Christopher Jacobs
Christopher Jacobs
Christopher Jacobs

Chris Jacobs is founder and CEO of Juniper Research Group, and author of the book, “The Case Against Single Payer.” He is on Twitter: @chrisjacobsHC. Previously he was a senior health policy analyst for the Texas Public Policy Foundation, a senior policy analyst in The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Health Policy Studies, and a senior policy analyst with the Joint Economic Committee’s Senate Republican staff. During the debate over the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare, Jacobs was a policy adviser for the House Republican Conference under then-Chairman Mike Pence. In the first two years of the law’s implementation, he was a health policy analyst for the Senate Republican Policy Committee. Jacobs got his start on Capitol Hill as an intern for then-Rep. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.). He holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and history from American University, where he is a part-time teacher of health policy. He currently resides in Washington, D.C.

How Joe Biden’s Health Plan Would Stiff Coronavirus Patients

Joe Biden’s plan could restrict access to coronavirus therapies in a way that becomes a matter of life and death for people as well as the economy.

Why Do Democrats Want To Increase Medicaid Fraud?

Both taxpayers and the Constitution deserve better than the latest plan from Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to put Obamacare on steroids.

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The outcry and commentary generated by Lebron James and “The Decision” represented the beginning of a new altered, democratized media landscape.

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The Obamacare ‘enhancement’ act shows how much Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats don’t care about fiscal responsibility or protecting America’s seniors.

Bumble App Demands You Pledge Allegiance To The Left To Find A Date

Bumble doesn’t just demand that users conduct themselves appropriately — it demands that users agree America is systemically racist.

To Protect The Elderly From Dangers Like Coronavirus, States Shouldn’t Push Them Into Nursing Homes

The coronavirus pandemic is exposing the inherently dangerous vulnerabilities within America’s nursing homes. Things have to change.

‘Long Gone Summer’ Baseball Documentary Hearkens To A Bygone, Steroid-Plagued Era

While the drama seemed real, the 1998 home run chase, like that entire era in baseball, was too good to be true.

New Study Confirms That The Welfare State Discourages Work

New research shows how America’s tangled web of welfare programs often trap generations in a cycle of poverty and hurt those who need the most help.

NASCAR Made The Right Move To Ban The Confederate Flag

The sport’s statement on the Confederate flag finally sends the right kind of welcoming message to auto racing fans—and could win it more fans.

It’s Way Past Time To End the Absentee Congress

If House members can protest in mass gatherings, they can fly to Washington and do the job that taxpayers are paying them to do—in person.

Lance Armstrong’s Latent And Persistent Flaws Are On Full Display In New ESPN Documentary

Try as he might, Armstrong can’t dissociate himself from his stratospheric rise to make his fall seem less dramatic and his deception less extreme.

Reopening Under COVID-19 Precautions, A Disney Theme Park Loses Its Magic

The reopening of America’s best-known theme parks might signal a return to normalcy, but safety precautions will no doubt deter would-be vacationers.

Here’s What We Gain By Embracing The Disappointments Of Coronavirus

Pandemic life has its drawbacks, for some drastically more than others. But even through hardship or deprivation, we can seek joy from the simple pleasures in life.

5 Big Basketball Changes Revealed In ‘The Last Dance’

The documentary’s release during sports’ hiatus allowed Jordan—always obsessed with dominating his opponents—to drive cultural discussions once again.

‘The Last Dance’: The Running Of The Bulls Ends

The shot—the last Michael Jordan would ever take as a member of the Bulls franchise—proved controversial, both then and now.

While Millions Of Americans Are On Unemployment, MLB Players Want More Money

It seems entirely sensible to decide to play, or not play, a 2020 MLB season based on whether owners and players agree they can do so safely. But using a national crisis to argue over money seems crass in the extreme.

Why Republicans Get No Points For Opposing Democrats’ $3 Trillion Coronavirus Bill

Conservatives should demand more than the soft bigotry of low expectations that Republican lawmakers’ miserable track record on spending has led them to expect.

How Government-Run Health Care Worsened The Coronavirus Crisis

One of the major causes of the dearth of testing over the past several months: Low payments from Medicare, which led to low payment rates from private insurance plans.

‘The Last Dance’: Jordan’s Competitive Fire Propels The Bulls

In chronicling the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls’ season, ‘The Last Dance’ illustrates Michael Jordan’s level of exhaustion.

How Medicaid Bails Out Blue States And Weakens Their Health Care Systems

The budget crisis in New York that preceded the pandemic stems in large part from Washington’s overly generous match for wealthy states.