Joshua Lawson
Joshua Lawson
Joshua Lawson

Joshua Lawson is managing editor of The Federalist. He is a graduate of Queen’s University as well as Hillsdale College where he received a master’s degree in American politics and political philosophy. Follow him on Twitter @JoshuaMLawson.

Why I Just Became An American Citizen, And Still Have Hope For The Future

I waited 12 years to finally become a U.S. citizen. Don’t listen to her external or internal foes. America is still the greatest country in the world.

Christians Don’t Need The Black Lives Matter Movement To Defeat Evil

Christianity steeped in neighborly love ended slavery and defeated Jim Crow. The gospel, not the BLM movement, already has what we need to heal the nation.

5 Baseball Movies To Watch If You’re Missing America’s Pastime

An Iowan farmer, a duo of bargain hunters, and a modern Arthurian legend star in some of the best movies to watch this summer if you’re pining for baseball.

Corporate Media Wants To Silence The Federalist Because It Can’t Compete

The failed attempt by NBC News to demonetize The Federalist puts to rest any idea that the legacy media cares about objectivity or free speech.

How Defunding The Police Endangers American Lives, Liberty, And Property

The government does a lot that is absurd, foolish, and wrong, but the last thing we should cut is the state’s role in protecting our lives and property.

You Can Be A Christian, You Can Be A Marxist, But You Can’t Be Both

Christians are being pressured into repeating the beliefs of a neo-Marxist, collective guilt ideology that’s incompatible with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Be Courageous And Stand Firm, America—We Do Not Kneel

Americans didn’t kneel to British tyranny, Nazi fascism, or Soviet communism. We won’t kneel for a collective guilt movement that’s gone off the rails.

The Left’s Normalization Of Collective Guilt Is Ripping America Apart

All decent Americans stand against racism. But if we’re to live as brothers, we must stop indicting all those who share a skin tone for the sins of others.

80 Years Ago, The Miracle At Dunkirk Gave Hope To The Free World

In the dark days of WWII, heroic sacrifice, the leadership of Winston Churchill, and good fortune ensured the survival of the Allied resistance to Hitler.

Comparing The Floyd Riots To The Boston Tea Party Insults Actual Patriots

The Boston Tea Party patriots who protested British oppression have nothing in common with rioters who ravage American cities for personal gain.

The Timeless Theater Classic ‘Our Town’ Speaks Gracefully Of How To Love Life

Thornton Wilder’s life-affirming classic American play ‘Our Town’ reminds us to slow down, treasure the little things, and realize the mundane can contain the beautiful.

Why Republicans And Independents Must Help Joe Biden Defeat Bernie Sanders

If President Trump loses, the GOP can work with Biden and mitigate the damage. A Sanders presidency, however, would be a greater threat to liberty.

Justin Trudeau Fights For His Political Life Against Andrew Scheer Tonight

Your guide to tonight’s 2019 Canadian federal election — pivotal races to watch, bellwethers in each region, and the fight to win the country’s closest election in 40 years.

Conservatives Take The Lead Over Trudeau’s Liberals With Only One Week Until Election Day

Canada’s leftist New Democratic Party soars thanks to Jagmeet Singh’s debate skills, the nationalist Bloc Quebecois shows signs of life, and the Conservatives take the lead with seven days to go.

Two Weeks From Voting, Conservatives Lose Ground And Environment Is Canadians’ No. 1 Voting Issue

Trudeau proposes banning AR-15s, the environment becomes the No. 1 issue for Canadians, and Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer reveals he’s half-American.

Trudeau Weathers Blackface Scandal As Conservatives Look For An Opening

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party remains in a tenuous lead, but with 21 days to go until Election Day, Ontario’s ‘905’ region may hold the key to a Conservative victory.

Here’s Where Canada’s Upcoming Election Stands After Trudeau’s Blackface Scandal

Canada’s Conservatives are gaining in the wake of Trudeau’s humiliating blackface scandal, yet with less than one month to go, the race remains too close to call.

Christians Don’t Need Government Backing To Succeed In Public Or Private Life

Numerous Supreme Court victories and the inspiring growth of the early church show Christians shouldn’t place their faith in government power, but in the Constitution — and God above all.

No, America Wasn’t Built On Slavery, But Faith That All Men Are Created Equal

By reframing America’s founding around slavery, the 1619 Project misreads history and the role Americans played in realizing the ideals of the Declaration.

8 Back-to-School Books To Protect Students Against Leftist Brainwashing

As high school and college students prepare to head back to school, they’re set to enter a lion’s den of anti-American, leftist indoctrination. Here are eight books conservative students need to balance their politicized fare.