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Breaking News Alert Local Police Told Secret Service They Didn’t Have Manpower To Secure Building Used By Trump’s Would-Be Assassin

The Countdown To What Democrats Will Do Next In Their War Against Democracy Starts Now

Image CreditCBS/YouTube

One show trial down, three more to go. You have every reason to spend the next five months anticipating anything and everything to keep voters from installing Donald Trump back in the White House through a process formerly known in America as a “free and fair election.”

Up to and including assassinating the candidate whom every indicator has winning in November.

For the first time in our country’s history a former president, who is running for reelection, was just convicted of a crime in what prosecutor Alvin Bragg’s hometown newspaper admitted is a “novel and untested” application of an obscure state law. The operation, like the other criminal charges, was orchestrated by Democrats and the news media, none of whom have been shy about their intentions. They invented crimes. They raided his home. They placed him under arrest. They booked him for a mugshot. Finally, they found the judges and jurors who were certain to deliver the predetermined outcomes.

It’s happening against the most surreal backdrop. While President Biden and his party have devoted every waking hour to calling Trump a “threat to democracy,” they’ve attempted to remove his name from the ballot, censored public information, and shoveled billions of taxpayer dollars into a corrupt Eastern European country that has canceled its elections.

They’ve taken us this far. What won’t they do? What can’t they justify? All signs point to nothing. Their capacity to escalate political tensions is literally boundless.

Immediately after the convictions were delivered Thursday afternoon, Trump’s campaign website crashed multiple times with its servers overwhelmed by visitors who searched “Donald Trump donation.” The Trump people said the result was a record $35 million in small-dollar gifts.

In short, Trump’s campaign isn’t dead. And he’s not either. Mission incomplete. So, what’s next? There is inevitably a “next.” Pandemic? It’s been done before. Race riots? Too obvious. No problem. Their imaginations are just getting warmed up. They have the media and the permanent Washington bureaucracy locked and loaded. All they need is the green light.

Who’s going to stop them? They’re in charge and they plan on keeping it that way. Trump now awaits his sentencing, which will take place more than a month from now in front of a Democrat judge who threatened to throw him behind bars in the middle of the trial. There’s no reason to expect him not to. These people aren’t playing games.

This is just the beginning. It’s going to get a lot uglier. It’s only a matter of time and there’s plenty between now and November.

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