Elle Reynolds
Elle Reynolds
Elle Reynolds

Elle Reynolds is an assistant editor at The Federalist, and received her B.A. in government from Patrick Henry College with a minor in journalism. You can follow her work on Twitter at @_etreynolds.

Big Tech’s Right-Wing Defenders Paved The Way For Biden’s Censorship Collusion

Maybe Big Tech’s censorship campaign with the White House will make David French realize tech giants aren’t going to stay in their private-company lane. 

Yes, It’s Okay For Journalists To Be Biased. It’s Not Okay To Parade Lies As Fact While Silencing Debate

Bias isn’t the problem. It’s when a gaslighting monopolistic media hegemon insists that lies are facts and anyone who questions them is ‘disinformation.’

Record-Breaking Olympian Sydney McLaughlin Is Using Her Platform The Right Way

McLaughlin isn’t just good. She also seems to treat the Olympics as a chance to glorify God and honor her country, not a self-promoting publicity stunt.

I Flew To California, And It Was Like Going A Year Back In Time

People wearing masks on default and businesses newly opening were common sights elsewhere last year, but these are still status quo in parts of California.

The Grand Old American Pastime Of Blowing Things Up

In judicious hands, the ability to blow things up represents Americans’ fearless legacy of harnessing the powers of nature in the pursuit of innovation.

When Leftists Say They Love ‘The Constitution,’ They Don’t Mean The Real One

The progressive project at its core means subverting the original American Constitution and its promise of securing Americans’ natural rights, replacing it with a different kind of nation entirely.

Dear NFL: If ‘Football Is Queer,’ Why Haven’t You Signed Megan Rapinoe?

If the NFL really wants to be inclusive, they should put their oh-so-exorbitant amounts of money where their virtue-signaling mouth is.

The Cottagecore Aesthetic Is Giving Gen Z Girls A Rendezvous With Femininity

In a remarkably unfeminine age, why are Gen Z girls so eager to dress like 1950s housewives and Jane Austen protagonists?

If Discrimination Against Women Actually Fazed Leftists, COVID Vaccine Concerns Would Too

It’s an old trope of sexism to brush off women’s sincere opinions, patting them on the head with condescending assurances that their superiors know better.

Judge In Florida Cruise Line Lawsuit Reminds CDC It Isn’t Congress

A federal judge pushed back on the CDC’s COVID power grab on Friday in a lawsuit challenging the agency’s mandate that cruise passengers be vaccinated.

What My Dad Taught Me, His Daughter, About Manhood — And Why It Matters

We have a cultural imperative to teach boys how to be men, but also to teach girls what masculinity looks like, and to both respect and expect it.

Radical Feminism Has A Long History Of Objectifying Women. ‘Birthing Persons’ Is Just The Latest Example

I’ve been blessed to have men in my life who have always treated me with dignity and kindness — I can’t say American feminism has done the same.

15 Times The Biden Administration Snapped At Its Media Cheerleaders

Biden can’t stop asking reporters to ‘give him a break’ when the corporate media repeatedly hand him break after break on silver platters.

Read This History Of The American Flag, Then Go Put One In Your Yard

On this Flag Day, take a moment to reflect on both the well-cherished and little-known history of Old Glory.

Don’t Think Big Media Is In Big Tech’s Pocket? Watch This ‘Good Morning America’ Amazon Ad

When Big Tech and corporate media collude together to sell you propaganda instead of news, you shouldn’t be surprised — but you should be concerned.

Fauci’s Efforts To Kill Handshakes Failed, Thank Goodness

After a year-long attempt to replace our daily lives with a sterile and fearful ‘new normal,’ the handshake is one more thing we shouldn’t let go.

Corporate LGBT Pride Pushes The End Of The Constitution, Not Inclusion

Behind the confetti-sprinkled ads, hundreds of corporations are throwing their support at canceling the First Amendment through the Equality Act.

Douglas Murray: Big Tech Censors Are Unqualified To Talk About Free Speech

‘These companies talk about free speech as if nobody thought about it until a seminar they had some time last semester,’ Murray said.

Domenech: Our Leaders Are Oz And It’s Time To Pull Back The Curtain

‘Our federal government [is] just a bunch of elderly men pulling levers, hoping if they say ‘amen and awomen’ they can white knuckle it to the end.’

The CDC Is Trying To Scare Florida’s Cruise Industry Into Submission Or Break It

Other industries have been allowed to open with no such vaccine mandate from the CDC, and the state of Florida wants the same standards applied to cruises.