John Daniel Davidson
John Daniel Davidson
John Daniel Davidson
John Daniel Davidson is the Political Editor at The Federalist. His writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, National Review, Texas Monthly, The Guardian, First Things, the Claremont Review of Books, The LA Review of Books, and elsewhere. He lives in Austin, Texas. Follow him on Twitter, @johnddavidson.
Why Democrats Should Be Worried Elizabeth Warren Is The Frontrunner

Warren’s inability or unwillingness to answer questions about the cost of her major policy ideas is going to be a problem for Democrats.

What Do U.S. Companies That Do The Bidding Of Communist China Owe To America?

The Hong Kong protesters are fighting for liberty, but major U.S. firms are siding with China’s authoritarian regime. That’s not okay.

If Woke Corporations Had Police Power, They Would Act Exactly Like Communist China

There’s no conflict between the NBA’s extreme wokeness and its craven response to Chinese authoritarianism. For the left, authoritarianism comes naturally.

The Border Crisis Isn’t Over, And Mexico Isn’t Going To Fix It

Migrant apprehensions are down but overall numbers are higher than they’ve been since 2007, and thanks to Congress the United States has no long-term solution to the border crisis.

The NBA Is Just One Of Many American Firms In Thrall To China

The Chinese Communist Party is using its economic leverage to exploit global corporate power for its own ends, and American firms are helping.

Why Liberal Media Hate ‘The Joker’

Woke critics worry about the film’s sympathetic depiction of a mass murderer, but their real beef is with its indictment of moral relativism.

Nancy Pelosi Is Acting In Bad Faith On The Impeachment Inquiry

Pelosi thinks the White House should work with House Democrats to pass legislation even as they pursue a partisan impeachment inquiry.

Americans Have Every Reason To Be Suspicious Of The Whistleblower Complaint

The emerging Ukraine narrative is eerily similar to the Russian collusion hoax. Dismissing questions about its origins isn’t going to cut it.

Democrats Have Already Decided To Impeach. They Should Just Go Ahead And Vote

Congressional Democrats are going to try to get impeachment done by Thanksgiving because they know the entire thing is a political charade.

Texas Democrat Forced To Apologize For Saying Gov. Greg Abbott ‘Hates Trees Because One Fell On Him’

Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt issued an apology after I tweeted her comment making fun of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s disability.

Congressional Democrats Have No Credibility On Impeachment

Whatever your opinion of Trump, congressional Democrats have squandered the confidence of the American people, and can’t be trusted with impeachment.

The Entire News Media Is Biased. They Should Just Embrace It

Let’s dispense with the fiction that the media is objective and impartial, and admit that we’ve returned to the historical norm of biased news.

Waiting In Juarez: How Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Program Could Ruin The Smugglers’ Trade

The ‘Remain in Mexico’ program is prompting thousands of migrants to give up on their asylum claims and return to Central America, while others decide to wait in limbo.

Migrant Apprehensions On Southwest Border Dropped To 64K In August

Although numbers are down, border arrests remain at their highest level since 2007. The majority of apprehensions are families and children.

On Abortion, Democrats Are Living In A Fantasy Land

Democrats’ embrace of extreme abortion ideology is producing some strange policy proposals increasingly divorced from reality.

Bloomberg’s Hit Piece On Trump Official Is Why Americans Distrust The Media

Ben Penn’s smear of Leif Olson is the latest example of how cancel culture is hollowing out civic life and undermining the media’s credibility.

Davidson In Claremont Review of Books: Ben Shapiro’s ‘The Right Side of History’

The West has forgotten its own history, Shapiro argues, and is abandoning Judeo-Christian values and natural law in favor of moral subjectivism.

How Decades Of Paranoid Attacks On The Koch Brothers Turned Into Mainstream Leftist Tactics

The passing of David Koch last week recalled the left’s increasing penchant for explaining American politics with wild-eyed conspiracy theories.

The Ghost Of John C. Calhoun Haunts Today’s American Left

The irony of the New York Times’ 1619 Project is that it embraces the critique of the American Founding espoused by the leading defender of Southern slavery, Sen. John C. Calhoun.

America’s Apathy Toward The Hong Kong Protests Is A Crisis Of Confidence

America’s relative silence over the Hong Kong protests and the impending Chinese crackdown is deafening, and telling. It’s also dangerous.