Tristan Justice
Tristan Justice
Tristan Justice is a staff writer at The Federalist focusing on the 2020 presidential campaigns. He has also written for The Washington Examiner and The Daily Signal. Tristan graduated from George Washington University where he majored in political science and minored in journalism. Follow him on Twitter at @JusticeTristan or contact him at [email protected]
Efforts To ‘Flatten The Curve’ Are Destroying Health Care Capacity

Hospitals forced to forgo elective surgeries in preparation for a surge in patients have suffered lost revenues needed to keep operations afloat.

Air Force Academy Eases Up On Isolation Measures After Suicides

According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, the academy received a plethora of complaints that the tight coronavirus restrictions were making the school ‘prison-like.’

CBS Poll: No, Right-Leaning Americans Aren’t Ignoring Social Distancing Demands

Adhering to U.S. Centers for Disease Control recommendations and government directives are not partisan activities, despite media attempts to paint them as such.

McConnell: Impeachment Distracted Government From Wuhan Virus

A closer examination of federal supplies in anticipation of the virus rather than a fixation on the latest impeachment could have saved thousands of lives.

What On Earth Is Going On With Joe Biden

While the pressures of on-the-ground campaigning are temporarily gone, the same Biden we’ve seen for much of the last year is not.

Estimates Show Wuhan Death Rate Far Higher Than China’s Official Reports

New estimates from a U.S. government-funded nonprofit reveal the Wuhan virus death rate in the Chinese city to be far higher than China’s official numbers.

WHO Doctor Blows Off Question About Taiwan And Praises China

The WHO assistant director-general avoided answering questions about Taiwan by pretending not to catch the question a Hong Kong reporter asked repeatedly.

More People Died From Suicide Than Coronavirus In Tennessee This Week

Constant doomsday predictions, economic stress and imposed isolation measures are creating the perfect trifecta for an awakening of a mental health crisis.

New York Times Op-Ed Blames Christians, Not China, For Spread Of Wuhan Coronavirus

A New York Times op-ed published Friday is casting blame on the evangelical movement for the epidemic of the Wuhan coronavirus plaguing the nation.

‘Sanctuary’ Cities That Rejected Federal Law Are Now Pleading For Federal Help

“Sanctuary Cities” that reject federal law and coordination for illegal immigrants are now begging for federal help to combat the Wuhan virus.

Hollywood’s Me Too Group Turned Down Biden Sexual Assault Accuser

The Times Up Legal Defense Fund is refusing to help one of Joe Biden’s accusers citing its non-profit status and his presidential run.

Justice Department Brings Drug Charges Against Venezuelan Dictator Nicolas Maduro

The DOJ announced new drug trafficking charges against Venezuelan leaders Thursday that include the South American nation’s President Nicolas Maduro.

Gallup Poll: Majority Of Americans Disapprove Of News Media Handling Of Wuhan Coronavirus

In a new Gallup poll released this week, Americans rated the media with the worst response to the Wuhan coronavirus, and it’s not even close.

South Dakota Governor Urges State To ‘Press Pause’ Rather Than Impose Quarantine

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem urged South Dakotans to act responsibly by staying home rather than imposing a government mandated self-quarantine.

I Watched ‘Love Is Blind’ With My Eyes Closed

Given the unique circumstances presented in the program experiment, I decided to play along. If the dating was going to be blind, I would be blind too.

TSA Reports All Time Low Number Of Passengers Screened In A Single Day

The TSA confirmed Wednesday that on Tuesday, the agency saw a record low in the number of passenger screenings in airports nationwide.

Joe Biden, Likely Democratic Nominee, Finally Gives Up On Being Articulate

Former Vice President Joe Biden, having pretty much tied up the Democratic presidential nomination seems to have finally given up on sounding articulate.

Can We Trust Scott Gottlieb After He Caused A Moral Panic About Vaping?

Scott Gottlieb is no dummy, but he has no history combating infectious diseases and spent his time as head of the FDA devoted to stoking panic.

Tucker Carlson Guest Dismantles China’s ‘No New Cases’ Wuhan Virus Lies

“The fact that we would know more about the nuclear program in Russia today than we do about the medical situation in Wuhan, is a tragedy,” Smith said.

Sen. John Kennedy: Fellow Senators Are Acting Like ‘A-Holes’

Sen. Kennedy said colleagues were acting like ‘a-holes’ by holding the latest Wuhan virus package hostage to include leftist pipe dreams.