Tristan Justice
Tristan Justice

Tristan Justice is a staff writer at The Federalist focusing on the 2020 presidential campaigns. He has also written for The Washington Examiner and The Daily Signal. Tristan graduated from George Washington University where he majored in political science and minored in journalism. Follow him on Twitter at @JusticeTristan or contact him at [email protected]

Chris Bedford: Why Google Censorship Is A Threat To Free Speech

Federalist editor Chris Bedford warned big tech censorship shows a larger problem facing the free exchange of ideas in the online public square

Ben Domenech On Google: We’ve Been Warning About This Censorship For Years

“We’ve been warning for years about the kind of silencing and de-platforming efforts that we’ve seen happen in American academia,” Domenech said.

Barr: DOJ Changes To Big Tech Protections Are Meant To Protect Free Speech

Attorney General Bill Barr explained that the primary motive behind the DOJ’s push to reform Section 230 liability protections was to protect free speech.

Twitter, Facebook Yank Trump’s Silly Baby Meme Video Mocking CNN

Twitter and Facebook took down President Donald Trump’s silly meme video Friday that featured two babies running on the sidewalk while a fake CNN chyron parodied cable news coverage.

CNN Tokenizes Sen. Tim Scott In Headline Over Scott’s Reaction To Tokenism

CNN titled a piece over South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott’s reaction to being tokenized as “See black senator’s emotional response.”

Media Raises Hysteria Over Trump Tulsa Rally After Celebrating Mass Protests

The mainstream media cares about social distancing again.

Protestors Topple George Washington In Portland Continuing Purge

It doesn’t matter if he was the first U.S. president who led the nation through the American War of Independence, George Washington is cancelled too.

Twitter ‘Fact-Checks’ Obviously Fake Trump Video About ‘Racist Baby’

Journalists suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome are once again pretending to be media-illiterate for the sake of attacking the president.

In Bid To Hack the 2020 Election, Facebook Is Now Arbitrarily Banning Trump Campaign Ads

Facebook took down ads from the Trump campaign Thursday it says violated company guidelines against “organized hate” for using a triangle.

New Poll Shows Americans Deeply Unhappy, Which Is What Happens When You Lock Them Up And Call Them Racist

American happiness has reached a 50-year low as Americans remain locked up and condemned for past generations’ sins.

Lawmakers Rally Against Google, Big Tech In Aftermath Of NBC Foreign Collusion

The tide has been turning against Silicon Valley tech giants in Washington for quite some time, but this week appears to have reached a tipping point.

Ben Domenech On Google: ‘This Is A Canary In A Coal Mine Moment’

Federalist Co-founder and Publisher Ben Domenech warned Wednesday that NBC News’ recent attempt to demonetize the publication is a warning of what is to come.

Chris Bedford On Google Censorship: ‘It Doesn’t Fit With How They Hold Anyone Else Accountable’

Senior Editor Chris Bedford charged Google with employing a double standard Wednesday after threatening to ban The Federalist from profiting off ads.

Twitter Tried To Ban Tom Cotton For Demanding Rule Of Law During Riots

Twitter tried to ban Sen. Tom Cotton after he went on cable news to advocate the use of the federal military to quell violent riots engulfing the nation.

John Daniel Davidson: If You Criticize The Corrupt Corporate Media, They Will Try To Deplatform You

Federalist political editor John Daniel Davidson condemned legacy media Tuesday after NBC News published a story attempting to deplatform the website.

Federalist Co-Founder Sean Davis Responds To NBC, Google Deplatforming Attempt

“NBC, the network that coddled Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer by the way, had partnered with a foreign left-wing group in Europe to after us,” Davis said.

House GOP Push Democratic Governors For Answers On COVID-19 Patients In Nursing Homes

House Republicans are demanding answers from several Democratic governors who ordered state nursing homes to house coronavirus patients.

Black Lives Matter Activist: Your Kellogg’s Box Is Racist

Black Lives Matter activist and former UK member of Parliament Fiona Onasanya went after Kellogg’s Monday for perpetuating an exhaustively racist society.

American Pride Reaches Record Low Amid Nationwide Turmoil

American patriotism is likely to sink further as cultural leftists continue their efforts to rewrite U.S. history purging symbols of its past.

New York City Instructed Contact Tracing Team Not To Ask About Protest Participation

New York City’s contact tracing team has been instructed by the mayor’s office not to ask tested individuals whether they marched in mass protests.