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CNN Pandemic Panel Features Obama Officials And Greta Thunberg

Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg is among the so-called experts joining CNN’s Anderson Cooper for a CNN Town Hall on coronavirus. 


Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg is among the so-called experts joining CNN’s Anderson Cooper for a CNN Town Hall on coronavirus.

The panel is called “Coronavirus – Facts and Fears” and will feature former acting Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) director Richard Besser, former Obama Health and Human Service Secretary Kathleen Seblius, climate activist Thunberg, and CNN’s medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

Thunberg has been a champion of socialist overhauls such as the Green New Deal and earned her place in the national spotlight for her apocalyptic rhetoric on climate change. It’s unclear how a 17-year-old high school drop out is somehow an infectious disease expert qualified for CNN’s “expert” panel.

Thus far, Thunberg’s only contribution to the coronavirus pandemic was her generous donation of $100,000 to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). After winning a $100,000 prize for her global activism, Thunberg donated the money to children in need. Yes, it’s generous, but it doesn’t qualify her to speak on a panel of experts about coronavirus.

CNN will likely relate Thunberg’s climate message to the decrease in air pollution seen worldwide thanks to the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent global quarantine.

Climate scientists noted a decrease in nitrogen dioxide over China, an increase in air quality worldwide, better water quality in Italy, and a significant reduction in coal usage. These alleged accomplishments are the results climate activists have been calling for.

This climate “success” comes with a painful price as U.S. unemployment surges to 14.7 percent, the worse unemployment numbers since the Great Depression. Over 20 million people lost their job in the U.S. just April, and the public health problems such as mental health, suicide, and the delay of non-essential procedures caused by extended government lockdowns are yet to be measured.

Tonight, CNN will host Thunberg and her intolerant scolding to likely explain why an utterly devastated economy is good for the climate and Thunberg’s socialist climate guidelines.

Like Thunberg, Gupta has also taken a problem with the Trump administration and climate change in the past. In August 2019, Gupta released a CNN special titled “A Toxic Report: Trump’s Environmental Impact.” Gupta also took aim at President Trump’s health in the past claiming he has a common form of heart disease after Trump’s doctor said he is healthy and fit for office.

Tonight’s “Facts and Fears” town hall is sure to be a fear-mongering approach to coronavirus derived from few facts.