Elle Reynolds
Elle Reynolds
Elle Reynolds

Elle Reynolds is an assistant editor at The Federalist, and received her B.A. in government from Patrick Henry College with a minor in journalism. You can follow her work on Twitter at @_etreynolds.

America Loves College Football Because College Football Loves America

America loves college football, loves its flyovers and cheers and opportunities to show patriotic pride, and doesn’t want it tainted by politics.

Google Is Now Censoring American Journalists On Behalf Of Communist China

YouTube notified Enjeti and Ball that their video discussing communist China’s censorship of Peng Shuai had been found not ‘suitable for all advertisers.’

LEAKED: Teachers Reveal How They ‘Stalk’ Kids, Sideline Parents To Pull Middle Schoolers Into LGBT Groups

California’s biggest teachers union plotted to push LGBT politics on kids and undermine parents, principals, and communities who might get in the way.

Without Notifying Parents, Loudoun High School Asked Students If They Are Transgender And How Much They Have Sex

The school failed to notify parents before asking students as young as 12 about their sexual activity, drug use, and sex ‘identities.’

7 Media Lies Katie Couric And The Aspen Institute Would Decry If They Really Hated Disinformation

Instead of cheering more censorship, Katie Couric and the journalists her report praises should look at some of the misinformation they’ve peddled over the years.

Biden Admin Plans To Make Gas Even More Expensive Because You’re Not Poor Enough Yet

‘Did you ever think you’d be paying this much for a gallon of gas?’ Biden wants to know.

‘Old Henry’ Is Old-School Cinema In All The Best Ways

While Hollywood pushes stale leftist messaging or over-the-top special effects, ‘Old Henry’ stands out precisely because it doesn’t try to do too much.

Youngkin Defeats McAuliffe, Wins Virginia In Decisive Referendum On The Left’s Culture War

‘We just saw one of the probably biggest upsets in the history of Virginia. … This is a bellwether for the rest of the entire country in 2022.’

Media Calmly Whisper That Psaki Has COVID After Likening McEnany’s Positive Test To North Korea

Psaki’s COVID diagnosis garnered a passive reception from the press compared to the reportorial gnashing of teeth that followed McEnany’s positive test.

Loudoun County Superintendent Ziegler Admitted He Was ‘Incorrect’ To Declare Unlawful Assembly That Led To Parent Arrests

Ziegler admitted he was ‘incorrect’ to declare an unlawful assembly at a June school board meeting, at which Tigges and Smith were subsequently arrested.

How These Loudoun County Parents Reacted To Proof That The School Board Lied To Them

‘As heartbreaking as it is, I think we all kind of knew that [Ziegler] knew and were just waiting for someone to find proof.’

Dear NBC: If Anyone ‘Created’ Virginia Outrage, It Was Radical School Boards

This isn’t ‘created chaos,’ unless it’s meant that the Loudoun County School Board’s radical policies and actions brought a firestorm upon its own head.

Why These Parents, Students, And Protesters Are Standing Up To The Loudoun County School Board

Parents, students, and other protesters at the Loudoun County School Board meeting told me why they’re speaking out against the board’s actions. 

6 Things Alexandria Schools Prioritized Before Getting Students Back In Classrooms

ACPS failed to return students to their classrooms until August 2021, but that doesn’t mean the school board stopped pushing partisan agendas.

When Did Sexual Assault In Schools Become A Partisan Issue?

Does the left hate conservatives so much that, once voices on the right speak up for a young girl’s right to bodily safety, that issue is suddenly anathema?

DeSantis Invites Shipping Companies To Florida Ports As Vessels Idle In California Backlogs

Amid global supply chain shortages, Florida ports are taking on extra vessels and offering incentives to companies to send goods through the Sunshine State.

In ‘No Time To Die,’ Bond Gave Us A Truly Strong Woman When No One Else Would

Who would have thought, as Hollywood fervently dishes out girlbosses, that one of the most compelling, inspiring female leads of late would be a Bond girl?

The Enneagram: Helpful Personality Tool Or False Theology?

Before taking the musings of a 1960s shaman to heart — or ascribing them a pseudo-theological value — you should know what you’re getting into.

Yes, Terry McAuliffe, Critical Race Theory Is In Virginia Schools

Critical race theory is in Virginia public schools, and McAuliffe is either lying out of his rear or ignorant about one of the hottest topics in his state.

Biden’s Fake Oval Office Is The Scandal Media Invented About Trump

Remember when Trump gave a video speech from the South Lawn, and the media suggested with horror (and no apparent reason) that he was using a greenscreen?