Chrissy Clark
Chrissy Clark
Chrissy Clark is a staff writer at The Federalist. She writes on the 2020 campaign trail and loves to create video content on political topics. She has work featured in The Daily Signal and received a degree in political science from Michigan State University. Follow her on social media @chrissyclark_ or contact her at [email protected]
Biden Fat Shames Iowa Voter Who Says Hunter’s Ukraine Work Is Disqualifying

An Iowa voter criticized Joe Biden for his son’s dealings in Ukraine, Biden grew confrontational and insulted the voters weight.

Cory Booker Implies Democrats Are Racist For Not Putting Him On December Debate Stage

Cory Booker sent a campaign email suggesting Democratic voters are racist for not helping him to meet the qualifications for the December debate stage. 

Kamala Harris’ Exit Angers Woke Scolds Over ‘Lack Of Diversity’ In Democratic Field

With the loss of Kamala Harris and the DNC’s growing threshold to qualify for debates, the December debate stage will be comprised of all white candidates.

‘Top-Tier’ Kamala Harris Drops Out Of 2020 Race Amid Flailing Campaign

Amid low polling and staffing setbacks, Sen. Kamala Harris announced she is suspending her campaign for the 2020 Democratic nomination.

‘Ok, Boomer’ Or ‘Ok, Biden’?: Joe Biden’s ‘No Malarkey’ Bus Tour Alienates Young Voters

Joe Biden began an eight-day bus tour across Iowa. The tour is named the “No Malarkey” tour, and to no surprise, it’s not resonating with young voters.

DNC Vice Chairman Won’t Talk Michelle Obama, Instead Slanders Tucker Carlson As A ‘White Supremacist’

DNC Vice Chairman Michael Blake tried to derail a Fox News segment by questioning Tucker Carlson’s employment at Fox News.

CNN’s Joan Walsh Tweets She’s ‘Shocked’ Trump Did Not Sexually Assault Hero Dog

CNN’s Joan Walsh, started a bizarre Twitter thread with unfounded critqiues of Trump’s White House event with the hero dog that took down an ISIS leader.

Twitter Suspends Andy Ngo For Reporting Facts About Trans Murders

Andy Ngo has been suspended from Twitter for responding to Chelsea Clinton with the correct statistics on trans murders in America.

Elizabeth Warren Lies About Her Son Attending Two Different Private Schools

Elizabeth Warren sent her son, Alex Warren, to a second private school from 1992-1994 during Warren’s time at University of Pennsylvania.

Andrew Yang Refuses To Appear On MSNBC Until The Network Apologizes To Him

Andrew Yang announced on Twitter he will not appear on MSNBC until the network apologizes for omitting him from their polling graphics.

Elizabeth Warren Lies To School Choice Advocate About Sending Her Son To Private School

During a conversation with Sarah Carpenter, Elizabeth Warren lied, claiming her children went to public schools when one attended a private school.

Activists Hold Biden Accountable For Obama Era Immigration Policies

At a town hall in Greenwood, South Carolina, immigration activists confronted Biden over Obama’s deportation record and immigration policies.  

Black Voters Take Issue With Elizabeth Warren’s Plan To Eradicate Charter Schools

Warren spoke only a few words at her rally before the school choice organization Powerful Parent Network interrupted her in coordinated protest.

Media Acknowledged Ukrainian Election Meddling Until It Hurt Their Impeachment Efforts

Congressional Democrats and the mainstream media are pushing the narrative that Ukraine meddling in the 2016 election is a fictitious theory. They weren’t saying that…a year ago.

New Poll Shows Independents Oppose Impeachment By 15-Point Margin

A new Emerson poll found more Independent voters oppose the impeachment of Trump, compared to one month ago when more Independents supported impeachment.

Watch CNN’s Chris Cuomo Accidentally Prove Trump Right About Overheard Phone Call

While on live TV, CNN’s Chris Cuomo tried to prove a person can hear a conversation on another person’s cell phone, he ultimately failed.

10 Top Highlights From The Fifth Democratic Debate

The fift round of Democratic debates showcased ten candidates and, finally, the fights and one-liners America has been waiting for.

Kamala Harris’ Attack on Tulsi Gabbard Fell As Flat As Her Campaign

During the fifth round of Democratic debates, moderators pitted Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and Sen. Kamala Harris against each other over issues of foreign policy. 

If Democrats Were Held To Their Own Standards, Their Debates Couldn’t Be At Tyler Perry Studios

MSNBC and the Washington Post actually appear to be abandoning their stated convictions by hosting their event at Tyler Perry Studios.

Here’s Your Guide To The Fifth Round Of Democratic Debates

The fifth round of Democratic debates is upon us. They will take place on November 20 in Atlanta, Georgia at Tyler Perry Studios.