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Media Threaten Biden’s Glowing, Fabricated Biography If He Costs Them The Election

President Joe Biden
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Chuck Todd admitted on his podcast that Joe Biden’s fake biography is in jeopardy if he stays in the race and costs Democrats the election.


To fully grasp the magnitude of crisis Democrats are suffering right now, look how the national news media are openly acknowledging their contempt for the party’s leader, an incumbent president up for reelection, because he won’t jump off a bridge already.

NBC’s Chuck Todd on his podcast Wednesday more or less admitted the pyrotechnic anger he and his peers are currently feeling toward Biden might very well move them to rewrite the president’s biography, which they themselves helped fabricate.

“It has made me want to rethink a lot of the Biden biography,” Todd said, referring to the president’s repeated declarations to remain in the race. “I still can’t believe he ran for president in the first place, given that his family was in crisis in 2018.”

By “family was in crisis,” Todd was presumably referring to the death of Biden’s son Beau, which took place three years earlier. Beau died of brain cancer in an advanced American hospital and not, as Biden likes to lie, of some unspecified wartime injury in Iraq.

“You look at what has happened, I can’t believe he has put his family through this,” Todd went on. “And now, looking at his behavior now, in clinging to this, I think the entire narrative on Joe Biden is gonna change, in that everything’s always been about his ambition and his ambition comes first.”

By “narrative on Joe Biden,” Todd presumably means the false hagiography Biden has spun about himself as a working class, all-American athlete of Italian, Polish and Irish descent, who attended black churches; a made-up tale which people like Todd and his media peers have allowed to persist because until recently Biden was at worst, stupidly harmless, and at best, somewhat politically useful, as he was defeating Trump in 2020. And by “gonna change,” Todd means that Biden’s likely loss in November will result in all of Democrat Washington, including Todd and the media, coming to hate Biden for costing them the presidency.

The intellectual deficiencies, the lies, the abhorrent personal conduct of Biden will no longer be forgiven by Todd and his media friends. The breakneck speed with which they’re set to graffiti that man’s political tombstone in the event of a defeat would humble a Chick-fil-A drive-through. After Biden’s shocking debate performance last month made his deteriorated brain undeniable, Todd et al. aren’t playing games.

The idea that the news media would “turn” on a Democrat president was previously a concept only heard on conservative talk radio and Fox News.

What do you mean “turn” on him? We don’t take sides! We’re just here to call balls and strikes!

Not anymore. After ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, 63, was seen on candid camera in mid-thigh shorts telling a passerby, “I don’t think he can serve four more years,” CNN’s Oliver Darcy called the remark, “The latest example of the news media turning on Biden.”

They just say it aloud now. Biden is marching them toward imminent defeat — to CONVICTED FELON Donald Trump — and all pretenses are off.

Remember all that “empathy” and “compassion” Biden was known for? The very media that force fed that narrative to voters won’t. Not if Biden stays in the race. And if he loses, they’re ready to talk about the fact that his own daughter believes he might have been sexually inappropriate with her, multiple times.

That’s the threat. Biden can either bow out now and potentially salvage his fraudulent legacy as a Trump-slaying “decent man” from Scranton. Or, he can stay in, lose the election and be turned into something just short of a democracy-destroying pedophile.

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