Chris Bray
Chris Bray

Chris Bray is a former infantry sergeant in the U.S. Army, and has a history PhD from the University of California Los Angeles. He is the author of “Court-Martial: How Military Justice Has Shaped America from the Revolution to 9/11 and Beyond,” published last year by W.W. Norton.

Our Culture War Is Between People Who Get Results And Empty Suits With Pristine Credentials

Donald Trump declines the authority of the cultural sectors that most assertively claim it. That’s the real conflict going on.

A Year In, Trump Epitomizes America’s Cultural Inflection Point

The rise of the gig economy foretells changes in governance as the rise of Carnegie Steel and Standard Oil foretold the rise of big government. We’re headed somewhere else.

Trump’s Attacks On The Media Are Not Even Close To Hitlerian

Since (at least) the inception of the American republic, attacks on journalists in the United States have had a dark and painful history, and it’s a history other than Hitler, rooted in American soil.

Ben Sasse Almost Pierces Our Helicopter Parents Problem: Child Neglect

We over-parent our children in scheduling because we under-parent our children in sitting and talking. They’re still present in the house at 30 because they weren’t fully in our presence at 10.

Today’s Posh Victorian Fainting Couches Are Reserved For College Students

Like their pampered and delicate Victorian forbearers, today’s students cannot handle the horrors of everyday life, and are obsessed with self-care.

Media’s Partisan Hackery Continues To Consign It To Irrelevance

This is now the role of the legacy news media: A disheveled old man on the porch of the retirement home, screaming for everyone to shut up.

Why Donald Trump’s Military Bravado Is Totally Off

Americans are usually forgiving of warriors who break rules in moments of personal danger and the real threat of defeat. Donald Trump’s desire to push around the U.S. military doesn’t count.