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As More Victims Fight For Their Lives, Did Corporate Media Already Forget The Waukesha Murders?

Waukesha media coverage

The Waukesha murders don’t do anything to further the left-wing narrative, so the media have decided to either downplay the crime or forget it altogether.


Seven children were still being treated at Children’s Wisconsin Milwaukee Hospital as of Monday morning after Darrell Brooks Jr. allegedly drove an SUV through a Christmas parade in Waukesha. Six people, including a child and three members of the “Dancing Grannies” group that was performing in the parade, were murdered in the attack.

But you might not know that if you just read the corporate media talking points, which make the crime sound more like an “accident,” caused not by a hateful person but by an SUV. After playing down the massacre, the corporate press has now largely decided to keep mum on the case completely.

As of this writing, the last time The New York Times mentioned Darrell Brooks’s name in its pages was on Nov. 25, four days ago. The Washington Post’s last mention was on Nov. 23. This silence comes despite Brooks having a newsworthy history of calling for violence against white people, along with antisemitic and pro-Hitler comments.

If a murder suspect whom the corporate media had any hopes of portraying as a white supremacist had made pro-Hitler comments, of course, we all know Joy Reid would be talking about it through the New Year. The Waukesha massacre looks strikingly like an act of domestic terrorism, but you won’t see that framing in the press, despite the left’s eagerness to paint concerned public school parents as perpetrators of domestic terror.

Likewise, if there were a way to spin this to fit the leftist narrative that Americans who exercise their Second Amendment rights — like those who bore arms to defend their property and community against violence in Kenosha — are racist domestic terrorists, the media would be all over it. But the murderer didn’t use a gun to kill people, he used an SUV (which by the logic of gun control activists, we should all expect to ban soon).

The Waukesha murders don’t do anything to further the left-wing narrative, so the media have decided to either downplay the crime or forget it altogether. On the morning after the attack, The New York Times thought it appropriate to shoehorn the news into its 22nd page.

And CNN’s coverage was especially egregious, blaming the deaths on a “car” that “drove through a city Christmas parade, killing six people and injuring scores of others.”

Last week, The Washington Free Beacon reported that CNN “was not featuring a single story about the Waukesha tragedy on its homepage as of Wednesday afternoon.” And as of this writing, CNN has not so much as tweeted Darrell Brooks’s name. Neither has The New York Times nor The Washington Post.

MSNBC analyst Clint Watts referred to the attack as an “accident,” while the network’s Rachel Maddow neglected to mention Brooks’s name in a segment on the attack the day after it happened.