Chrissy Clark
Chrissy Clark
Chrissy Clark is a staff writer at The Federalist. She writes on the 2020 campaign trail and loves to create video content on political topics. She has work featured in The Daily Signal and received a degree in political science from Michigan State University. Follow her on social media @chrissyclark_ or contact her at [email protected]
Tulsi Gabbard Joins The Blaming Of Trump For Iran’s Fatal Attack On A Civilian Airliner

2020 Democratic candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard appeared on Fox News’s “America’s Newsroom” and refused to blame Iran for shooting down a Ukrainian jetliner.

U.S. Is ‘Confident’ Iran Shot Down Ukrainian Passenger Airliner, Killing 176 People

U.S. Pentagon officials have confirmed Iran shot down a Ukrainian passenger airliner killing 176 people.

Jillian Michaels Says Lizzo Should Be Praised For Her Music, Not Being Overweight

Fitness star Jillian Michaels questioned why people are celebrating pop-star Lizzo’s body instead of her music: “It isn’t going to be awesome if she gets diabetes.”

Feinstein And Other Senate Democrats Break With Pelosi On Impeachment Article Delay

Senator Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., is reportedly breaking away from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on matters of impeachment.

Trump Vows Iran Will Never Be Allowed To Have A Nuclear Weapon

President Donald Trump confirmed no American or Iraqui people were harmed in the Iranian regime’s attack, and annoucned heavy economic sanctions on Iran.

Watch Elizabeth Warren Struggle To Answer Whether Soleimani Was A Terrorist

During “The View,” Meghan McCain asked Sen. Elizabeth Warren why she retracted a statement calling Quds force leader Gen. Qasem Soleimani a murderer. 

‘The Bachelor’ Premiere Ignored Contestants To Focus On Hannah Brown And Sex

On Monday night’s season premiere of ‘The Bachelor,’ the spotlight was stolen from 30 beautiful contestants and centralized around Hannah Brown and sex.

Josh Hawley And 10 Republicans Introduce Resolution To Put Time Limit On Impeachment

On Monday, Senator Josh Hawley, R-Mo., introduced a resolution on the Senate floor to update the Senate rules on impeachment.

New Poll Shows Three-Way Tie In Iowa Caucus, Sanders Stronghold In New Hampshire

A newly released CBS News poll shows a three way tie between Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders, and Joe Biden for the front-runner position in Iowa.

Is Julian Castro’s Endorsement Of Elizabeth Warren A Push For Vice President?

Shortly after ending his bid for the White House, Julián Castro has postured himself perfectly to be Warren’s 2020 running mate.

As VP, Joe Biden Assisted Terrorist Soleimani, Warned Against Killing Bin Laden

As vice president, Joe Biden made foreign political decisions that helped terrorist leader Quasem Soleimani form an Iranian-friendly government in Iraq.

One Month Before Iowa Caucus, State University Bans Students From Emailing About Politics

With just one month left before the Iowa Caucus, Iowa State University is stifling students’ First Amendment rights in regards to the 2020 campaign.

Josh Hawley Introduces Measure To Dismiss ‘Bogus’ Articles Of Impeachment

“This will expose Dems’ circus for what it is: a fake impeachment, abuse of the Constitution, based on no evidence,” said Sen. Josh Hawley.

Is Elizabeth Warren’s Campaign Flatlining?

Both Iowa polling numbers and recently released ourth quarter fundraising dollars indicate the Elizabeth Warren campaign is flatlining. 

Gun Control Activist Promotes False Data To Uphold Anti-Gun Propaganda

In light of the shooting in Texas, gun control activists are blaming gun access and conceal-carry laws for the rise in gun deaths in the United States.

IRS Goes After Hunter Biden For Over $112,000 In Unpaid Taxes

According to a new report, the IRS placed a tax lien on Hunter Biden, and his ex-wife Kathleen Biden, for a whopping $112,805 in unpaid taxes.

Joe Biden Attacked Texas Concealed-Carry Law That Prevented A Massacre Sunday

Biden’s agenda to minimize access to guns for law-abiding citizens would have dramatically changed the outcome in Sunday’s tragic shooting. 

Chuck Todd Still Cluelessly Pretending Steele Dossier Is Reliable

NBC News anchor Chuck Todd is the final Sunday news anchor still pushing the narrative that the Steele dossier is a reliable source of information.

Mike Bloomberg Forced To Apologize After Report Uncovers Prisoners Making Campaign Calls

Mike Bloomberg was forced to issue an apology after a report uncovered that Bloomberg’s campaign was using prison labor to make campaign calls. 

Buttigieg’s Health-Care Plan Would Reinstate The Individual Mandate At 10 Times The Cost

Pete Buttigieg’s ‘Medicare for All Who Want It’ plan would reinstate Obamacare’s individual mandate, but at a much higher price. It would also ultimately lead to the end of private insurance.