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Convicted Felon Hunter Biden Still Above The Law As Cover For Democrats’ Never-Ending Trump Persecution

Justice hasn’t been served with the menial Hunter Biden convictions. It’s cloud cover for Democrats’ ongoing lawfare against Trump.


It’s supposed to comfort voters that President Biden’s degenerate middle-aged son Hunter was just convicted of multiple felonies related to illegally obtaining a gun. But if you’re a self-respecting human, the only response is, No, thanks! I don’t eat off the ground.

The news media have naturally teamed up with Democrat leaders to defend the Biden Justice Department’s menial conviction, which is destined for an appeal and ultimately a negligible punishment, if anything. “Democrats openly embrace Hunter Biden guilty verdict,” read an Axios headline Tuesday. The story quoted several Democrat lawmakers repeating the mind-numbing “No one is above the law” song.

They did the same thing almost exactly a year ago after Hunter Biden struck a laughable plea deal with the Justice Department that would have secured him no punishment and, more importantly, granted him immunity from future prosecution of crimes he hadn’t even been charged with.

These happened in June 2023.

  • ABC “The View’s” Sunny Hostin: “It shows no one is above the law, which is important, not even the president’s son.”
  • Obama 2012 deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter: “[I]t shows that no one is above the law and what taking responsibility looks like.”
  • Washington Post: “The sitting president’s son being held accountable for underpaying his taxes illustrates that no one is above the law in the U.S. system.”

The Axios article this week microwaved the tired slogan. “The key phrase for Democrats when discussing the Hunter Biden verdict on Tuesday,” read the article, “was ‘nobody is above the law.'”


Don’t you see? Hunter Biden was allowed to skate on his most severe crimes — illegal influence peddling, tax evasion, money laundering, conspiracy, and failure to register as a foreign agent. But he was slammed with some gun possession charges surely to fizzle out on appeal. So what do you say to that, Republicans? How do you call the Trump prosecutions politically motivated now?!

The truth is that the president retains the power to pardon his son, which he pretends he won’t use, because he knows this sham almost certainly won’t go that far (and if it does, he’ll definitely use it). The only reason there was even the smallest of convictions is because a judge refused to be made a mockery of by accepting a plea deal that would have turned her into a joke in every corner of her profession.

The New York Times isn’t even bothering to pretend that Hunter will be sentenced like similar convicts, who typically receive about a year in confinement. “[J]udges frequently depart from the suggested guidelines when handing down a sentence,” the paper said, “and may reduce the time spent in prison in light of the particular circumstances unique to each case.” “Particular circumstances” is code for “the president’s drug addict son meriting political consideration.”

All of those trifling details aside, there is still no comparison to what happened to Hunter and what’s happening to Trump. The former president has been ordered to effectively drain his personal bank account after he was convicted of repaying business loans with interest. Now he’s under threat of being locked up just before he’s formally declared the Republican presidential nominee. Additional criminal prosecutions continue to play out in Washington, Atlanta, and South Florida.

I dunno, seems like the rule of law is playing out just as the Founders designed! No one’s above the law after all!

Justice hasn’t been served. It’s temporary cloud cover for Democrats’ ongoing effort to jail their political opposition.

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