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In New York City, The Left Tells Parents Yet Again: Your Kids Belong To Us


As if the striver types who keep New York City’s lights on need any more reasons to flee, outgoing Mayor Bill de Blasio announced he’s canceling gifted education for “equality.” The New York Times claims in its “report” on the announcement Friday that “the highly selective program” “has become a glaring symbol of segregation in New York City public schools.”

The change — which is up to de Blasio’s successor to carry out — is another glaring indication that Democrats now feel comfortable openly flexing their complete dominance over U.S. public education and their use of it, not to educate, but to fuel their political machine. Leftists’ displays of complete power over public schooling have fired like artillery shelling in the past two years.

Just take stock of what we’ve only recently witnessed: The Biden administration’s announcement that parents upset with systemic racist indoctrination could be investigated by the FBI as “domestic terrorists”; going on three school years of anti-science school COVID rules that benefit teachers unions at the expense of America’s future; the false and destructive 1619 Project assisting schools nationwide in teaching anti-Americanism; California Gov. Gavin Newsom announcing COVID shots are required for kids to attend school; the almost instant saturation of transgender ideology in public schools, to the point teachers who cannot make themselves use reality-falsifying pronouns are summarily fired.

The past several years of obviously incompetent and abusive leadership wielded by the leaders of U.S. government education have put many parents into a confusing state of cognitive dissonance.

Many can see the problems with things like urging prepubescent children to self-sterilize, or to define people by skin colors arranged into hierarchies of value, or to deny children an education suited to their abilities simply because other children are not capable of the same work. But many people who realize these are bad things don’t yet know how to square this with their deep desire to believe that public schools are still good, or salvageable.

This accounts for the refusal of many Americans to acknowledge that public schools are not in any serious respect under their control. This is why school boards ignore and now sic the FBI on them. This is why critical race theory is still taught even in states that banned critical race theory.

It’s because leftists are certainly right about one thing: public schools’ problems are systemic. What makes it possible for schools to widely teach racism and child castration? Complete leftist control of education institutions, effectively allowed by their supposed political opposition for now a century. And why do leftists so deeply control public schools that they are now free to use them for government-sponsored child abuse? Quite simply: Follow the money.

Who controls the billions government schools take every year? Not parents. Not even taxpayers. Special interests that are all essentially arms of the Democratic Party do: teachers unions, credentialing cartels like teacher’s colleges and universities, administrator’s organizations, the Chief Council of State School Officers, school board associations, tech contractors, testing companies, and all the rest.

The system runs like Tammany Hall: To be a part, you accept favors from the party, and in return you do them favors. They give you or your institution money; you get them elected. You get them elected, they give you or your institution money.

No one in this backscratching circle considers the interests of kids, let alone of our country. They don’t have to. The kids arrive on their doorsteps automatically even if the schools neglect and abuse them. In this system, kids are merely pawns cynically used to obtain money and power.

Many parents are complicit. They’re paid in free babysitting — and the rich ones with “elite” college acceptances that guarantee high cartel connections — to keep quiet about the fact that very little of this wealth transfer truly benefits their kids or our country. The proof of that often isn’t visible until graduation or later, anyway.

Keep quiet and take this “free” public school and all that fun tailgating with your mortgage inflated with falsified state school rankings that ignore all the kids who can’t read. I wonder why the nearby neighborhood is getting so run-down, though? Seems more people can’t hold down a job. Oh, well, they can’t afford to live near people in the “good” schools. Pay them some hush money too and hope none of your kids becomes one, right? If they just obey the teachers telling them 2+2=5 because social justice, they should be set.

If you want to know who controls public schools, Democrats have an answer for you, and they’re increasingly direct about conveying it: The far left does. Their boldness doesn’t merely underscore how evil the left is, although it certainly does that. It also underscores the need for American parents to respond to the systematic abuse of their children with strength instead of weakness.

Yes, it is clear by now that Democrat Party leadership believes there is nothing they can do that would get the majority of American parents to take their kids out of the public schools where leftists flagrantly hurt children. But have most American parents done anything that would disabuse them of this notion?

Remember, the seasonal flu is more of a threat to American children than is COVID-19. This is a fact so inarguable that even the politicized, teachers union water-carrying Centers for Disease Control verifies it. This is why school quarantines overwhelmingly — in the range of more than 99 percent! –– disrupt healthy children’s education. All over a disease that, statistically speaking, 100 percent of children handily overcome.

Banning tens of thousands of healthy children from school, and thereby consigning them and the nation to a riskier future, based entirely on evidence-disproven fears is madness. It’s insane on the level of telling someone that a man can turn into a woman. Yet it’s school year three now: U.S. schools are still the global outlier in doing this to kids, and parents are letting them do it.

Despite perhaps the largest grassroots parent revolution since Common Core, schools are still teaching kids racism, panic over a virus that is less threatening to them than to the seasonal flu, that self-castration is liberating, and that God has nothing to do with one’s moral and intellectual development. Most parents are still providing their kids to the very schools they protest.

Either parents don’t take their own criticisms of schools seriously enough to change their behavior, or they think evils like state-sponsored racism and child mutilation aren’t bad enough to justify making the personal sacrifices necessary to keep their kids safe from the kind of moral degenerates who could self-importantly teach such things. Neither of these may be comfortable conclusions, but they are the only logical ones to reach.

We’re not talking about mild differences here. We’re talking about the fact that institutions that command billions on public dollars demand we affirm, and order our entire society around, big lies that obviously hurt people.

People who either affirm or refuse to deny obvious falsehoods erase their moral and intellectual authority. Yet these are exactly the cowards and nincompoops who run most U.S. “education” institutions — which are supposed to specialize in moral and intellectual authority. You know what we call people who fail at their most important duties? Incompetent. Unfit. Fired.

So why aren’t they fired? They unquestionably deserve it. Certainly, in states where it is politically possible, parents should use that leverage to fire public schools and seize the spoils of that engagement on their children and nation’s behalf. But wherever that isn’t possible, and until that actually happens, it is parents’ duty to protect their kids, and their neighbors’ duty to help them by creating alternative schools or funding private scholarships.

Going on Facebook Live to proclaim you’re outraged about racism while your child continues to be taught it is not righteously protecting your kids. It’s just LARPing for the cameras — like politicians do.