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Jill Biden’s $100 Million Women’s Health Initiative Won’t Make Up For The Ways This Administration Hurts Them

This administration has burdened women with many costs — costs that contribute to women remaining ignored, understudied, underfunded, and sick.


First Lady Jill Biden announced recently that $100 million in federal funding would be allocated to “life-changing” research and development in women’s health. The White House initiative will contribute to the building of a health care system that “puts women and their lived experiences at its center,” Biden said, one in which women would no longer be an “afterthought.” One in which “women don’t just survive with chronic conditions, but lead long and healthy lives,” she said, standing alongside Maria Shriver in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

That same day, standing in capitol square alongside pro-life legislators, abortion victims, students, and working-class Americans in Richmond, Virginia, Lt. Gov. Winsome Earle-Sears cried before a crowd over the lives lost to abortion. Over the women whose lives are irreparably devastated; the families torn apart; the mental, physical, and emotional damage that is incurred and ignored by the Biden administration. “There is a cost,” she said. “There is a cost.”

This administration has burdened American women with many costs — costs that contribute to women remaining ignored, understudied, underfunded, and very, very sick.

This administration urges the widespread availability of mail-order abortion, ignoring the severity and sometimes fatal effect on women. This administration refuses to fully protect and support women athletes. This administration chose health leaders who have historically fought to preserve physician-assisted suicide, as women increasingly become the sick population most at-risk from these death laws.

This administration has effectively shut down adoptions that would support a woman in a crisis pregnancy and her child by manipulating the language defining the family and attempting to coerce Christian agencies into compliance. This administration incentivized businesses and schools to install mandates requiring pregnant women and children to take experimental vaccines contraindicated during pregnancy.

Jill Biden’s plan is to fund innovative research and development, yet this administration just approved “march-in” authority on drug pricing, directly restricting the research and development plans of companies who do not have her invested $100 million. This stifles competition and results in fewer options for women.

There are so many complex contributors to a woman’s health, and this administration installs measures of entrapment. Women in America are dying in the name of this new “equity.” Meanwhile, young women’s mental health declines.

The first lady’s initiative falls under the White House Gender Policy Council, which has the stated goal of “supporting access to health care for LGBTQI+ youth.” Her researchers are receiving funding from an administration that fails to recognize the basic biology of a woman, legally protecting “affirming care” that has led to devastating gender surgeries. Biden promises to center care on women under an administration that cannot define basic biological truths.

Women Are Suffering

When women are kept body illiterate, they are less likely to seek and receive proper care. Biden’s initiative, like most cost- and government-driven health care, ignores excellent, individualized care already available on the market that deserves immediate recognition and pursuit.

The severe hormonal changes a woman undergoes during menopause, a major point of interest in Biden’s research, is not new or unique. But this post-feminist treatment of women and the family is novel and destructive.

It is clear women are suffering. It is clear women are sick. What is not clear is how Biden intends to lead an effort of healing amid the distortion, derision, and dissociation from the family and womanhood that defines much of the public policy of this administration.

On Wednesday, Lt. Gov. Earle-Sears said, “Let’s pray that hearts will be changed. Let’s pray that our legislators will be changed. That the laws will be changed.” In the meantime, those who stand for life and the dignity of every woman will continue to forge ahead without the government’s support and without government funding.

Biden’s initiative is funded by the working class. Her $100 million is their tax money. But she does not represent the majority of American women in how she spends their money.

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