Glenn T. Stanton
Glenn T. Stanton
Glenn T. Stanton is a Federalist senior contributor who writes and speaks about family, gender, and art, is the director of family formation studies at Focus on the Family, and is the author of the brand new "The Myth of the Dying Church" (Worthy, 2019). He blogs at
Could ‘Stay-at-Home’ Orders Give Birth To A Global Baby Boom?

It has long been a cultural phenomenon that when people are confined to their homes due to dramatic weather events, babies start springing forth nine months later.

Why ‘Gaying Up’ Straight Marriages Would Make Them Worse, Not Better

Professor Stephanie Coontz was recently published in The New York Times informing us that if the straights would make our marriages ‘gayer’ we would be all the better for it.

The Atlantic Obviously Doesn’t Have Any Idea ‘What It Means To Be A Man’

The Atlantic’s new cover story is just the latest installation in its long attack on manhood. But the author’s findings don’t support the existence of rampant toxic masculinity.

Behold Two Paintings That Show A Miraculous Christmas Meeting

Two historic women, one old and one young, were the first to welcome and praise the Savior of the world. And two glorious paintings communicate the beauty of these wondrous events.

The Atlantic: Gender-Reveal Parties Kill People. Yes, Kill People

A recent article asks, with all seriousness, ‘How Many People Have to Die Before We’re Done with Gender Reveals?’ If I had to guess, I would say somewhere between 38 to 42.

Research Finds Conservatives Are More Happy, Generous, And Purposeful Than Liberals

Despite the left telling people otherwise, research finds conservatives have happier families, find more meaning in life, are generally happier overall, and donate far more money and time to the needy than their liberal peers do.

Why Sex And Gender Are Not Two Different Things

It cannot be stated strongly enough. There is no, not one, not even a wisp of a scientific discovery that requires we now understand sex and gender as two different things.

Why What You Do In The Bedroom Doesn’t Ever Stay There

Social science and cultural analysis reveal that sex affects everything and everybody, from the community park to the foundations of democracy itself.

Abortion Supporters Wish Rape On Pro-Lifers, Cut Out Beating Hearts, Practice On Papayas

As the abortion industrial complex grows bolder in telling us what it’s actually about, it is time for all decent people of conscience to join them. Stop glossing over what abortion actually is.

Amazon Bans Books About Same-Sex Attraction, But Not Nazi Propaganda

Amazon will sell you any white supremacist book you want to buy. But they won’t sell books that gay activists dislike.

CA Legislators Blame Religious People For High LGBT Suicide Rates

There is no reputable, serious research showing people commit suicide because a particular religion refuses to embrace homosexuality. None.

No, God Doesn’t Love Abortion, And If You Say So You’re Not A Real Pastor

The Atlantic’s headline writers must have envisioned people concluding abortion might not be so bad if a pastor thinks it’s moral.

Media Loves Book Insisting Boys Are The Problem With Boyhood

The much-lauded parenting author Michael Reichert believes the only thing we have to fear about boyhood is boyhood itself.

No, Christianity Doesn’t Need To Endorse Homosexuality To Grow

Rev. Oliver Thomas is simply one in a long line of terribly misguided clergy who believe the best thing for the church is to stop being Christian.

No, Non-Believers Are Not Increasing In America

Weak Christianity is getting weaker and robust, and orthodox Christianity is getting stronger in terms of adherents, if not by theological maturity.

Warren Farrell’s ‘The Boy Crisis’: ‘I Am Sorry For Being A Man’

Unfortunately, what could otherwise be a good book is ruined by the author’s own self-importance and a sorry lack of central theme and guidance.

The United Methodists Just Dodged A Kill Shot By Reaffirming God’s Design For Sex

The United Methodist Church not only refused to mutilate clear biblical teaching on same-sex couples and gay clergy, it voted to strengthen its adherence to biblical sexual ethics.

Meet Black American Women Who Smashed Stereotypes With Achievement

Considering the obstacles they had to overcome, it was relatively quickly that African-American women, rising out of the evil chains of slavery, attained distinction as brilliant and notable scholars.

The United States’ First Two Self-Made Female Millionaires Are A Racial Success Story

Madam C.J. Walker and Annie Malone succeeded by developing brilliant business models and strong work ethics at a time when many doors were closed to them.

How To Improve Yourself By Reading Really Old Books

A huge number of books have survived to this very day, never having gone out of print, for a simple reason: bibliographical Darwinism. They deserve readers.