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Loudoun County Teacher Vows To Keep Critical Race Theory In Classroom Despite District’s Assurances To The Contrary

‘The best thing about the summer is that I can spend all my time planning how to incorporate Critical Race Theory into my lessons,’ tweeted a Loudoun County middle school teacher.


A middle school teacher in an affluent Virginia suburb published a tweet stating that she intended to incorporate critical race theory (CRT) — the theory that defines the United States as intrinsically and irredeemably racist — into her classroom, despite the district’s assurances that educators do not teach the divisive ideology.

Andrea Weiskopf, an English and Latin teacher at River Bend Middle School in Virginia’s Loudoun County Public School district (LCPS), published tweets that discussed “indoctrinating students,” crafting lesson plans about CRT, white supremacy, and her disdain for Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

“The first rule of indoctrinating students is not to tell anyone that you are indoctrinating students,” Weiskopf tweeted. “The second rule of indoctrinating students is not to tell anyone that you are indoctrinating students.”

In a response to her Sept. 17 tweet, Weiskopf appeared to joke about indoctrination by stating that “general indoctrination” courses take place during the first semester of the school year.

A tweet from June 20 reads, “The best thing about the summer is that I can spend all my time planning how to incorporate Critical Race Theory into my lessons.” A tweet from Aug. 24 reads, “Does anyone have any lessons designed to indoctrinate students? I need to finish my 1st quarter lesson plans.”

On July 25, Weiskopf tweeted about Carlson using the framework of a well-known quote by anti-Nazi activist Martin Niemoller. “First Twitter came for Tucker Carlson, and I did nothing … but laugh and laugh, because he truly is an awful person.”

Other tweets showcase what appears to be Weikopf’s classroom. Signage includes a gay pride flag, a “Black Lives Matter” sign, and a “Stop Asian Hate” sign.

Beyond her tweets, Weiskopf has been outspoken about her left-wing commitments. According to Loudoun Times, during an April 8 “Equity Committee” meeting for the district, Weiskopf said that parents who oppose critical race theory are putting “their racism on display.”

“Over the past few weeks, a small group of Loudoun residents have put their racism on display for the nation,” Weiskopf said, according to the paper. “They have been emboldened by the meekness and the silence of those on the School Board and in the community who, just one year ago, marched boldly through the streets of Leesburg to protest the pervasive use of violence against Black and brown bodies.”

LCPS Superintendent Scott Ziegler has repeatedly denied that the district teaches CRT in any form.

“Our detractors would have you believe that we are teaching and indoctrinating students with critical race theory in our schools,” Ziegler said. “That’s something that’s simply not happening.”

River Bend Middle School did not respond to The Federalist’s request for comment.

Scott Mineo, an LCPS parent who runs the group of “detractors” known as Parents Against Critical Theory (PACT), told me he blames the superintendent for intentionally misleading parents.

“A superintendent used to garner respect and was taken very seriously. They were an authority on education that parents trusted,” Mineo said. “Now, at least in LCPS, our superintendent is a joke, not respected, and continues to mislead the parents of Loudoun.”

Loudoun County taxpayers uncovered other examples of CRT allegedly being taught and implemented in the district. According to The Daily Wire, LCPS sent teachers a PowerPoint explaining how to implement CRT in the classroom. The PowerPoint was dubbed a “teacher facing item” and defined CRT as an “interpretive framework” that “examines the appearance of race and racism across dominant cultural modes of expression.”

Under the “application/example” portion of the PowerPoint, educators were told to use the theory when analyzing issues such as “school funding, segregation, language policies, discipline policies, curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, and accountability policies.”

Teachers have fallen prey to the district’s CRT agenda as well. An advisory board linked directly to the district continues to demand that teachers be dismissed if they criticize the district’s equity training inspired by CRT.