United States by the end of the year is what it means for the president to “seal the border with Mexico.” Vacuumed shut, just like Tupperware.

Naturally, it’s not a given that the president would only allow in nearly 500,000. It remains at his discretion, just as it always has, whether he commands the removal of any migrant, regardless of the arbitrary 2,500 cap. As Axios put it, “his approach will include some humanitarian exemptions.”

“Humanitarian exemptions” is Democrat-media-speak for “impoverished non-whites who someday will be able to vote for Democrats to keep their government benefits.” Well, I’ll be darned. That’s virtually all of them!

Corporate media know this. They know the border crisis is a severe liability for Biden in the coming election, there is only one way to fix it, and that fixing it will cost him an indispensable portion of his ugly and hateful base of voters. That’s quite the problem for Biden and his advocates in the media, so instead of reporting the truth — that his executive order isn’t a real fix — they’re assisting his attempt to deceive the public.

Biden isn’t fixing the border. He’s fixing his media coverage.

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