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Corporate Media Wants To Silence The Federalist Because It Can’t Compete


The legacy media’s ability to conceal its blatant bias, disregard for free speech, and fear of open debate came to a spectacularly humiliating end on June 16, 2020.

Objective mainstream media went extinct years ago, but were still able to hide behind a thin patina of historical reputation and clout. No longer.

In an apparent collaboration with a leftist activist group from the United Kingdom, the eerily named “Verification Unit” of NBC News lobbied Google to demonetize the website you’re reading right now. The deplorable sin committed by The Federalist? Speaking out against the Approved Narrative regarding the riots following the death of George Floyd and the radical nature of Black Lives Matter.

What NBC News ultimately failed to do on Tuesday wasn’t journalism. It was a digital assassination attempt.

Americans with ears to hear and eyes to see should be ready: The Cancel Mobs are here. They’re coming for any opinions, any thoughts, any ideas ever-so-slightly outside of the accepted script, and with every ounce of their power.

An Unholy Alliance

What we are witnessing right now is a concerted effort by the legacy media and its radical activist allies to weaponize tech giants like Google in order to eliminate all dissenting voices. Most egregious is the fact that NBC News lobbied Google at the behest of the Center for Countering Digital Hate, a left-wing organization with ties to the British Labour party, and its project “Stop Funding Fake News.” This was not a concern for journalistic integrity — this was Karen “calling the manager” gone nuclear.

Adele-Momoko Fraser, a producer with the NBC News Verification Unit, bragged about getting The Federalist demonetized by having Google remove its ability to make money off its ad platform. Unfortunately, this turned out to be the exact sort of “fake news” Fraser and the CCDH claim to fight.

It was eventually revealed that, no, Google did not demonetize The Federalist. Google clarified that the issue wasn’t with any particle opinion article but rather content found in the comments section. When Google warned further action was forthcoming if the site’s comments sections weren’t removed, The Federalist complied — at least temporarily.

Critical Misfire

It should be noted that NBC News not only bungled their own reporting but is one of the last legacy media outlets that should be hurling accusations of malpractice. Recall NBC News is the outlet that covered up for Matt Lauer, suppressed the truth about Harvey Weinstein, and still employs Brian Williams (via MSNBC) after he was exposed for false reporting dating back to 2003.

The NBC News report filed by Fraser claims part of the “research” provided to her and subsequently sent to Google included a Federalist article “claiming the media had been lying about looting and violence during the protests.”

On this matter alone, there are innumerable examples of the media gaslighting Americans to think rioting and looting weren’t a big deal. The pièce de résistance remains MSNBC’s Ali Velshi assuring viewers a Floyd “protest” was “not generally speaking unruly” all while giant flames exploded into the air from a burning building directly behind him.

The Center for Countering Digital Hate has not publicly rebutted anything specifically written in the article in question. Nor have they been able to point to dangerous falsehoods, calls to acts of physical violence, or any racism published by The Federalist. Here’s why: there aren’t any. But what NBC News, the CCDH, and their comrades cannot abide is the work The Federalist has done.

During the almost four weeks since Floyd’s death, The Federalist hasn’t been afraid to expose the dangerous ideologies driving the Black Lives Matter movement, the threat of cancel culture, and the media’s malfeasance, hypocrisy, and exploitation of the coronavirus pandemic to push a partisan political agenda while they claim to be watchdogs of honesty and truth.

Silencing Dissent Is All That’s Left

Despite the clever naming of activist groups like the CCDH, this isn’t about “hate” speech, which these days is anything that goes against the current claims of radical leftist neo-Marxists. It also isn’t about free speech. This is the left’s latest attempt to rig a battle of ideas that, despite numerous advantages, it’s still losing. It’s about who can say what, in what way, about whom, and which groups The Anointed have declared to be strictly “off-limits.”

Due to the ever-growing list of topics that are now barred from public discussion, at this point, it would be easier to list what and who you are allowed to criticize with little fear of being “canceled,” doxxed, or fired from your job. Heaven forbid you to have the cosmic misfortunate of sharing multiple intersectional traits belonging to the “oppressor” classes as judged by Black Lives Matter and its radical allies.

Straight, Caucasian, Christian, American men: you might as well preemptively cover your mouth with duct tape and never touch an electronic device again, because it’s time for you to be silent and “listen.” How long? Until all measurable and immeasurable inequality is erased from every corner of the globe.

If that sounds unreasonably absurdist and utopian, well, that’s because it is.

All the Water in the Desert

At this point, it’s hard not to view Google as an omnipresent quasi-governmental entity, elected by no one, and effectively unaccountable. As economist and philosopher Robert Nozick explains, the Lockean theory of property has limits:

A person may not appropriate the only water hole in a desert and charge what he will. Nor may he charge what he will if he possesses one, and unfortunately it happens that all the water holes in the desert dry up, except for his.

Congress needs to take a hard look into whether Google has reached a level of dominance akin to holding all of the water amidst the wide-open desert of the internet. If that is genuinely the case, and Section 230—which essentially excuses websites for things said in comments sections—is applied to some sites but not others, it is time for Americans to ask: How long can this be allowed to continue?

Of course, Google would be incredibly hard-pressed to moderate or police the millions of incendiary comments posted on YouTube (a website owned by Google). Nor, it should be noted, has Google clamped down on the toxic comment sections of left-wing websites like Daily Kos, Jezebel, or The Young Turks.

For now, The Federalist as made it through this brazen, cowardly, and treacherous attempt at stifling an influential online voice during a pivotal election year. Yet as co-founders of The Federalist Ben Domenech and Sean Davis have both pointed out, the vast majority of individual Americans — and smaller enterprises — have little hope of resisting if organizations like the NBC News Verification Unit or the CCDH believe the approved Untouchables or the right Sacred Words haven’t been shown enough homage.

Ultimately, NBC News and its ilk probably just did America a favor. The mask is finally off. Never again should there be any doubt that the legacy media is anything but biased and working hand-in-glove with leftists.

In their clumsy censorious collusion, they have revealed their fear; fear that a growing silent majority of Americans aren’t “woke” but are waking up to the reality that NBC News and its ilk aren’t for them, their values, or anything resembling the truth. As George R.R. Martin has put it, “When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”

NBC News tried to silence a portion of this country’s free press this week, and failed. Americans of all stripes must speak out against the bullying tactics of those who stand against free speech and the values this country was built on — while they still can.