Glenn T. Stanton
Glenn T. Stanton
Glenn T. Stanton is a Federalist senior contributor who writes and speaks about family, gender, and art, is the director of family formation studies at Focus on the Family, and is the author of the brand new "The Myth of the Dying Church" (Worthy, 2019). He blogs at
NYC’s New Nonbinary Birth Certificates Are A Self-Contradictory, Harmful Mistake

Transgender activists imply that if something that merely exists in the mind can be put into a legal document that follows you for life, it becomes ‘real.’

Watch This Dude Climb 3,200 Feet Of Granite With No Harness In ‘Free Solo’

The film wrestles with the question: Where does physical challenge cross the line into a disregard for the value of human life?

Here’s What 69 Percent Of Americans Say Brings The Greatest Meaning To Their Lives

We must not forget that one of the most important aspects of being human is that we are made for others, and we cannot live in isolation.

Celine Dion’s New ‘Gender-Neutral’ Clothing Is Self-Contradictory And Ugly

Nothing says ‘cool kid’ like having the alphabet printed all over your school pants. But still, they are gender free, so there is that.

In Thousand Oaks, Scores Of Heroic Men Rescued Others From One Evil Man

A number of very good young men stepped up without a thought for their own well-being to protect and usher others to safety during the shooting at Thousand Oaks, California.

Why Accepting The West’s Deluge Of Unmarried Child-Bearing Entrenches Injustice

Choosing to have babies without a husband is not empowering in any degree. Not for the mother. Not for the child. Not for the community or the nation.

Washington Post Celebrates The Ignorant Delusion Of Letting Toddlers ‘Choose’ Their Sex

A recent Washington Post column tells of an almost-three-year-old Naya, whose parents have taken the wonderfully enlightened approach of letting the child decide her own sex.

The Problem With Men Today Isn’t Toxic Masculinity, It’s Passivity

Most women will never meet a truly ‘toxic male,’ whatever that might be. The problem with the guys they come across is the exact opposite. They don’t approach with any intentions.

The New York Times’ Hit Piece On Mike Pence Is Anti-Christian Bigotry, Plain And Simple

Vice President Mike Pence’s original and most damning sin is that he’s a Christian who actually believes what Christians actually believe.

New Study Finding Lesbians Are ‘Just As Good’ As Married Biological Parents Is Fake News

An honest inquisitor will easily find that 99.8 percent of the research the press fawns over on this topic is embarrassingly poor in its basic methodology.

No, Vice President Pence Wasn’t Wrong To Call Faith In America ‘Vibrant’

The Washington Post asserts Mike Pence selectively claimed ‘that the percentage of truly religious [citizens] in the United States have remained consistent in recent decades…’

Here’s The Biggest Legal Flaw In California’s Sexual Orientation Therapy Ban

The problem is this: academics and lawyers don’t agree on what ‘sexual orientation’ actually is. The term is infamously ambiguous.

GQ Discredits Whatever Intellect Its Writers Have With Advice To Ignore The Bible

Given that this is the reasoning a seventh grader uses to resist summer reading, the advice casts the maturity of the GQ editors in a dim light.

The Baby Shortage Downed Toys ‘R’ Us, And It’s Coming For Our Entire Tax Base

What doesn’t happen in the bedroom doesn’t stay in the bedroom. Toys ‘R’ Us can tell you that.

Comparing The Cross To The Electric Chair Makes A Mockery Of What Jesus Suffered

Those conducting an electric chair execution don’t do it as spectator sport, seeing how creatively and how long they can inflict the worst possible pain, suffering, and humiliation while stalling death.

Why Sex Asymetry In STEM Jobs Actually Shows Women Have More Freedom Than Ever

Most women don’t desire to work in certain male-dominated fields, so they make other choices. They do so with complete clarity and full knowledge of what they are doing.

Politico Blames Masculinity For Mass Shootings. Here’s Why That’s Ridiculous

Maleness is not the reason behind suicides, wars, bar fights, robberies, and every other social pathology that are pretty much the exclusive domain of men.

New Harvard Research Says U.S. Christianity Is Not Shrinking, But Growing Stronger

Is churchgoing and religious adherence really in ‘widespread decline’ so much so that conservative believers should suffer ‘growing anxiety’? Absolutely not.

Read The Gospels To Discover The Jesus Nobody Likes To Talk About

The Christian church year marries the Christmas season with looking forward to the end of the world. It’s not just cuddly baby Jesus, but Jesus the eternal judge. And it makes sense.

The Research Proves The No. 1 Social Justice Imperative Is Marriage

For the last 20 years, marital status has increasingly become the central factor in whether our neighbors rise above, remain, or descend into poverty. The research is astounding.