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Hunter’s Conviction Is A Fig Leaf To Cover The Biden Family’s More Serious Crimes

Hunter Biden speaks outside Capitol Building
Image Credit MSNBC / Youtube

The verdict ‘is functionally irrelevant because the corrupt Biden [administration] has already proven that the entire justice system is rigged.’


Hunter Biden was found guilty Tuesday on three federal gun charges, but his conviction is no victory for the rule of law. The trial sidestepped the most serious allegations against Biden — and their implications for his president father — while teeing up talking points for Biden supporters to insist the justice system is fair after the left brazenly weaponized the justice system to target former President Donald Trump.

President Joe Biden’s son was found guilty of lying on application paperwork while addicted to drugs to obtain a firearm and unlawfully possessing said firearm.

Leftists like MSNBC’s Andrew Weissmann, desperate to absolve themselves of accountability for cheering on the weaponization of the justice system against Trump, have already begun using Hunter’s conviction to declare the justice system works just fine since Hunter was also found guilty.

But as Federalist CEO Sean Davis aptly noted shortly before Hunter’s conviction, “any verdict in the gun trial is functionally irrelevant because the corrupt Biden [administration] has already proven that the entire justice system is rigged.”

For starters, IRS whistleblowers came forward last summer alleging the Department of Justice slow-walked investigations into Hunter and “even concealed critical evidence implicating President Joe Biden in a criminal bribery scheme,” as my colleague Tristan Justice wrote.

Furthermore, “President Biden’s politically appointed U.S. Attorneys for D.C. and Central District of California denied the U.S. Attorney in Delaware’s request to bring charges, which … put Hunter Biden on the path to a sweetheart plea deal,” as the House Oversight Committee explained.

That sweetheart deal was set to exculpate Hunter from “any other federal crimes” he may have committed by allowing him to plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax offenses while avoiding responsibility for the gun charges by entering into a deferred prosecution agreement, as explained by Steve Roberts, Jonathan Fahey, and Andrew Pardue for The Federalist. The plea deal fell apart after scrutiny from a federal judge which led to prosecutors being unwilling to accept the blanket immunity request.

Hunter does face additional charges in September for some tax charges after he allegedly dodged more than $1.4 million in taxes. But the DOJ — according to IRS whistleblowers — allowed the statute of limitations to expire on Hunter’s alleged tax evasion between 2014 and 2015, the same years he was being paid big bucks by Ukrainian energy firm Burisma. Hunter was paid as much as $83,000 per month to sit on the firm’s board, where his primary contribution appeared to be the Biden “brand” and access to his then-vice president father. Around that time, then-Vice President Joe Biden — by his own admission — threatened to withhold aid to Ukraine unless a top prosecutor who was investigating Burisma’s leadership was fired.

Hunter never registered as a foreign agent despite admitting during a closed-door hearing before the House Oversight Committee that he received multiple payments from Chinese Communist Party-linked businesses. His father, during the 2020 presidential debate, claimed his son never “made money” from China.

There are also concerns from the House Oversight Committee that the “DOJ disregarded the victims who were sexually exploited by Hunter Biden” after Hunter allegedly paid prostitutes “and used such payments as tax expenses for one of his companies.”

As my colleague John Daniel Davidson summarized, “Hunter Biden can run a complex, years-long foreign influence-peddling scheme to enrich his family, and all he’ll ever face are minor, unrelated gun charges — a fig leaf over the corruption that’s right at the heart of the White House.”

“The entire purpose of the trial is to provide a thin veneer of justice served, while the real crimes of the Biden family go unpunished and unacknowledged,” Davidson continued.

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