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Media Activists Won’t Grill Democrats On Unpopular Abortion Extremism Because They Agree With It


As if it wasn’t already apparent from their overblown coverage advocating against abortion restrictions like the 15-week abortion ban Sen. Lindsey Graham introduced last week, the corrupt corporate media is not interested in making Democrats reckon with their deeply unpopular abortion extremism.

Republican Sen. Marco Rubio confirmed that this week when he “emailed 55 different reporters from 40 major news outlets” asking if they ever bothered to press Democrats on whether they support any restrictions on abortion, when a baby in the womb is considered viable, and whether Planned Parenthood is qualified to declare a pregnant mother’s life is in danger.

Democrats have poured more than $124 million into TV advertisements with hopes of making abortion their topline midterm issue. Rubio’s own challenger Val Demings put millions towards ads promoting abortion, voted to codify unlimited abortion, urged Democrats in the Senate to ignore the restraints of the filibuster to vote the same, and admitted that she believes abortionists should be able to change the parameters of viability to accommodate women’s desires to get abortions.

Despite this intense and expensive commitment to promoting unlimited, on-demand abortion, blue politicians have escaped any scrutiny about their unpopular abortion stances from their allies in the corporate media.

That’s why it’s no surprise that of the dozens of outlets Rubio emailed, including ABC News, Axios, Bloomberg, CBS News, CNN, NBC News, New York Post, NPR, the Associated Press, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and more, each one failed to “provide documentation it had asked Democrats a single tough question on abortion.” 

In fact, Rubio reported the only three corporate media mouthpieces that responded to his inquiry were defensive. Business Insider even published a piece classifying Rubio’s questions as “combative.”

“Democrats get away with murder, literally. They are never pushed to answer specific questions about where they stand on the taking of human life,” Rubio said in a statement. “The truth is that every single Democrat supports taxpayer funded abortion without any restrictions up until the moment a child is born. That is the truth, but Democrats never have to explain their radical position, because the press is all too willing to cover for them.”

Rubio is right. The corporate press is not just failing to ask tough questions. Media outlets are deliberately refusing to ask key questions because they know doing so will expose Democrats’ abortion views for what they are: unpopular, unjust, and extreme.

“There is no benefit to asking Democrats tough questions because their readers—the people that pay their salaries—don’t want to hear it. Besides, they agree with the Democrats anyway,” Rubio continued.

Democrats’ radical track record when it comes to abortion is no secret. They want to push unlimited abortions in all 50 states and will stop at nothing, including the filibuster, to ensure it happens.

Yet, while voters are busy trying to cover their increasingly expensive grocery bills, wondering how they will pay for electricity this month, and thinking about which 2022 midterm candidates will help lower prices at the pump, the press is aiding Democrats in their mission to make their radical abortion campaign national by ignoring the vilest, most obvious premise of that campaign.

That’s not just a dereliction of duty, that’s purposeful enabling of the left’s abortion propaganda without remorse.

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