Carrie Gress
Carrie Gress

Carrie Gress is a Fellow at Ethics and Public Policy Center. A mother of five, she has a doctorate in philosophy from the Catholic University of America and is the author of several books, including “The Anti-Mary Exposed: Rescuing the Culture from Toxic Femininity,” and “Theology of Home.” She is the editor of the online women’s magazine

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The feminists’ march to androgyny appears to give women more options. In reality, they cut women off from the very things that lead to flourishing and happiness.

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Millions of pro-life women stay invisible, ignored by celebrities, women’s magazines, politicians, and the left. This has to change.

The Patriarchy Has Been Replaced By A Stifling Matriarchy

Instead of skirt lengths and eye-shadow hues, the matriarchy suggests harmful intellectual trends that we scarcely know are being dictated to us through every possible avenue

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Women today are supposed to ‘be bold and assertive,’ but could all this girl-power actually undermine our best efforts at finding marital bliss?