Auguste Meyrat
Auguste Meyrat

Auguste Meyrat is an English teacher in the Dallas area. He holds an MA in humanities and an MEd in educational leadership. He is the senior editor of The Everyman and has written essays for The Federalist, The American Conservative, and The Imaginative Conservative, as well as the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture. Follow him on Twitter.

A Black Lives Matter Activist Pulling A Gun On Bystanders Should Be The Last Straw For This Destructive Group

To see real change, Americans must stop listening to leftist demagogues and corrupt organizations like Black Lives Matter.

Malcolm Gladwell Illustrates The Problems With Technocratic Solutions To Human Problems

The bestselling author’s latest work, ‘Talking to Strangers,’ is engaging but it also tries too hard to distill the complexities of human nature into simple insights.

The Southlake Schools Uproar Shows Parents Need To Speak Up About Their Kids’ Schools

It’s better for parents to endure being called ignorant bigots than to sit back and watch their children become ignorant bigots because of poor education.

Holding Some Students Back In The Name Of Equity Only Increases Injustice

We can fight wokeness by pushing excellence, an effort that is greatly advanced by tracking students through the use of advanced placement classes.

This Ancient Play Offers Insight Into Why So Many Young Americans Are So Unhappy

How Americans choose to respond to a receding Christian culture will determine whether life will start imitating art and people end up living in a tragedy.

Priests Calling The Mask Police Is Simply More Evidence Of The Church Hierarchy’s Corruption

Most bishops now less resemble the apostles and more the Pharisees and Sadducees, trading moral and spiritual authority for worldly prestige and wealth.

Critical Race Theory Is Just Another Faddish Attempt To Hide Public School Failures

Until parents have a choice, they can expect to see more sanctimonious superintendents lecturing parents and employees about institutional racism and more teachers unions refusing to work.

Teachers In Migrant Camps Reveal Just How Much Public Schools Have Become Foster Care

It was only a matter of time before the government would enlist teachers to work in the migrant shelters sprouting up due to the crisis at the border.

Hulu’s ‘Boss Level’ Succeeds As A ‘Pure Enjoyment’ Streaming Blockbuster

Although it underuses Mel Gibson, ‘Boss Level’ shows it’s still possible to make movies with the simple goal of giving viewers some escape and enjoyment.

Never Trumpers Illustrate Why Loyalty Is An Important Political Virtue

Julie Kelly’s book, ‘Disloyal Opposition,’ ably documents just how tedious and unprincipled Donald Trump’s allegedly conservative critics turned out to be.

Forcing People To Wear Masks Isn’t Kind, It’s Selfish

Pro-maskers need to see that, for the other side, this supposed symbol of ‘charity’ and ‘solidarity’ has become the exact opposite.

Conservative Excellence Is The Best Defense Against Cancel Culture

Although many lament the dark times for conservative ideas and the death of free speech, they should see this as an opportunity to break free of corrupted institutions.

New York Legalizes Buying Babies And Selling Pregnancy

By defining parenthood by intention instead of biology, legalized surrogacy becomes a vicious process that is destructive of human life.

Stop Being Ridiculous: A Green New Deal Would Make Snowstorms And Blackouts Worse

Citing climate change for Texas’s current weather or casting the Green New Deal as a realistic response to such weather is completely unscientific and unhelpful.

Why School Choice Isn’t Enough To Really Improve American Education

Instituting school vouchers and allowing money to follow students will not mean much if charter and private schools end up offering more of the same thing.

Despite Its Corny Premise, ‘Alex Rider’ Is a Surprisingly Good Show

‘Alex Rider’ ditches the most common adolescent and secret agent tropes, and features a great plot, likable characters, and solid action.

We Need To Kill Screens For Much Bigger Reasons Than Censorship

As relationships and communities dissolve, people become alienated from one another and even themselves. One act that will help is to cut the tech chord.

‘The Expanse’ Needs To Answer These Questions To Reinvigorate Season Five

Like all of the best science fiction, ‘The Expanse’ can offer perspective and insight on the challenges confronting humanity both now and in the future.

‘Sound of Metal’ Is Mostly Another Forgettable Indie Drama

While the film does a few things right, it doesn’t really merit the plaudits and Oscar buzz that critics are eager to confer it.

Rebutting Attacks On America’s Founding Principles From The Left And The Right

Robert Reilly’s ‘America on Trial’ is at times a frustrating read, but it’s ultimately an effective and insightful defense of America’s founding principles.