Joy Pullmann
Joy Pullmann
Joy Pullmann
Joy Pullmann is executive editor of The Federalist, a happy wife, and the mother of five children. Her newest ebooks are"Classic Books for Young Children," which recommends more than 400 great family reads, and "32 Classic Games You Can Play Anywhere." She is also the author of "The Education Invasion: How Common Core Fights Parents for Control of American Kids," from Encounter Books. She identifies as native American and gender natural. Find her on Twitter @JoyPullmann. In 2013-14 she won a Robert Novak journalism fellowship for in-depth reporting on Common Core national education mandates. Joy has taught high school and middle school history, literature, and debate, and has written public speaking curriculum. She is a graduate of the Hillsdale College honors and journalism programs.
Most Kids Are Better Off With Schools Shut Down Because They’re Anti-American Daycare

The question for parents during lockdown, and for the taxpayers sponsoring this sad excuse for an education, is: What makes you think things are any better during the rest of the school year you don’t see?

Clarence Thomas Isn’t A ‘Symbol Of The Trump Era.’ He’s An American Icon

Ever since he matured from Marxist revolutionary to conservative heavyweight champ, the American left has felt free to smear Clarence Thomas. That’s because he’s so awesome.

Democrats’ New $3 Trillion Coronavirus Spending Wishlist Is Another Embarassing Farce

Pelosi’s caucus is looking to keep the special interest gravy train flowing, while chucking the average American another deficit-funded check like red meat to a dog they’re trying to get off their trail.

60 Questions Americans Need To Consider About How To Handle Coronavirus

Shutdowns and bailouts are unsustainable for 18 months to two years. We need a new and better set of strategies, and we can’t put it off any further.

Poll: Young Americans Care More About Money Than Making A Family

Significantly more Americans ages 13 to 22 say it’s important to buy a home and make ‘a lot of money’ than to marry, have children, and commit to a faith.

Pelosi’s Congress Should Shelter At Home For The Rest Of The Year

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is determined to exploit this crisis for political gain, on the well-founded calculation that if Democrats ask Republicans to unleash a horde of locusts, they’ll agree to half the locusts.

Why Mitch Daniels’ Determination To Reopen Purdue University This Fall Is A Brilliant Business Move

‘A return-to-operations strategy is undergirded by a fundamental conviction that even a phenomenon as menacing as COVID-19 is one of the inevitable risks of life,’ writes Purdue President and former Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels.

Wake County, NC Still Banning Christians From Communion While Allowing Takeout

Wake County, North Carolina continues to ban Christians from their central rite of communion while allowing hand-delivered food so long as it’s served by restaurants instead of pastors.

Violent Threats, Hate Mail Hit Raleigh Church For Holding Services With Under 10 People

‘It’s great that dog grooming, gin, guns, and garden supplies are essential,’ says Pastor Kevin Martin, chuckling at the irony, ‘but the body and blood of Christ are not.’

Highly Ranked, Wealthy Virginia School District Still Can’t Teach Kids Online After Six Weeks

Fairfax’s online schooling difficulties, delays, and incompetence are not an anomaly as governors indefinitely suspend kids’ futures due to coronavirus mass death theories that are failing to materialize.

Studies: American Kids Will Lose An Entire Grade In Math From Shutdowns

Our nation’s leaders are demanding that American children pay for this crisis through debt-financed spending, while depriving them of the education they need to make that even remotely possible.

Kentucky To Record License Plates At Church Services, Quarantine Car Occupants

Kentucky State Police will record the license plate numbers of cars in church parking lots, and local health departments will issue 14-day quarantine orders to the owners.

Indiana Governor To Churches: Worship As I Say Or Be Shut Down

The governor is telling Christians how worship must be done and with stricter rules than for all other public gatherings. That is none of his damned business.

12 Ways To Save Millions Of Vulnerable American Lives By Banning More Things

Just think of that: We can save nearly 2 million lives every year with these personal and collective sacrifices. In addition, we can prevent an estimated 100 million sicknesses and injuries!

They Can Keep Christians From Holy Week Services, But Nothing Can Stop Easter

This week especially, I feel each additional incarnated religious tradition destroyed by ‘social distancing’ edicts as a fresh wound. It is a true and deep loss to be forced from our churches during Holy Week.

More Than Half Say The Pandemic Is Moderately Or Severely Affecting Their Mental Health

Eight to ten days after they were quarantined due to the spread of COVID-19, more than half of participants in a fresh study reported the psychological effects as ‘moderate or severe.’

7 Major Cultural Shifts The Coronavirus Crisis Should Make Happen

The spectre of one’s mortality that a global pandemic raises can be a needed and sobering opportunity to reconsider and reorder our lives, if we’re granted them longer.

Infectious Disease Experts: To Beat Coronavirus, Consider Voluntary Infection Of Healthy People

‘It might even be curiously safer for some to join the study than to await probable infection and then try to rely on the general health-care system,’ said Nir Eyal, director of the Center for Population-Level Bioethics at Rutgers University.

Will The Costs Of A Great Depression Outweigh The Risks Of Coronavirus?

Federal and state governments are making a massive gamble about a little-understood new virus. They are betting our future on the most extreme worst-case scenario without considering the costs.

14 Strategies For Working From Home Around Children Without Endless Screen Time

So far, approximately 26 million of the nation’s 58 million K-12 school children are affected by school closures stemming from worries over the Wuhan virus.