Auguste Meyrat
Auguste Meyrat
Auguste Meyrat is an English teacher in the Dallas area. He holds an MA in humanities and an MEd in educational leadership. He is the senior editor of The Everyman and has written essays for The Federalist, The American Conservative, and The Imaginative Conservative, as well as the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture. Follow him on Twitter.
The Intellectual Dark Web Is Just Another Conservative Ghetto

If conservatives and other non-leftists hope to finally win the culture war and make sustained gains, they need to leave the ghetto or somehow transform it.

What Your Kid’s Teacher Is Scared To Tell You About Smartphones

Although smartphones have largely mollified students’ destructive energy, they have also smothered their creative energy and shaved off their humanity.

Why Preschool Doesn’t Usually Do Much Good For Small Children

Placing kids in the care of trained professionals with abundant resources instead of a parent with bad habits should reverse their downward trajectory. Why doesn’t it?

Without Free Speech, Everything You Say Is Meaningless

To have more success, free speech advocates should stop seeing this issue through a strictly political lens and start considering censorship as a moral problem.

Why Teachers Only Get A Fifth Of The Money Taxpayers Spend On Their Schools

Until people are ready to accept a school that simply teaches its students and nothing more, they will have the multiplex that continues to expand.

Why Giant High Schools Just Can’t Help Messed-Up Kids

The real difference the large suburban school brings about is a general flattening of the culture. Everything that gives an individual a community becomes superficial.