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Is Biden Not Being Impeached Because His Crimes Are How D.C. Does Business?

Donald Trump in chains
Image CreditErik McGregor / Flickr, cropped; CC BY 2.0

The military-industrial complex views our government as a subset of itself. It therefore sees Americans and the United States as mere assets to strip mine for their private benefit.


During Donald Trump’s presidency, Democrats proved they’d impeach a Republican president over a ham sandwich. Sen. J.D. Vance noted this week that Democrats set up the same pretext to impeach Trump again should he win the presidency this fall.

Now the same “intelligence community” that framed Trump as a Russian agent and claimed Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian “disinformation” is claiming to have great big major secret information about something bad and Russian as the House considers yet more spending on war with Russia. Meanwhile, Joe Biden has violated his oath of office since his first day in office, yet he’s not in any serious danger of being impeached and sent to hospice.

We’ve had years of evidence that Joe Biden legitimately deserves impeachment, for repeatedly violating his oath to uphold the Constitution and treasonously selling out his country for apparent Ukranian, Chinese, and other foreign bribes. Where is his impeachment? Bogged down in “investigations” that have imposed zero real-world consequences.

It’s not that Republicans can’t be effective or speedy. They can shovel plenty toward the military-industrial complex currently consuming the blood of innocent Ukrainians. If the House authorizes the Senate’s latest pallets of cash, the United States will have spent nearly $200 billion on war with Russia in just two years.

It’s almost unfathomable that U.S. representatives are prioritizing the border of a distant foreign land while our federal government has turned the U.S. border over to transnational criminal cartels. Almost the only way to make sense of that seems to be to follow the money.

Ukraine is where the D.C. blob is now trading blood for money after it exploited Iraq and Afghanistan. As Vance noted, “The Republican establishment of Washington is so obsessively committed to Ukraine that they will use every tool at their disposal to apply pressure to other Republicans to write that big Ukraine check.”

Closing the border doesn’t get Democrats or Republicans cushy government contracting and lobbyist jobs for themselves, their staffers, and their children. All the money to be made there is already controlled by transnational drug cartels — not that U.S. politicians aren’t making bids for their “business” too. But currently, Ukraine is where it’s at for U.S. political money laundering in the form of massive, “must-pass” bills with hardly even token financial “oversight” that surfaces years later with no consequences or clawbacks.

To be fair, exacerbating the nation’s debt crisis is now Washington’s way of doing business for everything, not just war profiteering. Bills have long since ceased being about actual legislating for the benefit of Americans.

For years, especially the bills leadership prioritizes have solely existed to create pig-outs for lobbyists who return the favor in big campaign donations, “speaking fees,” and payoffs to family members of lawmakers. Politicians’ mutual pleasuring arrangements are exactly like the Biden family “business,” except not as excessively lucrative and not as often with foreign governments.

Using public power for personal gain may be human nature, but it’s also corrupt, criminal, and treasonous. We’re also not talking small-ball stuff here, like free tickets to the Super Bowl. We’re talking betraying America’s people on behalf of foreign governments and corporations big enough to compete with governments. It’s not harmless, either. This legalized crime syndicate enriches the people at the top by destroying Americans’ lives and livelihoods. Now this extends to destroying our entire country, turning it into a refugee camp.

D.C. cares more about fueling war with Russia than about fulfilling their constitutional obligations to “faithfully execute” U.S. border laws (and many others) because foreign wars benefit them more than doing their jobs. Perhaps the most direct of the people making this point is Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen, who has been on a tear in recent months showing how U.S. funding for war with Russia mostly benefits war profiteers.

These people are willing to kill to keep government corruption lucrative. Killing people is good for their “business.” It’s not good for Ukraine, Russia, or the United States. But they don’t care. They’d rather kill than work for an honest living.

Corruption is a trap for people of low tastes and morals, meaning the bulk of Washington, D.C. They’re the victims of their own guts and low characters. Some people are not that easily bought off.

Unelected intelligence bureaucrats believe they truly run this country, not mostly venial elected representatives. They control elected representatives by spying on Americans and foreign governments, then selectively leaking often false information. These info ops have become increasingly pronounced and public, making them crueler and more desperate.

The military-industrial complex views our government as one of its assets. It therefore sees Americans and the United States as mere assets to strip mine for their private benefit. They don’t want to invest their resources in stopping foreign invaders from crossing our border. They invest their resources in usurping our government because it’s the lever for them to grab huge troves of cash, research, spy capabilities, and war implements.

So maybe Biden isn’t being impeached for the same reason Trump was: Foreign wars are the lifeblood of D.C. They create a pretext for endless funds and power for spy agencies. They’re a “self-licking ice cream cone.”

This complex trades our fundamental natural right to a robust national defense for the lobbyist revolving door that enriches D.C. at the expense of the nation. It amounts to a hostile takeover of American government by alien powers that cynically wave an American flag.

In the past, they had to manipulate public opinion through big, scary stories about weapons of mass destruction. That’s how they destroyed the public trust. But still, they maintain power despite lacking all legitimacy. Now cover stories are almost an afterthought, or immediately unbelievable. For example, Biden is obviously a puppet embalmed with pharmaceutical cocktails, and they’re still insisting we pretend he’s actually president.

It’s terrifying to see how little these dark powermongers care about public opinion and the fundamental right of Americans to a government that acts only with their consent. I’m not sure whether it’s terrifying or comforting to also notice their increasing desperation at their inability to quickly stamp out dissent despite controlling many tools to do so. When things begin to go very wrong, it usually happens extremely fast.

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