Auguste Meyrat
Auguste Meyrat

Auguste Meyrat is an English teacher in the Dallas area. He holds an MA in humanities and an MEd in educational leadership. He is the senior editor of The Everyman and has written essays for The Federalist, The American Conservative, and The Imaginative Conservative, as well as the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture. Follow him on Twitter.

Schools Are Not ‘Open’ If They’re Doing Online Classes

Most schools around the country have not truly reopened, and many will continue offering virtual learning far into the school year.

Why It’s Common Sense That Universal Mail-In Ballots Are A Terrible Idea

With the upcoming presidential election, the left is increasingly dispensing with logic and common sense as they push for universal mail-in ballots.

How Public Schools Paved The Way For Americans To Believe The 1619 Project

In many ways, the adoption of the 1619 Project doesn’t essentially change American history for most students. It still relies on the same methods of history instruction.

Schools Are Closing Not Because They Should, But Because They Can

When public school districts have a monopoly, they can easily justify delaying school or implementing extended closures. School choice is the solution.

How Black Lives Matter’s Hatred Of The Family Feeds Its Desire For Revolution

By preserving culture and supporting children, the nuclear family consequently becomes the highest and most effective form of empowerment.

Rioters Tear Down Monuments In Envy At People Who Do What They Can’t: Build

If perpetuating a white, patriarchal culture in any capacity is enough to merit monument takedown, nearly all statues are subject to removal, not just those of Confederate generals.

According To Leftist Doctrine, Only Progressives Can Use The Church As A Prop

Ironically, the one public figure who wants to revive the Christian context and restore traditional values is thrice-married, nominally Christian President Trump.

Recent Anti-Church Supreme Court Ruling Threatens Americans’ Most Valuable Freedom

As America’s cities burn and leftist sympathizers make headlines, the U.S. Supreme Court quietly passed a potentially horrendous ruling against religious freedom.

Coronavirus Friendship Collapse Shows Why We Need Christian Epicureanism

What does Christian Epicureanism afford the modern Christian living through a pandemic? It offers the very things necessary to recover: friendship and peace.

Why Online Schooling Should Not Become The Norm

The current situation is far from ideal, but some influential people are now sensing a great opportunity to make online learning the norm. They shouldn’t.

How Reddit’s Quarantine Of The_Donald Presaged Social Media’s Control Over Information

Instead of being a vital technology empowering average people to learn and act for themselves, the internet now mostly succeeds in making users feel small, paranoid, and helpless.

Politicians Are Locking Us Down Because Overdoing It Doesn’t Cost Them Anything

Draconian and unsupported restrictions on Americans are not necessarily an exercise in ambition, but vanity: politicians absolutely must look like a leader at all costs.

Why Censoring Different Viewpoints About Coronavirus Will Make It Worse

Attempts at eliminating perceived misinformation and encouraging constructive solutions has led only to more lies and economic catastrophe.

How Assisted Suicide Quickly Evolves Into An Unfettered Right To Die

In nearly every country and state that has legalized some form of assisted suicide, the pattern is the same: A narrow suicide exception broadens until everyone has the right to commission their own killing.

Why Public Schools Are So Likely To Teach Leftist Propaganda

The leftist propaganda taught in schools is no accident. It is the logical conclusion of the prevalent educational philosophy that favors skills over content and engagement over rigor.

What Went Into The Surprising Popularity Of Ted Cruz’s Impeachment Podcast ‘Verdict’

‘Verdict’ became the most popular podcast in America, beating people like Joe Rogan, Ben Shapiro, and a whole slew of true crime podcasts.

No, It’s Not Evil To Celebrate Girl Dads Like Kobe Bryant

For those hoping to balance the power dynamic between men and women, girl dads offer a solution, helping girls to become strong, confident, and independent.

New Brain Scans Show Screen Time Makes Kids Dumber

Concentrated white matter invariably results in better cognitive performance in the kids who stay off screens: they focus better, learn faster, and show greater mental flexibility and creativity.

Professor: Space Doesn’t Exist Because I Haven’t Been There

On campuses steeped with postmodernist, relativist, and nominalist thinking, it was only a matter of time before a professor and his students were convinced everything they ever learned was a lie.

Americans Are Losing The Ability To Make Friends. Here’s How To Recover It

Those hoping to rebuild the culture, restore freedom, and overcome the atomization of modern life should start by making friends with one another.