Ashley Bateman
Ashley Bateman
Ashley Bateman

Ashley Bateman is a writer, teacher, and mother of three who lives in Virginia.

Cases Litigating Lockdown Overreach Will Eventually Overrun Courts

Religious and voting rights in times of a national crisis are going to flood the courts, who are being asked uphold First Amendment and other rights.

Coronavirus Has Caused A Boom In Telehealth, But Will It Last?

Telehealth has lagged behind other tech advances over the past decade, but COVID-19 restrictions are leaving health care providers without any other options.

Doctors Express Hope, Questions About Using Malaria Drugs To Combat Coronavirus

In the near-term, readily available drugs azithromycin and plaquenil appear to present a limited solution to severe coronavirus cases under careful medical supervision.

As Coronavirus Hits Hospitals, The Ugly Specter Of Euthanasia Raises Its Head

MSN News recently reported that U.S. hospitals are discussing ‘do not resuscitate’ orders for coronavirus patients, ‘regardless of the wishes of the patient or their family members.’

Wuhan Virus Restrictions Are Giving Pregnant Women The Shaft As They Go Into Labor

Thanks to new COVID-19 restrictions, women are losing access to their spouses, partners, and doulas where they need them most: in labor.

What Today’s Insanely Left Democratic Party Is Doing With Virginia Will Scare You

Virginia Democrats mistake their legislative control as a mandate for extreme liberal social re-engineering — and it shows where the rest of the party is headed.

Democrats Seek To Fulfill Promise Of Until-Birth Abortion In Virginia

As the next General Assembly is set to open January 8, pro-abortion leaders in the Senate and House are making good on their promise to push a radical agenda in the legislature.

‘Holiday Candles’ Can’t Change The Fact That Abortion Isn’t ‘Magical’

The physical ramifications of abortion are serious and can be life-threatening to the mother, besides of course ending the life of a child—as ‘magical’ as that sounds.

Boy Whisperer Michael Gurian’s First Novel Delves Into The Roots Of Male Trauma

‘The Stone Boys’ is an intense journey depicting alternate paths for traumatized youth and the choices that ultimately lead to redemption or defeat.

Today’s Election Will Determine The Future Of Late-Term Abortions In Virginia

Last legislative session, Virginia Democrats favored a radical late-term abortion law, mirroring New York’s Reproductive Health Act, which would allow abortion until birth.

Not In Our State: Virginians Rally For Life In Response To Pro-Infanticide Gov. Ralph Northam

Scenes from Virginia’s recent March for Life, where pro-lifers came to Richmond to protest the radical bills being pushed by the abortion lobby.

In Response To Attacks, New Florida Law Aims To Protect Religious Expression In Public Schools

The state’s landmark legislation aims to protect religious expression, even as we see a national decrease in religious freedoms in public education.

Why So Many Military Families Find Homeschooling A Good Fit

Across the nation and even across highly ‘military’ populated states, military children face variable academic requirements, systems, and learning styles.

Female Physicist Creates World’s First Government-Approved Birth Control App

If approved in the United States, Natural Cycles would provide Americans a drug-free alternative in a market saturated with hormonal and abortive birth control.

Unions Attack Betsy DeVos To Sideline The Research That Supports Her Ideas

Her opponents fight the person, but Betsy DeVos’s platform is sound education reform.

Millennials Prefer Private Schools Yet Vote Against School Choice

More than 7 in 10 millennial parents support the ability of parents to control their child’s education spending. But they keep voting for politicians who refuse to give parents that power.

Is Trunk Or Treat Driving Trick Or Treating Out Of The Neighborhood?

Trunk or Treat has quietly overtaken the American suburban neighborhood. Is it for better, or for worse? Depends on your preferences.

Obama Administration Tells Black Parents Their School Choices Are Racist

The U.S. Department of Justice has resurrected a 1965 case to impose its will on a Mississippi school district, ignoring local efforts to integrate through school choice.

‘Mercy Street’ Displays The Intricacies Of America’s Experience With Slavery

PBS’s new ‘Mercy Street’ brings complicated, thoughtful historical drama back to the United States.

George Washington’s Anti-Slavery Legacy

As he fought to free Americans from foreign tyranny, George Washington also set a quieter example to his countrymen of what it means that ‘All men are created equal.’