Joshua Lawson
Joshua Lawson
Joshua Lawson

Joshua Lawson is a graduate of Queen’s University and Hillsdale College where he received a master’s degree in American politics and political philosophy. Born in Toronto, Canada, he became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 2020. He lives in Michigan with his wife and daughter.

Jordan Peterson’s ‘Beyond Order’ Calls For Balance And Gratitude

‘Beyond Order,’ Jordan B. Peterson’s long-awaited new book, is an insightful, all-too-needed prescription for an anxious, angry, and divided world.

The Season Finale Of ‘The Expanse’ Is Pure Sci-Fi Excellence

In the thrilling season finale of ‘The Expanse,’ the Roci wages a hopeless fight, a rescue turns bittersweet, and Marco pulls out a knife in the dark.

It’s Time To Stop Feeding The Exalted Presidency

We must regain a healthy skepticism of our top leaders and an innate revulsion to anything that smacks of kingliness or imperial deference.

‘The Expanse’ Season Five, Episode Nine: Avasarala Rises To Lead

Amos and Clarissa fight to leave Earth, multiple ships converge on Naomi’s position, and Avasarala takes a principled stand on ‘The Expanse.’

‘The Expanse’ Season Five, Episode Eight: Earth Looks To Strike Back

Naomi races to prevent a trap, Amos heads ‘home’ (again), and Earth weighs its retaliatory options on episode eight of season five of ‘The Expanse.’

If Biden Really Wants Unity, He Will Affirm Equality Under The Law Like Lincoln And Jefferson Did

If Joe Biden wants to unite America, he’d do well to ponder the speeches of Jefferson and Lincoln. Then, his words must be vindicated by his actions.

The Inaros Family Steals The Show On Episode Seven Of ‘The Expanse’

Alex and Bobbie attempt to warn Holden about what’s headed his way, and the Inaros family learns tragic secrets about the past.

Handing Government The Keys To Social Media Would Make Things Far Worse

While the bias, hypocrisy, and illiberal actions of tech companies must be condemned and decried, seeking a government ‘solution’ invites disaster.

The Republican Party Must Return To Being The Party America Needs It To Be

The shameful events of Jan. 6 revealed something deeply wrong in the country. A restored Republican Party must be a part of the solution.

Episode Six Of ‘The Expanse’ Explores The Tribes We Form To Survive

On the sixth episode of the season, ‘The Expanse’ offers a look at the role civilization and true friends play in holding back our inner demons.

Giving 2021 A Fighting Chance Requires We All Choose To Do What Is Hard

Any meaningful shifts in the trajectory of our towns as well as our nation will stem from individuals choosing to do good.

Tension Builds As ‘The Expanse’ Teases Several Dramatic Showdowns

Episode five of the latest season of ‘The Expanse’ sets up deadly confrontations, Alex and Bobbie race for their lives, and Amos has to escape ‘The Pit.’

Pixar’s ‘Soul’ Is A Flawed But Ultimately Satisfying Jazz Anthem To Life

The vision of ‘Inside Out’ and ‘Monsters, Inc.’ director Pete Docter, ‘Soul’ is a sometimes sublime, somewhat flawed entry into the noble Pixar canon.

Multiple Catastrophes Strike On The Latest Episode Of ‘The Expanse’

Disaster engulfs Earth in episode four of season five of ‘The Expanse,’ and Holden tries to stop a situation on Tycho Station from spiraling out of control.

‘Home Alone’ Is 30, And This Christmas Classic Is Even Better With Age

The most valuable lessons of ‘Home Alone’ require a little living first. The film offers much more than just Kevin McCallister vs. The Wet Bandits.

Space Opera ‘The Expanse’ Returns, As Enthralling And Explosive As Ever

The fifth season of Amazon’s ‘The Expanse’ kicks off with a bang, quickly reminding us why it’s one of the best shows on television.

Into The Unknown: The Pilgrims’ Adventurous, Risk-Taking Legacy

The inspiration to pull up stakes and strike out into the perilous unknown is a debt we owe to the Mayflower Pilgrims and first New Englanders.

Grover Cleveland Knew How Thanksgiving Could Lift Up A Hurting Nation

While many presidential Thanksgiving proclamations are worth revisiting in 2020, President Grover Cleveland’s 1888 proclamation is especially resonant.

A Far More Insightful Final Presidential Debate Still Leaves Open Questions

With just days until the polls close, there are still pressing issues the American public needs to hear the presidential candidates honestly address.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos: Families, Not Government, Are The Heart Of American Education

In a speech at Hillsdale College, Sec. DeVos conveyed that in American education, the fight has just begun to restore choice and freedom to every family.