Glenn T. Stanton
Glenn T. Stanton

Glenn T. Stanton is a Federalist senior contributor who writes and speaks about family, gender, and art, is the director of family formation studies at Focus on the Family, and is the author of the brand new “The Myth of the Dying Church” (Worthy, 2019). He blogs at

Huge Increase In LGBT Identification Casts Doubt On ‘Born This Way’ Claim

The new data tell us people are simply becoming more elastic in how they view their sexuality and gender. And if sexuality is elastic, that has huge implications.

How A U.S. President And A Former Slave Who Sometimes Disagreed Became Friends

One was born in a one-room cabin in Kentucky. The other, born into slavery in Maryland. In time, they became two of America’s best leaders.

Stable Families Are Helping Protect Kids From Lockdown-Induced Depression And Suicide

All other things being equal, children from married, two-parent homes are doing better amid COVID-19 than those in other familial situations.

Outrage Over Max Lucado Shows There Is No Room For Dissent In LGBT Church Politics

Max Lucado’s singular message is God’s unending love for everyone, but his invitation to speak at the National Cathedral sent the Episcopal Church reeling.

How Donald J. Trump Accidentally Revived ‘Objective Truth’

At the very least, Donald J. Trump served to convince the left that objective truth does indeed exist and it does make unbending claims on all of us.

Abortion Supporters Are No Longer Lying About Their Cruelty

It’s worth asking how the pro-abortion movement in the United States and abroad has become so inhumanely callous and cruel.

New England Journal Of Wokeness Erases Its Medical Credentials With False Article About Gender Identity

The charge that sex designations on a birth certificate is medically ill-advised stands contrary to even the most basic understanding of science.

Why Other Queers Are Stuffing Lesbians Back In The Closet

The stubborn fact that male and female each have an objective nature will ultimately be the end of contemporary gender theory, and it looks like the lesbians are the canary in that coal mine.

Fewer Americans Are Marrying Now Than Ever, But Those Who Do Love It More

Divorce has finally hit its lowest point in 50 years, and studies show coronavirus is giving couples a renewed appreciation for each other and for marriage.

Who Calls The Presidential Election? It’s Not The Media, It’s The Constitution

The next president of the United States will be officially determined, according to our careful and deliberative constitutional routine, on December 14, 2020.

Corporate Media Doubles Down On Hatred For Everyone Who Voted Trump

Leftist columnists want you not to miss this fact: If you voted for Trump, you are a very bad person — not just wrong, not just confused. You are evil.

New Data Shows Climate Change Hysteria Isn’t Grounded In Science

While we must steward the planet God has gifted to us, there is no empirical basis for apocalyptic predictions of impending doom.

National Association Of Scholars Calls For Revoking The 1619 Project Pulitzer Prize

An impressive array of academics signed a letter to the Pulitzer Prize Board calling for it to revoke the prize it ceremoniously awarded to Nikole Hannah-Jones for the New York Times’ 1619 Project.

Airline Eliminates Sex-Specific Greetings To Passengers. Here’s Why It Matters

In the world of gender theory, you’re only a woman if you believe you are. This is the game Japan Airlines and other companies are playing along with.

After Correction, Study That Claimed Mutilating Trans People Helps Them Now Finds The Opposite

We are now informed that no reliable research to date has shown that hormones or surgery are effective in alleviating any of the significantly larger emotional distress transgender people experience.

No Matter How Much The New York Times Pumps Polyamory, It’s Not Good For Kids

Polyamory recently received two glowing write-ups in one of the world’s most influential newspapers: The New York Times.

Nearly Half Of Young Americans Say It’s Okay To Fire People Who Support Trump

Forty-four percent of Americans under age 30 believe a company is correct in firing an executive because he or she made a personal donation to Trump’s reelection campaign.

The Atlantic’s ‘Science’ Writer: Men No Longer Have To Menstruate

The editors at the Atlantic tortured this article beyond any sense of reason to ensure its readers swallow the idea that both men and women have periods and no one should think otherwise.

Black Portland Police Officer Shocked At Racist Things BLM Protestors Scream At Him

From one black Portland police officer’s frontline experience, the Black Lives Matter protests in his city are not about helping black people attain better lives.

The Queer Movement Wants To Convert Christians, Not Coexist

The dream for compromise between those demanding absolute affirmation for ever-evolving gender and sexual convictions and others of strong religious faith is unrealistic — and not because of religious folks.