Tristan Justice
Tristan Justice

Tristan Justice is a staff writer at The Federalist focusing on the 2020 presidential campaigns. He has also written for The Washington Examiner and The Daily Signal. Tristan graduated from George Washington University where he majored in political science and minored in journalism. Follow him on Twitter at @JusticeTristan or contact him at [email protected]

Rand Paul Blasts Transgender Biden Nominee For Endorsing Sex Changes For Young Children

We’re “normalizing the idea that minors can be given hormones to prevent the biological development of their secondary sexual characteristics,” Kentucky GOP Sen. Rand Paul said.

Twitter Blocked Links To CPAC’s Website. It Now Claims It Was Just An ‘Error’

Twitter appears to be blocking the website for the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) as the group of activists gathers this week.

Biden’s HHS Nominee Xavier Becerra Falsely Claimed He Never Sued Nuns Over Abortion Coverage

Biden’s Health and Human Services nominee Xavier Becerra lied before Senate lawmakers Wednesday, claiming he had never sued nuns.

Poll: Republicans Are Concerned About Real Issues, Democrats Concerned With Political Opposition

Eighty-two percent said they were “extremely concerned” about “Donald Trump’s supporters,” and 79 percent said the same for “white nationalism.”

MSNBC Contributor Who Encouraged ISIS To Bomb Trump Tower Will Testify On Domestic Terrorism

Malcolm Nance, a left-wing Navy veteran accused of exaggerating his military accomplishments while in the service, will join lawmakers Wednesday.

Biden Cabinet Nominee Deb Haaland Is The Trojan Horse Of Radicalism Republicans Warned About

Biden’s pick for secretary of the interior, Rep. Deb Haaland, faced senators Tuesday and did little to shake fears about her progressive radicalism.

Mother Of Officer Sicknick Says Media Got Her Son’s Death Wrong, Rejects NYT Fire Extinguisher Story

“He wasn’t hit on the head, no. We think he had a stroke, but we don’t know anything for sure,” Gladys Sicknick told the Daily Mail.

Media Botch Hit On Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis While Trying To Cover Blue State Failures

No governor’s story is as emblematic of the media malpractice in the era of coronavirus than that of Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis. 

WHO Coronavirus Report Is Such Blatant Chinese Propaganda That Even The Biden Administration Admits It

Scientists, the Biden administration, and alumni from the Trump administration have reached a consensus on the upcoming report from the WHO: It’s CCP hogwash.

Merrick Garland May Hide Durham Report From Public

When questioned by GOP senators, President Biden’s nominee for attorney general Merrick Garland said he wouldn’t commit to releasing the Durham report.

Will Merrick Garland Recuse Himself From DOJ Probes On Hunter Biden, Russia Hoax?

Hearings for president Joe Biden’s attorney general nominee, former federal Judge Merrick Garland, will launch Monday. He has some conflicts of interest.

PolitiFact Is Ticked That We Fact-Checked Their False Fact-Check Of Our Fact-Check Of Their Fact-Check

PolitiFact has still not published a fact-check of Harris’s erroneous assertion the Biden White House had to start ‘from scratch’ with vaccine distribution.

Failed Impeachment Saga Was An Embarrassment For Democrats

The case for impeaching Trump was so weak that the Democrats fabricated evidence to secure a conviction that still never came.

The Obesity Epidemic Made Our COVID Pandemic Much Worse

The American public wasn’t healthy going into the coronavirus pandemic, and it’s not getting any healthier during lockdown.

Chuck Schumer Flips On Puerto Rican Statehood

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer flipped on his position over Puerto Rican statehood this week, declaring his opposition to the idea after endorsing it.

Biden’s ‘Conservative’ Supporters Need To Defend His Partisan, Hard-Left First Month

President Joe Biden wraps up his first full month in office this week having set a new standard for leftists in the White House.

PolitiFact Not Very ‘Interested’ In Fact-Checking Vice President

Kamala Harris blatantly lied to Axios this week claiming the new administration was forced to start “from scratch” with vaccine distribution.

Read The Most Touching Tributes To Broadcast Legend Rush Limbaugh

Garnering an audience of more than 15 million listeners each week, Limbaugh transformed talk radio, becoming an indispensable voice of the conservative movement.

Conservative Radio Icon Rush Limbaugh Dead At 70

The pioneer of conservative talk radio Rush Limbaugh died at age 70 following a fight with lung cancer, his family announced Wednesday.

National Guard May Occupy Washington D.C. Through The Fall

As of Monday, about 6,000 troops remain in Washington D.C. occupying the nation’s capital, and may stay through the fall.