Katy Faust
Katy Faust

Katy Faust is the founder and director of the children’s rights organization Them Before Us and author of the new book “Them Before Us: Why We Need a Global Children’s Rights Movement.” She is married and the mother of four children, the youngest of whom is adopted from China. You can follow her on Twitter @Advo_Katy.

Black Cop: Lies About ‘Institutional Racism’ Are Making America More Violent

Anti-police rage is also endangering Americans: ‘A lot of officers are leaving. We don’t have anybody applying to be officers here, so we are lowering standards to get numbers up.’

Christians Who Think Gay Adoption Isn’t Ideal Should Start Adopting Kids Themselves

Adoption agencies that fail to prioritize mothers and fathers in child placements are bowing to social pressure, not the best interests of children.

I’m Not A Powerful Person, But I Still Plan To Help Save America

You’ve probably been asking yourself the same thing I have: ‘What can an ordinary dissenter like me do to save this republic?’ My answer is: ‘Anything I can to fortify myself and others.’

I’m A Children’s Rights Activist. That’s Why I’m Voting For Trump

I didn’t vote for Donald Trump in 2016, but this year, only an act of God could stop me from doing so. In 2016, Trump had no track record. But now he does, and it’s amazing.

Big Tech Censorship Is Driving These Moms To Trump

One mom shared that, six months ago, she saw herself as a ‘solid centrist.’ But ‘there’s no middle anymore.’ She is very concerned about the ‘loss of objectivity’ fueled by a biased media.

Joe Biden Tells Mom He Supports Transgendering Eight-Year-Old Kids

Greenlighting the ‘transition’ of eight-year-olds in the name of non-discrimination to advance your political career has to be one of the most cynical political moves of this presidential contest.

See The Brilliant, Snarky Signs Seattle’s Silent Majority Made To Support Police

American Flag Guy noted that the ideas animating the ‘defund the police’ protestors were the greatest source of ‘oppression’ he faces ‘as a black man in America’ today.

Had Enough Of Radical Outrage Mobs? Take the Courage Pledge

If you believe in the inherent dignity of all people, will stand for the truth, and refuse to denounce your friends, then the Courage Pledge is for you.

You Can’t Fix Tough Adoptions With ‘Re-Homing,’ Only Faithfulness

We tend to think if the road is hard, we are on the wrong road. With adoption, the opposite is usually true: The road is hard because we are doing it right.

Left Claims Women Are Essential To Business But Optional To Families

In 2020, Washington state insists the female perspective is critical to corporations. But in 2018, it insisted the female perspective was optional for children.

There’s No Hard And Fast Rule About When To Let Your Child Have A Cell Phone

The horror stories don’t mean that every phone dooms every kid to disaster. Rather, they remind us that different kids handle phones differently at different ages, and all need training.

4 Ways To Help Your Kids Fight Assimilation Into Cultural Leftism

Equipping our kids might mean talking to them about difficult and uncomfortable subjects long before we’d like to. But choosing not to have them doesn’t protect our kids. It dooms them to leftist assimilation.

We Need More Judges Who Realize How Monetizing Wombs Hurts Women And Children

The left is freaking out that a new Trump-appointed federal judge realizes the harm involved when babies are manufactured in laboratories. But we need more judges like Sarah Pitlyk.

Why Embryo Adoption Damages Children’s Rights

The ultimate solution to the problem is not ‘embryo adoption.’ The solution is never creating surplus embryos to begin with. No human being should be in storage.

What’s ‘Incredibly Damaging To The Gospel,’ Joshua Harris, Are Your Lies About It

It seems to me that if Christians are serious about avoiding errors that are ‘incredibly damaging to the gospel and the church,’ we will be careful to get sex and marriage exactly right.

Why It’s Probably Not A Coincidence That The Mother Transing Her 7-Year-Old Isn’t Biologically Related

James’s non-biological parent’s willingness to risk her child’s long-term health struggle contrasts sharply with his biological parent’s desire to protect him.

How Same-Sex Marriage Creates A Court-Mediated Market For Orphans

When biology isn’t the basis for parenthood, it’s a major power grab for the state. This Supreme Court case has the potential to either strengthen or degrade every parent-child relationship in the country.

Marriage Isn’t About Making Adults Feel Nice, It’s About Raising Children

I’m grateful that gay conservatives are fighting the religious bigotry being imposed on people of faith this era of ‘tolerance.’ However, gay marriage presents a more significant threat to another vulnerable group.

Why Ben Shapiro Is Dead Wrong To Endorse Surrogacy

Through surrogacy, at the moment of birth, the child loses a relationship with the only parent he or she has ever known. It’s a deep and enduring wound.

‘#BigFertility’ Documentary Exposes 3 Ways Surrogacy Harms Children

Embryos are routinely manufactured according to specification — their genetic makeup is literally chosen from a catalogue.