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WATCH: Kari Lake Outwits Reporter Who Probes Her Mainstream Abortion Views But Not Opponent’s Extremism

Kari Lake’s abortion comments
Image CreditKari Lake/Twitter

Corporate media want voters to believe it’s Republicans who must defend their pro-life stance, but as Arizona’s GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake pointed out in a recent exchange with a reporter, it is Democrats who should have to explain their support for abortion through all nine months of pregnancy.

“Abortion is effectively banned in the state right now. Tell me, is that something that you support?” the reporter for Arizona’s Family asked Lake at a Republican National Committee campaign event.

“I support saving as many lives as possible,” Lake said. “And what I really want to know and I’ve been waiting, I tune into you guys all the time, I want to know where Katie Hobbs stands, but I never hear you guys ask for that.”

Katie Hobbs, Arizona’s secretary of state and Lake’s Democrat opponent, says abortion is “health care” and that women should have “access to safe, legal abortions, period.” Her language mirrors the rhetoric often invoked by other radical pro-abortion Democrats who advocate for the legalized killing of babies on demand.

Sometimes, as Lake noted, this includes leaving babies who are born alive during a failed abortion to die without care. Despite that, the media haven’t pushed Hobbs or any other Democrats on their extreme stance, which is wildly out of touch with the majority of American voters.

“I’m happy to get back to you on this when you find out where Katie Hobbs stands,” Lake told the reporter. “Because let me tell you where she stands. She supports abortion right up until birth and after birth. She supports if a baby survives a botched abortion, that that baby die on a metal tray. And none of you ever tried to get her to talk about her stance. So get back to me after you do.”

Arizona recently reinstated a 15-week abortion ban, something many Republican and even Democrat voters favor. Lake admitted she wasn’t sure where she stood on the law, which allows exemptions if a mother’s life is in danger, but said she is a staunch defender of life in the womb and plans to enact life-saving policies if she is elected.

“I’m pro-life,” Lake said. “My plan would be that every woman who walks into an abortion clinic knows that there are options out there. They don’t have to choose that. There are families who would love to adopt a baby. And right now, the way it’s been going, they go in and they only have one option. That’s it. Nobody tells them that there are other options. We want to help our women. If they’re afraid, we want to help them. We want to give women health care, and I want to help people.”

“I want to debate this topic on Oct. 12,” Lake added. “But [Hobbs] really needs to show up for that debate.”

With the help of the media, Hobbs isn’t just getting away with refusing to debate Lake. She’s also getting away with championing the demise of vulnerable human lives without scrutiny.

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