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Federalist Co-Founder Sean Davis Responds To NBC, Google Deplatforming Attempt

“NBC, the network that coddled Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer by the way, had partnered with a foreign left-wing group in Europe to after us,” Davis said.


Federalist Co-founder Sean Davis slammed legacy media Tuesday night after NBC News attempted to strip The Federalist of its Google ad revenue by collaborating with a left-wing British think tank to complain to the tech giant about Federalist reporting.

“NBC, the network that coddled Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer by the way, had partnered with a foreign left-wing group in Europe to go after us and to use Google,” Davis said on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

On Tuesday, NBC News reported a story that Google banned The Federalist, along with the website ZeroHedge, from generating ad revenue based on a report by the network’s “verification unit” created with the UK’s “Center for Countering Digital Hate” complaining about the two websites exposing the mainstream media’s deliberate lying over recent protesting that has gripped the nation without citing the stories in question.

Google later released a statement debunking NBC’s reporting. Google said The Federalist had not been demonetized but that it was threatening to introduce sanctions on the website over third-party content in its comment sections. Davis told Tucker Carlson that in response, The Federalist has “temporarily” removed its comment section on pieces but pledged “they will be back.”

“Here we have a foreign unit, NBC that with the Orwellian name the ‘NBC News Verification Unit,’ the irony there is enough to make you laugh, seeking with another left-wing foreign group to de-platform an American media organization,” Davis said, after all kinds of allegations of electoral interfering by foreign entities were raised in the aftermath of 2016. “If this were a just world there would be accountability for that. There would be accountability for fake journalists who go around trying to destroy their competition for the crime of criticizing them.”

Davis emphasized that while The Federalist is a large enough website to weather the storm of big tech censorship, smaller groups don’t have the power to defend themselves from the left-wing cancel mob.

“We have a big audience, we have a lot of influence, we were able to stop this,” said Davis. “Now most people, 99.99 percent of people who get cancelled or de-platformed by these little Marxist cry bullies, they don’t have any recourse and it’s what’s happening to them that’s the real crime.”