John Daniel Davidson
John Daniel Davidson
John Daniel Davidson

John Daniel Davidson is the Political Editor at The Federalist. His writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, National Review, Texas Monthly, The Guardian, First Things, the Claremont Review of Books, The LA Review of Books, and elsewhere. Follow him on Twitter, @johnddavidson.

Prepare For A Deluge Of Dishonest CPAC Coverage

The corporate press will try to cast the annual conference as a gathering of fringe lunatics who are splitting the GOP. Don’t believe them.

By Offering Amnesty Now, Democrats Are Setting Up A Massive Immigration Crisis

Democrats unveiled an immigration bill last week that would grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants as conditions worsen on the border.

The Failure Of The Texas Power Grid Is Worse Than You Think

A rare winter storm has put ordinary Texans in danger — and exposed the corrupt and parasitic nature of the energy industry in oil-rich Texas.

Mitch McConnell Has Learned Nothing And Forgotten Nothing

The idea that McConnell is the right man to decide who is ‘electable’ is a joke.

Mitch McConnell Doesn’t Care If The Election Was Tainted, But You Should

According to McConnell, the Capitol protesters were all conspiracy theorists who can’t think for themselves. It’s a convenient lie.

The ‘Sound And Fury’ Of Trump’s Impeachment Trial Signifies Something Sinister For America

Trump isn’t really on trial here, everyone who voted for him is. Democrats are arguing guilt by association, and they’re not stopping with Trump.

There Would Be No Push For Fact-Checkers If Corporate Media Did Its Job

In which Poynter frets that a new social media app doesn’t archive everything to be fact-checked later on.

Why The Left Still Can’t Understand Trump’s Appeal

Republicans aren’t motivated by resentment, they’re motivated by self-preservation in the face of a highly aggressive left.

The QAnon Takeover Of The GOP Is A Fantasy Of Corporate Media And Democrats

There is indeed a fight underway for the future of the Republican Party, but it’s not about QAnon conspiracy theories or crackpot lawmakers.

Adam Kinzinger Shouldn’t Be Proud His Family Disowned Him, He Should Be Ashamed

The GOP congressman who voted to impeach Trump has been disowned by his family—and he likes to talk about it on national news.

No, Ted Cruz Did Not Try To Have AOC Murdered

Manipulating language to impute guilt and wrongdoing to political opponents is dangerous, and the left should cut it out.

If Biden Can’t Get Congress To Open The Borders, He’ll Likely Do It Himself

Biden’s attempted deportation freeze is an example of the executive overreach we should expect from his radical immigration agenda.

Conservatives Should Stop Trying To Justify Impeaching Trump

Holding Trump accountable for the actions of a handful of rioters is deeply misguided, and conservatives should know better than to support it.

Why Does Biden Have A Bust Of An Anti-Immigration Radical In The Oval Office?

Cesar Chavez was a fierce opponent of illegal immigration and a proponent of border vigilantism. But because he’s a hero of the left, no one cares.

Russell Crowe Is Right, If You Think ‘Master And Commander’ Is Boring, You Need To Grow Up

The 2003 epic film about masculine virtue isn’t for woke zoomers and permanently adolescent millennials.

‘We Just Wanted Our Voices To Be Heard.’ Capitol Protesters Speak Out

In the wake of the U.S. Capitol riot during a Donald Trump rally, corporate media won’t talk to the protesters or try to understand their point of view. So I did.

Media Outrage Over Capitol Riot Isn’t About Defending Democracy, It’s About Wielding Power

For our political and media elites, the capitol riot on Wednesday is the perfect excuse to ‘cleanse’ the country of Trump supporters.

Georgia Confirms The Pre-Trump GOP Is Dead And Gone

Trump leaves his party in better shape than his previous two predecessors left theirs, but the GOP is still at war with itself.

Republican Lawmakers Objecting To Biden Electors Have A Point: Americans Need To Trust Elections

The best way to secure public trust in the outcomes of our elections is to ensure that our elections are trustworthy. Right now, they’re not.

The Only Thing Corporate Media Learned Covering Trump Is That It Pays To Be Dishonest

The Trump era has been great for biased media hacks at legacy outlets, who were richly rewarded. But what will they do after Trump leaves office?