John Daniel Davidson
John Daniel Davidson
John Daniel Davidson
John Daniel Davidson is a senior correspondent at The Federalist. His writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, National Review, Texas Monthly, The Guardian, First Things, the Claremont Review of Books, The LA Review of Books, n+1, and elsewhere. He lives in Austin, Texas. Follow him on Twitter, @johnddavidson.
America’s Apathy Toward The Hong Kong Protests Is A Crisis Of Confidence

America’s relative silence over the Hong Kong protests and the impending Chinese crackdown is deafening, and telling. It’s also dangerous.

ICE Workplace Raids Unmask Our Broken Immigration System

Immigration hardliners need to confront an awkward reality: mass illegal immigration is driven by big business, and it indirectly benefits us all.

Rep. Joaquin Castro Doxxes Trump Donors In San Antonio

The brother of Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro posted the names and employers of Trump donors in San Antonio.

Why It’s Wrong To Blame Trump For The Mass Shootings

Trump doesn’t have a monopoly on divisive rhetoric. It’s time for the left to reckon with its role in sowing division and racial discord.

It’s Time To Pressure Corrupt Central American Elites To End The Border Crisis

Central America is rife with corruption at the highest levels of government. The Trump administration should take notice and apply pressure accordingly.

Report: Illegally Entering Guatemalans Aren’t Fleeing Violence, They Want To Make More Money

The Wall Street Journal is the latest media outlet to report on what’s driving the border crisis. For most Guatemalans, it’s economic opportunity, not the reported violence and bloodshed.

Is Enforcement In Mexico Reducing Illegal Immigration, Or Is It The Heat?

DHS chief says fewer large groups are coming across the border, but the decrease follows a predictable seasonal pattern going back decades.

In Face Of Massive Border Crisis, Democrats Tell Americans Citizenship Means Nothing

A left-wing mob tore down an American flag and replaced it with a Mexican flag. A gunman attacked an ICE facility. Democrats said nothing.

Tucker Carlson Has A Point About The Dangers Of Immigration

We’re not very good at instilling American values in immigrants because we’re not very good about instilling them among the native-born.

The Left Has Managed To Mainstream Anti-Americanism

From the repudiation of the Fourth of July to calls for reparations, anti-Americanism that once was belonged to the far-left is now mainstream.

No, The Trump Administration Is Not Torturing Migrants

Democrats and the media have jettisoned all sense of reality about the border crisis, and offer nothing now but phony outrage.

Democrat Presidential Candidates Would Have Released 144,000 Migrants Into U.S. Last Month

Debating the border crisis Wednesday night, Democratic 2020 hopefuls appeared to go all-in for open borders.

Cutting Aid To Central America Won’t Solve The Border Crisis. It’ll Make It Worse

The White House is cutting aid to Central American governments unless they do more about the border crisis. That’s a huge mistake.

Deal Or Not, Mexico Can’t Stop The Border Crisis On Its Own

Why the much-hyped deal between the United States and Mexico to avoid tariffs and crack down on Central American migrants is mostly window-dressing.

As Illegal Immigration Skyrockets, The Border Crisis Spins Out Of Control

The latest arrest numbers don’t tell the whole story. As the crisis deepens, the U.S.-Mexico border is becoming increasingly volatile and dangerous.

Border Crisis Deepens: More Than 132K Arrested Last Month

Arrests in May increased by nearly a third from April. At this rate, illegal immigration levels will reach highs we haven’t seen since 2006.

Americans’ Loss Of Interest In Civil War Battlefields Is Part Of A Disturbing Trend

In an era of historical ignorance and indifference, is it any wonder that Civil War battlefields are drawing fewer tourists?

Trump’s Plan To Reform Legal Immigration Is Long Overdue

Shifting immigration away from family reunification and toward skills-based employment is something the United States should have done long ago.

It Turns Out ‘Abolish ICE’ Isn’t Really That Popular

A new poll finds the movement to “Abolish ICE,” which 2020 Democratic candidates hyped last year, is only backed by a quarter of Democrats.

Rashida Tlaib Is Pushing A Terrorist Narrative About Israel

The congresswoman claims her Holocaust remarks were taken ‘out of context.’ But the proper context shows she’s pushing a terrorist narrative about Israel.