Emily Jashinsky
Emily Jashinsky
Emily Jashinsky is culture editor at The Federalist. She previously covered politics as a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner. Prior to joining the Examiner, Emily was the spokeswoman for Young America's Foundation. She is a regular guest on Fox News and Fox Business, and her work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, Real Clear Politics, and more. Emily serves on the Young America's Foundation Board of Directors and the National Journalism Center's Board of Governors. Originally from Wisconsin, she is a graduate of George Washington University.
How The Media Missed The Story On The Women’s March

With more critical reporting on the Women’s March, we could have avoided elevating someone who sympathizes with an anti-Semite.

Ellen DeGeneres’s ‘Relatable’ Is A Gentle But Necessary Counterpoint To ‘Nanette’

The most important answer to Hannah Gadsby’s groundbreaking ‘Nanette’ came quietly from Ellen DeGeneres in ‘Relatable,’ the comedian’s new stand-up special.

On ‘The View,’ Women’s March Co-President Tamika Mallory Refuses To Condemn Louis Farrakhan’s Anti-Semitism

Pressed to condemn Louis Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic remarks during a Monday appearance on ‘The View,’ Women’s March co-president Tamika Mallory refused.

‘Proud To Live Boldly In Faith With You’: Chris Pratt Engaged To Katherine Schwarzenegger

Christian celebrities Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger announced their engagement in an Instagram post late Sunday night.

Janet Is A Painful Case Study In The Wide-Reaching Consequences Of Declining Communities

There are many Janets in our country, people longing for the ‘close-knit community’ she mourns, something that once supported many of us almost by default.

‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’ Sorely Disappoints

To watch ‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’ is to be disappointed. At least if your expectations were unreasonably high, as mine were.

Please Enjoy This Video Of Jim Acosta Owning Himself At The Border Wall

Jim Acosta’s latest video report from the border wall must truly be seen to be believed.

A Comprehensive Round-Up Of The Best ‘Chuck And Nancy’ Memes

‘Chuck and Nancy’ gave the Internet plenty to talk about in their response to President Trump’s immigration address on Tuesday.

Survey Suggests Media Overstates Me Too’s Positive Benefits For Women

To say Me Too uprooted the press and Hollywood is probably fair. But the earthquake sensed in newsrooms and boardrooms may be skewing the media’s coverage.

Zero Trump Mentions At 2019 Golden Globes

Hollywood dispensed with what now constitutes years of tradition and declined to even mention Donald Trump at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday.

13 Great Moments That Made The Golden Globes Slightly More Bearable

Here are all the moments that made an underwhelming 2019 Golden Globes broadcast just a little bit easier to make it through.

Carol Burnett Was The Highlight Of The Golden Globes

Watching the Carol Burnett struggle to hold back her tears was a bright spot in an otherwise underwhelming Golden Globes broadcast. 

The Enduring Beauty Of Bre Payton

We can be confident Bre Payton’s heavenly image is even more stunning than her earthly one. And that’s no easy feat at all.

Best Reality TV Moment of 2018: ‘It’s Not About The Pasta’

‘It’s not about the pasta’ was reality television’s greatest gift in 2018: petty, nonsensical, booze-fueled inanity— but with a kernel of relatability.

Why The Tucker Carlson Boycott Is Bad For Everyone

The left is asking corporations to exert even more control over political speech in mass media by urging advertisers to pull out of Tucker Carlson’s show.

‘Laverne And Shirley’ Highlights The Dying Art Of Opening Credits

Done right, opening credits orient us, endearing viewers to characters and settings. ‘Laverne & Shirley’ understood that.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Biopic ‘On the Basis of Sex’ Latest Hollywood Film With Chinese Backing

As more and more movies are funded by Chinese sources, the risk that China is exerting influence over explicitly political projects will inevitably rise.  

Here’s One Remaining Question On The Takedown Of Kevin Hart

What was actually accomplished by pushing Kevin Hart out of hosting the Academy Awards?

A&E’s Docuseries ‘The Clinton Affair’ Illuminates Our Stunted Politics

‘The Clinton Affair’ is a compelling and worthwhile trip down memory lane.

Anticipating Blowback From Feminists, Megan Fox Keeps Me Too Stories Private

Women who diverge at all from progressive dogma don’t feel supported by the people professionally dedicated to the cause of sexual equality. That’s a problem.