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In Ugly New Video, Sam Smith Rips The Mask Off Radical Trans Agenda


Sam Smith debuted a video last week showcasing the absolute insanity of mainstream transgenderism’s influence on the LGBT movement.

On Friday, the British singer released his latest music video for the track, “I’m Not Here To Make Friends.” The four-minute production is essentially a soft-core remake of “The Phantom of the Opera’s” “Masquerade.” Lest you think Broadway isn’t gay enough already, by today’s left-wing LGBT standards, it isn’t.

In 2019, Smith declared himself “non-binary” — in other words, a person who believes he was born a third sex or above the sexes altogether. The British pop star has been documenting his apparent transition on social media.

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The debut of Smith’s latest music video offers fans a graphic depiction of his identity crisis, with the singer fleshing out his sexual fantasies on screen in a display of the kind of radical transgenderism that’s taken over the LGBT movement. The gaudy, risqué performances are presented with the flair of “Phantom’s” early-20th-century mansion masquerade ball — except, of course, Broadway has taste.

The gay movement purported to be about equality and tolerance, with homosexuals, for the most part, saying they wanted to be left alone to marry whom they wanted. After the 2015 Obergefell v. Hodges decision, transgenderism hijacked the movement and persuaded a portion of lesbians and gays such as Smith, people who’ve been uncomfortable with sex norms, that so-called “gender” was the problem. Gays often get co-opted into going along with the propaganda out of peer intimidation, devoid of any real conviction.

Smith’s video highlights the radical normalization of “kinks” that’s gone from the fringes to taxpayer-sponsored drag queen story hours and even drag queen strip performances for children.

Smith isn’t the face of gay men, except those gay men now struggling to reconcile transgender propaganda with same-sex attraction. It’s no longer the straights demanding gay men have sex with women anymore — it’s the transgender movement.

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