Chrissy Clark
Chrissy Clark

Chrissy Clark is a freelance reporter. She reports on higher education and college campus issues. Her work is featured in The Daily Wire, the Washington Free Beacon, and The Daily Signal. Follow her on social media @chrissyclark_ or contact her at [email protected]

Loudoun County Teacher Vows To Keep Critical Race Theory In Classroom Despite District’s Assurances To The Contrary

‘The best thing about the summer is that I can spend all my time planning how to incorporate Critical Race Theory into my lessons,’ tweeted a Loudoun County middle school teacher.

Gov. Whitmer’s Nursing Home Response In Michigan Mimics Andrew Cuomo’s Mistake In New York

Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services Director is sounding the alarm on the inaccurate count of COVID-19 deaths in Michigan nursing homes.

Michigan Governor’s Husband Appears To Have Asked For Boat Service, Despite Whitmer’s Lake Travel Warnings Over Memorial Day

Michigan Gov. Whitmer is in hot water after Facebook posts show her husband requesting a dock company put their boat in the water before Memorial Day.

Charlamagne Tha God Says Biden’s Presidential Ticket Could Bring ‘Voter Depression’

Charlamagne tha God said a moderate vice presidential pick would cause “voter depression” among Democrats in Joe Biden’s boring presidential bid.

Janice Dean’s Tragic Loss Exposes Andrew Cuomo’s Failed Response To Coronavirus In Nursing Homes

On ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight,’ Janice Dean shared the story of losing her mother-in-law and father-in-law to COVID-19 in a New York City nursing home.

David Marcus: New York City Lockdown Must End. Now.

David Marcus joined “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to discuss his front-page article for the New York Post calling to end the NYC lockdown.

Jake Tapper Calls Obamagate ‘Crackpot Conspiracy Theory.’ Here’s 10 Times He Promoted The Trump-Russia Conspiracy

Tapper believes Obamagate is a conspiracy theory, but he was perfectly happy to promote real conspiracy theories like the Trump-Russia collusion hoax.

Ron DeSantis Spits Fire At Mainstream Media For Apocalyptic Reporting On Florida’s Coronavirus Response

DeSantis recalled the mainstream media’s narrative claiming we all need to wait two weeks and then Florida will be like New York or Italy.

Senators Ask How Planned Parenthood Got $80 Million In Federal Loans Intended For Small Businesses

“Planned Parenthood is not a small business. It is a multi-billion-dollar company,” said Sen. Josh Hawley.

Trump Tells World Health Organization To Shape Up Or Permanently Lose Funding

President Trump sent a letter to Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus threatening to permanently suspend funding to the WHO unless they undergo investigations.

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis Slams CDC For Inaccurate Reporting On COVID Deaths

Colorado’s Democratic Gov. Jared Polis is pushing back against data from the CDC by changing the way his state counts death from COVID-19.

Joe Biden: If Voters Believe Tara Reade ‘They Probably Shouldn’t Vote For Me’

During an interview with MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, Joe Biden said if voter believe Tara Reade “they probably shouldn’t vote for me.” 

Biden ‘Unity Task Force’ Features Obama Administration Haters

Biden and Sanders created six “unity task forces” that will offer their policy recommendations and several members have bashed the Obama administration.

Biden Spokesman Attacks CBS Journalist, Calls Her ‘Partisan, Rightwing Hack’

Biden’s Rapid Response Director attacked reporter Catherine Herridge for publishing declassified records showing who inquired about unmasking the identity of Flynn.

GOP House Members Request Information From DOJ, CISA On Chinese-Built Police Drone Technology

GOP House members wrote a letter to the DOJ and HHS asking these institutions to investigate the origin and legality of using drone technology from China.

CNN Pandemic Panel Features Obama Officials And Greta Thunberg

Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg is among the so-called experts joining CNN’s Anderson Cooper for a CNN Town Hall on coronavirus. 

Jimmy Fallon Thanked Cuomo, Bashed Trump During Coronavirus Relief Telethon For New York City

During “Rise Up New York!” Jimmy Fallon thanked New York’s Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo for his coronavirus response while bashing President Trump. 

Anti-Trump Impeachment Lawyer Appointed To New Facebook Censorship Oversight Board

Pamela Karlan, who was a witness in the Democrat’s sham impeachment hearings, will participate in Facebook’s Supreme Court-like body for moderating content.

Jimmy Kimmel Deceptively Edits Video Of Mike Pence, Claims He Delivered Empty Boxes To A Nursing Home

Reviewing the full video of Vice President Mike Pence delivering boxes of PPE shows Pence was in on the joke, not performing a publicity stunt.

Pompeo Debunks Narrative That Trump Administration Made Conflicting Statements On Wuhan Virus Origin

“We don’t have certainty, and there is significant evidence that this came from the laboratory. Those statements can both be true,” Pompeo said.