Auguste Meyrat
Auguste Meyrat
Auguste Meyrat is an English teacher in the Dallas area. He holds an MA in humanities and an MEd in educational leadership. He is the senior editor of The Everyman and has written essays for The Federalist, The American Conservative, and The Imaginative Conservative, as well as the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture. Follow him on Twitter.
Professor: Space Doesn’t Exist Because I Haven’t Been There

On campuses steeped with postmodernist, relativist, and nominalist thinking, it was only a matter of time before a professor and his students were convinced everything they ever learned was a lie.

Americans Are Losing The Ability To Make Friends. Here’s How To Recover It

Those hoping to rebuild the culture, restore freedom, and overcome the atomization of modern life should start by making friends with one another.

Catholics Who Love The Latin Mass Need To Get Better At Loving Their Neighbors, Too

Elitism and anti-social behavior currently limit the appeal and efficacy of traditional Catholicism. The Traditional Latin Mass community has a bright future, but it needs to confront its failings so it can finally save a church in crisis.

Trump’s Tweets Are Far Less Crazy Than Today’s Democratic Party

Despite our new political reality, many conservative writers and commentators will still urge Donald Trump to just stop tweeting and let these things go.

Next Slate Of Marvel Movies To Feature Characters Dulled By Identity Politics

Empty movies that mean only to virtue signal leave people wondering if it’s possible to create a quality superhero movie with minority leads.

Children Don’t Need More Free Time, They Need More Attention From Their Parents

Selfish and lonely parents are disregarding the importance of bonding with their children, and it’s leading to a generation of lonely, isolated kids.

Here’s What’s Wrong With Treating Schooling Like A Factory Or Garden

Schools aren’t simply ‘factories’ or ‘gardens.’ Educational philosophy should address the needs of the group as well as their individual humanity.

How Common Core And Screen Overdoses Are Ruining American Kids’ Intelligence

Between ineffective teaching methods at school and an overdose of screen time at home, our children are becoming intellectually deficient. We need to reverse the trends.

Yes, Schools Are Too Girly For Boys. Here’s How To Fix That

Helping restore the lack of masculinity in our society involves recognizing that boys are different than girls and have specific educational needs.

Here’s The Real Reason Most Conservative Elites Ignore Concerns About Free Speech

Instead of waiting for elites to lead the way, the silent majority of moderate and conservative Americans must break their silence before it’s too late.

Why Have Democrats Suddenly Become The Anti-Citizenship Party?

The main controversy of asking about citizenship on the census stems from the much bigger points of what it means to be American and how a representative republic in the 21st century is supposed to work.

Hawley’s Big Tech Bill Is An Undeniably Good Thing For Free Speech

It is probably more accurate to frame the issue of regulating social media as more a matter of a free market than one of free speech, although one depends on the other.

How A Shift To Majority-Childless Adults Will Deeply Change American Culture

In societies with too many childless adults, communities start to dissipate and people become disconnected from one another, their immediate surroundings, and even themselves.

Why The Internet Is More Likely To Save Conservatism Than Destroy It

If we can defend an uncensored internet, despite aggression and antagonism from the other side, we will indeed see our country become great again.

Why We Shouldn’t Throw School Testing Out Even Though It’s Not Perfect

Asking teachers to prepare their students for an exam is not an instance of American anti-intellectualism, but a practice that can be found across the globe.

In Michigan, Obergefell‘s Next Domino Hits Christian Adoption Agencies

One can only wonder how much more good could be done if LGBT groups devoted their time, energy, and resources to offering services to those in need instead of trying to destroy religious organizations in court.

Niche-ified Pop Culture Could Lead To Either A Renaissance Or A Dark Age

If Americans resist the urge to huddle in niches and use entertainment for validation and pleasure, they will continue progressing towards a brighter future with stronger communities.

Rebuilding Notre Dame Requires Rebuilding The Culture That Created It

The symbolism of the burning cathedral is unmistakable: the West has officially entered a post-Christian phase in history.

Don’t Bash Teachers, Show How The Right’s Ideas Will Lift Pay And Prestige

Both liberals and conservatives work from the simplistic assumption that teachers are mediocre professionals, bad at their jobs. This is the wrong approach.

We Don’t Need To Trash Higher Education, We Need To Make It Better

There are opportunities for substantive reform in the current system. But mocking college graduates, many of whom have been led astray, doesn’t help.