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New York Times Distorts FDA Report On Hydroxychloroquine In Effort To Slam Trump

The FDA is reitterating the known side effects of hydroxychloroquine, so the New York Times doubles down on Trump’s dangerous “touting” of the drug.


The New York Times mischaracterized a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) report on the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine in an overt effort to bash President Donald Trump.

In a Facebook post, the New York Times wrote the two anti-malaria drugs can cause dangerous side effects and should be used cautiously, yet Trump is touting the drugs.

“Breaking News: The FDA warned that two anti-malaria drugs can cause dangerous side effects and should be used cautiously. President Donald J. Trump has touted the drugs,” the post reads.

With the words “breaking news” next to the headline, readers might assume the FDA recently uncovered new, negative side effects for coronavirus patients who are treated with hydroxychloroquine or choloroquine.

What the newly released FDA memo actually says is that they are reiterating that the side effects for coronavirus patients who take hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine are the exact same for patients who take the drugs to treat malaria, lupus, or rheumatoid arthritis. So even though the drugs are FDA-approved for treating malaria, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis, but not yet FDA-approved for treating COVID-19, the potential side effects for all of the above types of patients are the same.

The title of the FDA memo specifically states the agency “Reiterates Importance of Close Patient Supervision.”

While the New York Times is busy attempting to slam Trump for touting hydroxychloroquine, the drug has actually saved lives.

A Democratic lawmaker in Michigan credited President Trump for publicizing hydroxychloroquine and saving her life after she contracted coronavirus.

Michigan State Rep. Karen Whitsett told Fox News that if it weren’t for President Trump pushing the drug through the FDA for off-label use, she may not have lived through the virus.

The New York Times is focused on how the use of hydroxycholoroquine may be dangerous to in order suggest that Trump’s response to the coronavirus is wrong.