Tristan Justice
Tristan Justice
Tristan Justice is a staff writer at The Federalist focusing on the 2020 presidential campaigns. He has also written for The Washington Examiner and The Daily Signal. Tristan graduated from George Washington University where he majored in political science and minored in journalism. Follow him on Twitter at @JusticeTristan or contact him at [email protected]
As She Sinks In Polls, Kamala Harris Is Betting Everything On ‘F—ing Moving To Iowa’

Kamala Harris is in need of a rebound, and the 2020 Democratic White House hopeful has staked her bets on Iowa in her campaign reboot.

What’s Happening Inside The Fight To Break Up Big Tech

Liberals and conservatives have united in a crusade against big tech, but disagree on both the problems and solutions to what’s wrong with Silicon Valley.

In Latest Push To Curb Spending, Joni Ernst Proposes New Bill Targeting Waste In The Pentagon

The Government Accountability Office estimates that such measures could save the Defense Department more than $500 million. Only $22 trillion left to go.

In Biggest Speech Of Her Campaign, Elizabeth Warren Promises To Ban Things She Did

Elizabeth Warren proposes a ban on lobbyists fundraising and donating to campaigns after accepting lobbyist money to finance her Senate runs.

Regular MSNBC Guest Fantasizes About Driving Car Into Trump Building

Elie Mystal, an MSNBC regular who once called for a majority of white people in America to be destroyed on air, tweeted Wednesday that he regularly fantasizes about ramming his car into the lobby of a Trump Organization luxury apartment complex in a New York City suburb.

Pence Again Pushes For Congress To Pass NAFTA Replacement Trade Deal

A top legislative priority for the White House, the agreement was signed by the United States, Mexico, and Canada on Nov. 30 of last year but has stalled in Congress.

Pence: Democrats’ Calls For Impeaching Brett Kavanaugh Are A ‘Disgrace’

On Tuesday Vice President Mike Pence branded calls from Democratic presidential candidates for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to be impeached a ‘disgrace.’

A Cowardly Lorne Michaels Bends The Knee To Woke Patrol

‘Saturday Night Live’ announced Monday that comedian Shane Gillis will no longer join the program’s cast after videos surfaced of Gillis using racial slurs.

Republican Presidential Candidate Joe Walsh Call His Own Party A Cult After States Cut Primaries

Walsh pledged to campaign anyway in the states where the primaries were canceled, arguing that the voters will demand new primaries.

2020 Democrats Push For Kavanaugh Impeachment Following New Unsubstantiated Allegations

Nearly every major 2020 Democratic candidate has called on the Supreme Court’s newest justice, Brett Kavanaugh, to be impeached this week after the New York Times reported on fresh claims of previously unreported conduct, without any evidence to support the new allegations.

In Third Democratic Debate, Candidates Avoid Talking About The Economy Even As They Claim A Recession Looms

A quick glance at the yield curve, which has predicted every recession for the past 50 years, shows the possibility of another recession in the near future.

House Democrats Move Forward On Impeachment Proceedings

The resolution passed 24-17 along party lines with Democrats passing the measure and Republicans slamming the move as politically motivated.

Here Are The Highlights From The Third Democratic Presidential Debate

The top ten candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination squared off in Houston Thursday night for the third Democratic primary debate.

Marianne Williamson On Hot Mic: Conservatives Are Nicer To Me Than The ‘Lefties’

2020 Democratic presidential candidate and self-help author Marianne Williamson has found politics to be a bizarre world.

Beto O’Rourke: Banks And Credit Cards Should Ban Gun Purchases

O’Rourke’s doubling down on the gun issue previews what the candidate is expected to talk about during the evening’s debate at Texas Southern University.

Relying On Pro-Abortionist Fact-Checkers, Facebook Twice Labels Pro-Life Group Fake News

Hours after senators sent a letter to Facebook in support of the pro-life group Live Action, Facebook labeled the organization ‘false news’ once again.

Here’s Your Guide To The Third Democratic Presidential Debate

Ten candidates will take the stage Thursday night for the third Democratic presidential debate slated to be held in Houston.

MTV’s New ‘Ghosted’ Perpetuates A Culture Of Stalking

The reality show gives false hope to hurt individuals craving closure from their ghosts on why they disappeared, glorifying the idea of stalking them down.

Beto O’Rourke: Living Close To Work Is A ‘Right’

While touting his plans to spend federal dollars on integrating socioeconomic classes, O’Rourke once endorsed plans to do the exact opposite.

NRA Sues San Francisco For Declaring The Group A ‘Terrorist Organization’

The NRA alleges that the city is violating its rights to free speech and is impeding on its mission by attempting to “blacklist anyone linked to the NRA.”