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A Man Killed Four Cops And Broke ‘Gun Control’ Laws, But Media Aren’t Invested In The Story For Some Reason

Terry Hughes Jr.
Image CreditWCNC/YouTube

Terry Clark Hughes is black, which isn’t convenient for the media’s perpetual campaign against gun rights and law enforcement.


A white man shot black law enforcement officers this week, ultimately killing four of them and wounding four more, and he did it as they were attempting to arrest him for breaking “gun control” laws. Where are all the stories about “white supremacy” and “assault weapons bans”?

Wait, never mind. The suspect is black and all four victims are white. Nothing to see here, after all!

It’s interesting how that works. Just shy of four years ago, our national news media and Democrats in general declared it time for a “racial reckoning” because one erratic fentanyl addict died of a heart attack in custody after a cop attempted to wrestle him under control. We haven’t stopped hearing about it since. But on Monday, Terry Clark Hughes Jr., 39, under warrant for illegal firearm possession and evading arrest, allegedly greeted police arriving to take him into custody by raining rounds of bullets on them using his rifle from the second story of a nondescript suburban home.

Hughes was killed in the shootout, but so were officers Sam Poloche, Alden Elliot, Joshua Eyer, and Thomas Weeks. Did I mention they were simply trying to arrest Hughes for illegally owning a gun, a breach of laws I’m promised by the media are vital to the safety of every man, woman, and child in America?

Without being too blunt here: It’s because Hughes is BLACK.

Not even a month ago, the media had us on the verge of Floyd 2.0 after a 26-year-old man allegedly initiated gunfire on police from his SUV. Authorities were pulling Dexter Reed over for a traffic violation and commanding that he open his window when he allegedly pulled the trigger, only to receive a barrage of bullets from police in return, striking him 13 times total.

But hey, none of the police involved were killed, so no biggie! The real issue is that Reed himself died — because he’s BLACK.

Washington Post: “Police fire 96 shots in 41 seconds, killing Black man during traffic stop.”

CNN: “The family of Dexter Reed, a 26-year-old Black man who was killed in a hail of bullets fired by police during a traffic stop…”

Associated Press: “Video shows the 26-year-old Black man briefly lowering a window and then raising it and refusing to exit the vehicle as more officers arrived…”

Guess who didn’t mention the race of the black man who just allegedly killed four white cops with an illegally owned gun. Answer: None of the above. Neither did The New York Times, CBS, NBC, or ABC. Nor did the Times, the Post, or the AP post a photo of Hughes.

To their credit, ABC, CBS, and CNN at least published Hughes’ mugshot from a previous offense, one of many on his extensive criminal record. Meanwhile, the Times’ only mention of the word “black” in its coverage was to describe the color of the SWAT team vehicles outside the house where he was hiding.

But I can promise you this article is the last thing you’ll hear of Hughes, at least so far as his race is concerned. Sure, it’s an election year, but even though he allegedly killed four officers, injured an additional four, and did so with an illegally owned gun, it’s not quite what the media are looking for in their next George Floyd. If only he hadn’t killed and wounded nearly 10 people while running from the cops with an unlawful firearm, he might have been the media’s next hero.

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